train window

(please, click twice on the minus-sign, zoom out, to see the place markers … I couldn’t get it to work properly)

trainwindow2Last Autumn, when I visited Sweden, I took the train from Arlanda, the airport of Stockholm, to Härnösand, and likewise train, on my way back. Nowadays, that train ride takes only four hours!

The train zooms through a number of small towns — Härnösand is about 400 kilometres [250 miles] — quick stops, people get on or off. In between there’s mainly rolling farmland, woods, country side. In today’s society with WiFi and all … four hours go by in a snap.

trainwindowTonight, I was reading a blog post, which reminded me of that I took a few iPhone photos that I hadn’t even looked at afterwards. Not until now! Looked out through the train window — it was a rather dismal day, weather-wise — and shot some pictures of the farmland we were passing. Felt encouraged by how well the photos of the aircraft’s wing came out, so I pressed my phone against the window and shot. Considering that the train was moving, I guess they weren’t all that bad.

Eventually, I ended up in Arlanda Airport … the train stops inside the airport, so you just take an escalator and you’re in the main hall [named Sky City!]

11 Replies to “train window”

    1. Thank you! I had some fun, making that…

      Embedding and sizing went fine, it was just that it wouldn’t appear on the level of zooming I wanted..

  1. Hi,
    Very nice photos, not always easy on train with just a small camera, well done.
    The country looks really nice, it must of been a very enjoyable ride.

  2. I have a dream about a car drive from here and up North in Sweden along the Baltic Sea and from what I see on your pictures it would be worth it (I have never been in doubt that it is worth it)
    Härnösand is rather North, it must have been cold and short days in winter time. Its about 1000 Km from my home.

    1. Yeah, it would be cool also to drive the E4 all the way up to Haparanda, and then down to Helsinki! I haven’t even been to Luleå!

      I’ve been told that it’s 1000 Km from Härnösand to Ystad.

      1. And continue from Helsinki through the Baltic states and Poland, and take the ferry from Rostock in Germany to Gedser.
        I found a calculator on the net, the distance from Ystad to Härnösand is 1087 km, but I wouldnt take the route the recommend, its along the West coast of South Sweden up to Helsingborg and then the motorway to Stockholm and then North. I would drive along the East coast of South Sweden.

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