Where I was born…

Kristinehamn … that’s where I was born, and where I spent the first seven months of my life. Needless to say, I don’t remember anything of that. My brother does, though — he was ten.

Reinhard Kraasch GNU Freie DokumentationslizenzKristinehamn is located in the county of Värmland, right on the shores of Sweden’s largest lake … Vänern. My father was from Värmland.

The first time I ever got to see Kristinehamn [apart form those seven months], I was eleven. That was the first of the two times I went on vacation with my mother. I remember this trip pretty well. It must have made a great impression on me, seeing my father’s family. He’d been dead for nine years by then, which isn’t all that long, but when you’re eleven, it feels like an immense amount of time. As I didn’t remember anything of my father, I absorbed every word that was said about him … I found it fascinating to meet people who knew him and were related to him.

After that trip, I didn’t get back to see Kristinehamn until I was nineteen. That was my first, own, vacation! I’d worked for two years, saved a little bit of money, had a car of my own and four weeks of paid vacation so off I went. By then, I had a class mate who had moved there so I stayed with her and her family. They had a little boat, so we were out on the lake quite a bit — I had the impression that almost everyone there had a little boat 🙂

LA2-picasso-kristinehamnI did have a camera — a Kodak Instamatic — on that trip, and a few pictures are still back in Sweden, but they all took on a strange, orange colour, so here there are only photos from Wikipedia. By the shores of Vänern, just a bit outside the city centre, stands this Pablo Picasso sculpture. It’s their greatest site of interest, I think, it’s 15 metres tall and the tallest Picasso sculpture in the world.

This post is part of a WP-challenge, where they wanted us to take advantage of the ’embed maps’ tool … which is very handy! 🙂

19 thoughts on “Where I was born…

  1. purpleborough

    This is so very interesting. I would like to read more. Where are the maps? Should I just go back and find photos because yours is so much more interesting than mine but then, look at where you grew up…somewhere exoctic…not in a cotton field!

    1. rebekajo

      Well …. to me, it would certainly have been very exotic to grow up in the cotton fields. I would have liked the cotton balls, nice and fluffy, but not the HEAT! In Wikipedia, there are free to use images of almost anything you can dream up.

    1. rebekajo

      It’s an absolutely gorgeous area, with lakes and a big river. When we moved up north, after those seven months … to the town that came to be my hometown, we were located on Gulf of Bothnia..

  2. AlohaKarina

    Love it! I’ve been to Stockholm and loved that. It’s always fun to revisit places you’ve lived. So sorry to hear about your dad, I didn’t realize he passed away when you were so young! 😦

    1. rebekajo

      Yeah, that’s often fun! If I ever were to go back there, I’d like to see more of the county … going up the river valley towards the Norwegian border. I’ve only seen pictures, incredible beauty.

      Yes, he died when I was two, in an motorcycle accident.

  3. Annette Ursin Holmboe

    What a tragedy with your father.
    I havent been in Kristinehamn, but rather close once I drove in car from DK to Västerås. I passed between the two lakes Vänern and Vättern. Its a beautiful area I envy the Swedes all their forests and that plenty of space ( they stole some from us LOL).
    I prefer to spend my holiday in Sweden and not South in Europe, and the good thing is: Always good place on the motor ways.

    1. rebekajo

      Yes, and that must have been really tough on our mother.
      Västerås isn’t all that far from Kristinehamn. The area between those two, big lakes, is really pretty. I guess they can get a lot of snow there, due to the lake effect.
      No, not too crowded on Swedish highways … and not on Canadian either 🙂

  4. magsx2

    Very lovely area, what a shame your camera was not right.
    I renewed your blog in my RSS feed, I have missed a few of your posts. Normally the RSS feed just transfers the old to the new but for some reason it didn’t do it this time.

  5. Nylabluesmum

    Sweden is a beautiful country!!! (From the pix & travelogs I have watched on TV). It sounds like you feel about Kristinehamn that way I feel about Owen Sound…there is soemthing special about where we come from isn’t there??? (A link to the past perhaps??) For you, a link to your Father & his family & heritage….. 🙂

      1. Nylabluesmum

        I relate as I was born in Hamilton but brought here when i was 6 months old…..Owen Sound holds my heart. Hamilton is familiar but not the place I LOVE to be. I also love Manitoulin Island but can no longer travel there….
        It is amazing how rooted we become to places & how much a part of us those places become isn’t it???

        1. rebekajo

          Yes. I was 49 when I left Härnösand, the town is small, so I know every nook and cranny. Kristinehamn, or rather, the county of Värmland, is special to me because of my father. You know …as I was only two when he died, I’ve probably made up a very glorified image …both of him, and the place he was from. But regardless of that … it’s breathtakingly beautiful!

          1. Nylabluesmum

            Nothing wrong with seeing things in a ovely perspective!!! Part of the reason Owen Sound is so attractive is due to the fact my Nanna & Zaida & other relatives were here & there was such a feeling of community!
            Of course they are all gone now but the memories are there & are a comfort!!
            How small is Harnosand?
            Owe Sound is 22,000; however we encompass Grey & Bruce counties so have more people but are very spread out!!!
            Hamilton is now at 417,000 & has grown so much in the last 10 years!!! Too big!!!
            I prefer smaller places altho I love the convenience of actual BIG name stores….can’t have it both ways, lol…


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