Helplessness: that dull, sick feeling of not being the one at the reins. When did you last feel like that –- and what did you do about it?

That was the daily prompt question in WP the other day, and the last time I felt like that was yesterday. What did I do? I went to bed!

My sister-in-law bought an iPad. An iPad Mini. Right now, it seems everything that could go wrong with that purchase also did. She bought it online, when it arrived it wasn’t a mini, but she’d paid for a mini. She had to drive down to the next town to have it replaced.

iPhone MallardLast time I was in Sweden, I had my iPhone with me, although I only used it with WiFi. I took pictures with it and did stuff … uploaded them when I had access to wifi. She totally fell in love with it and all that I could do with it, so she went right ahead and got one for herself. All  went swimmingly there, we’ve had a lot of fun over these months with our phones!

Some time ago, she was exposed to an ipad … one of her grandkids had one, and I guess that was love at first sight.

Now … part of this problem that presented itself when she finally got the right iPad, is that she doesn’t have a wireless modem at home! She was going to use her iPhone as a hotspot. Fair enough, and easy enough … one would think. I tried it out here at home to see how it worked … like a breeze. Not so there.

Yesterday morning I got a text message. She was either going to throw it out the window or turn it back in. I have a lot of patience at times, so I told her to cool her jets and that we’d look into the settings.

I don’t even have an iPad, but I figured it must be pretty much the same set-up as on the iPhone so … we started. And so … the trouble started. Both her iPhone and iPad are set up in Swedish. Mine is in English. When I told her to go into her settings and turn on ‘Personal Hotspot’, there was no such thing — it was called something completely different in Swedish … they had not adopted the word ‘hotspot’, even though they’re so quick to import all other English words.

Instead, I explained where it was, on the forth line in Settings et cetera … what it should look like — it should be ON and blue. All this took place with the help of text messages!

It didn’t work. The day wore on … she went out to see her daughter and her family. They had a wireless set up, and as soon as she got in there, the iPad asked her if she wanted to connect. All was well … until she left. When she got back home again, it was all the same. The iPhone didn’t show up in the network.

When she went to sleep last night, she’d packed it all up and was going to return it. Here’s where the helplessness/frustration comes into play. At some point I just wanted to scream: «LISTEN to me, for Pete’s sake!!!!» I know how much  she’d love it, if she got it to work, but as I’m so far away … there’s nothing I can do. I managed to find screen shots online, of what it should look like on her phone, in Swedish … I’ve sent them to her and we’ll see what happens today. It’s a new day and perhaps she’s more rested up 🙂

Apart from all this computer/phone support yesterday, it was also my husband’s birthday. All day, the phone was ringing off the hook, he got all kinds of email and Facebook messages … it was unbelievable! So nice!!! I took him out for dinner. We went to our favourite, little place … because we like it. It’s called AJ’s Restaurant & Lounge, but it’s a very unassuming little place with good food. The very first time we visited, here in Saint John, that’s where we had breakfast and we both fell in love with it.


16 thoughts on “Helpless

  1. Happy birthday to hubby! I hope sister get’s this figured out. My wife isn’t as tech-savvy as I am and gets discouraged with the stuff. John to the rescue. Interested to find out how she does.

  2. That is very interesting. I do understand how she feels though. I have been there many times. As it turns out my iPhone has been a great little teaching tool for me. Some probable take it for granted but I still think it is mindbending. lol For a long time I didn’t have my iMesssage on. I couldn’t figure out why my messages were going out in green bubbles and everyone elses were in blue bubbles. My grand-daughter straightened me up on that real fast.
    I would love to have a iPad..

      1. Hi Cynthia,
        Lovely to see you!
        Yes, the iPhone has indeed had a learning curve and I love it! Luckily, I was told, when I’d only had it for an hour or so, about the iMessage. I could hardly believe it was true, as I didn’t know it existed! I can text with all my friends overseas who have an iPhone! What a hoot …I had no idea! Now, there’s also Viber app, so we can call for free.
        The first bill from Bell, I checked that thoroughly, to see that it really was true LOL. Now, I just love the blue bubble 🙂

  3. Hi,
    A Very Happy Birthday to your husband, and how wonderful that he got a lot of Birthday
    The was a good find on your part with the web site, I hope it all works out, these things can be very frustrating at times.

    1. Thank you! It’s almost over now … the support, that is 🙂
      Tonight she’s learnt to synchronice everything to the ‘iCloud’..

  4. Happy Birthday to hubby! and all good wishes! seems you had a pretty rough day but “all is well that ends well”, right? and the dinner sounds delightful!

  5. Ahh, I can not stand computer help from a distance. Sometimes I don’t like helping when I am sitting right next to them. My sister was used to using an archaic computer at work. She got a net book and it has been horrible. We finally got her connected. Part of the problem is sometimes she talks so much she isn’t listening. She has her own ideas and can’t hear yours. She thought if you open your laptop, net book whatever and you had wifi that when you closed it up you would be taking it with you. Arrgh!

    1. Computer support from a distance — that’s frustration, if anything is!
      That was the main problem here too — the ‘not listening’. Eventually she got connected via Bluetooth, but she says she can’t send email … it wants her to put in a SIM card. I don’t know … for the moment, I’ve given up.

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