lake flurries is no more

248726039_da25210ce4_oMy first blogging of any substance took place in Yahoo. Well … the substance was questionable, the year was 2006, and the blogging platform was called Yahoo360º or Y360° [it is no more]. Sherri Ellen, who is in my circle of bloggers here in WP, remembers this well.

It was new, Yahoo released it and me, being interested in anything new on the web, signed up. We were all new to this concept, many were even new to the Internet itself. It became more like a community or group — very different from the WordPress blog. At least … that’s what I feel, now in hindsight. 

This was also where I was exposed to Paint Shop Pro [PSP], and learnt to create graphics … like these hearts … must have been for Valentine’s Day..

For some reason, I signed up with a brand new account — a different one from my regular — I was very much a «Yahoo-person» back then. Wanted a snazzy user name, but that’s something which gets more and more difficult no matter how creative or imaginative you are, these days — especially with services that never, ever recycle user names [like WP].

I lived in Quebec, on the weather, they often talked about ‘lake effect snow’. Sometimes you could even hear «you might see some lake flurries in the evening». We didn’t get all that much lake effect snow where we lived, but other parts of the province did … we got mainly the tail end of the effect — not like upstate New York and places like that.

Anyway … the user name; Lake Snow was already taken, so Lake Flurries … that was ME in Y360°, and it stuck! The service didn’t last long … I think it shut down in 2008, but my email account in Yahoo remained of course.

The other day, I noticed a strange email in my Inbox … from myself?! I didn’t open it, but when I moved my mouse over my own name, I saw that it was sent from lakeflurries at yahoo dot com. Weird stuff … went to check my spam folder, and there was more. Quickly realised that the Lake Flurries account had been hacked so I went over to Yahoo to see what it looked like.

They [the spammers] had changed my password and security question but after a lot of hassle, I managed to get in. The Inbox there had thousands of spam email, but also hundreds of those error messages about emails that couldn’t be sent. That was a good thing, I guess … apparently it had not worked very well for those spammers! My address book in that account was immense.

In any event … I just went in and cancelled this account — once and for all. I never used  and had not thought much about it. I hope my friends haven’t been spammed.

What I don’t get, is what these people get out of all this?! They send out links or malware that probably will destroy your hard drive if you click on them … but WHY? What do THEY get out of all this?? There must be some gratification …not just the feeling of causing grief?!

A number of years ago, I watched a documentary about how they did it …sophisticated software they had to break in to accounts … but my question after watching it was still Why? I understand that the ‘less malicious’ ones are the commercials ones … they just want you to buy something … or the ones that want to get ahold of your bank account/credit card … but all those that just grab your address book and send out stupidity — what’s the point?!

Before I deleted the account, I went in and checked out the activity on it: Three countries … Poland, Mexico and Malaysia.

15 Replies to “lake flurries is no more”

  1. There are no consequences for this. My solution? Track each one down as though they are a wild animal. Drag them over hot coals and beat the tar out of them. There’s more but I will refrain. These people are scum of the Earth and need to pay for this truly criminal behaviour.

  2. Well, Y360 was the first social site I attended, and I had a lot of fun there. After that it has been more and more boring? – FB is awful, sorry if I offend any here.
    Maybe I should visit my yahoo mail, I havent used it for years and if it is hacked like yours its better anyway.
    I think some hackers only want to harm others because they can ( and because they havent anything else to do).

    1. it wasn’t my first, but it was different from all the others. I still think they were dumb to shut it down … they had a good thing going there.
      Don’t worry about saying FB is boring … it all depends on what you have there. I have my Härnösand-group there, which I love, but before that I didn’t like FB much.

      They really should get a hair-cut and a job instead of sitting there, making up all this evil stuff..

  3. I started out on Blogger. It was easy back then. No one read what I wrote and that was o.k. I just kept writing. But then they changed everything. I still have an account but I never go there.
    Hackers…I am with John…track them down and flog them for starters!
    This was an interesting and informative post.

    1. I started in Blogger too … long time ago, before Google bought them. I liked Blogger … I still do, but then again …. there’s that community feeling that we have here, that they don’t.

      Thank you, Linda

  4. Hi,
    That is amazing after all this time, and I’m with you on the why? I think the answer maybe something along the lines of “because I can” and I have visions of laughter and bragging with that as well. You can only hope that one day they will get their payback and their hard drive is ruined with these viruses they seem to love to send to people.

    1. Yes, and it seems as if «because I can» is taking over the expression «……outside the box». I wish them all ruined hard drives, at least.

  5. I think what they get out of it varies with the attack. Some substitute affiliate links, perpetrate Google Adwords click fraud, etc. Basically, they are thieves.

  6. I still miss y360! They sure had a good thing going on there…

    I’ve asked myself many many times why people hack or send out viruses. I could think of different reasons, some have been mentioned here already.

    Me and my Dad were talking about this a while ago and he believes that some of them actually are working for anti-virus companies and just want to get more clients? A part of me think maybe he’s right but if it is so, that’s awful! They sure would have the knowledge! As they already know how to get rid of viruses… so then they must know how to spread them out too.

    Sure wish there was a way to track them all down!

    1. I miss it too, Mona. It was a lot of fun … but sometimes it was more like a ‘group’ or some kind of forum, than blogging. They really should have kept it — one of the few things they had going for them! But their mail has really improved.

      I’ve heard that theory before. So many, really young, people are good with this stuff nowadays … like that film — War Games, I think it was called! 🙂

      Yeah, I would like to get a hold of the whole bunch and slap them with a wet trout … and that’s just for starters.

    1. yes, binding them to chairs and letting sheep lick them under their feet … that would be good too, for a great amount of time 🙂

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