hadassah and iThis is my first cat, Hadassah and I. This was shot late 1987, so she was just one year old, and it’s one of the very few pictures I have of her. No digital camera back then. When she came to me, I’d just read the Book of Esther in the Bible — hence the name Hadassah. Found out that Esther’s name meant Hadassah, and I found that beautiful. Now, when I  searched my Flickr albums for the tag Hadassah, I got suggestions … Flickr said: «perhaps you meant hospital or Jerusalem?»

I wasn’t a ‘cat person’ before Hadassah. Not at all! I’d visited a friend who had a Persian cat and realized how cool they could be! When I got back to where I lived, there was a little ad in the local paper …it really popped out at me, about kittens, I went to “have a look”, and that was it.

Was fortunate enough to have sixteen years with her. She passed away in 2001, when the kidneys gave in. That was a heartbreak, even though I knew it was inevitable, and I said to myself «never again will I put myself through this!» After a few months, though, I was beginning to think that my home wasn’t really a home without a cat 🙂

23 thoughts on “Hadassah

  1. John

    That’s the way it works too. Pets add so much to your everyday life, and love you no matter. She’s a very pretty kitty indeed. Imagine that, cameras with film! I have used them before but wouldn’t want to do it again. 🙂

    1. rebekajo

      That’s so true, and she was indeed very pretty. She had to move many times, and I didn’t even know, back then, how cats hate to move.
      I hardly ever used a camera then. This was shot by a friend who was a photographer..

    1. rebekajo

      Yes, she was lovely and I’m thankful to have had her all those years. Hard to imagine it’s already been fifteen years since that photo was taken!

  2. Annette Ursin Holmboe

    She is lovely and wonderful. The name is lovely too. You must have been devastated when it died, but it has a price to love. Now you have McDuff and he is wonderful too.

    1. rebekajo

      yes, you’re never as vulnerable as when you love …

      McDuff is such a fine lad …funny how they can be so totally different in personalities!

  3. Touch2Touch

    Love the photo, love Hadassah!
    She is really a beautiful cat — well, still kitten-ish. But adorable!
    So glad you posted this!
    McDuff is very masculine and handsome, she is so feminine and charming.

  4. barb19

    She is so pretty, with a name to match.
    What a shame you didn’t get more photos of her, but your 16 precious years together.was priceless, and you have the treasured memories.
    McDuff is a good looking cat too, but definitely in a masculine way!
    I’m not surprised you got another cat after losing Hadassah, that’s the way it is with the love of an animal, once we’ve had one, we can’t do without; home is not home without an animal!

    1. rebekajo

      Thanks Barb … Yes, she was lovely. I did take a couple of photos with digital, but back then I was too ignorant, so I’d cropped them really hard and didn’t save the full resolution. Grr… but at least I have SOME.

  5. magsx2

    She was gorgeous looking cat.
    I felt exactly the same way when my dog passed away after 14 years, so heart breaking, but like you I felt the house just didn’t seem right without a pet.

    1. rebekajo

      Yes.. taking care of a cat is somewhat easier, so even a less mobile person could care for a cat. My dream, since I was a kid, was always a big dog .. a Leonberger or Newfoundland, but always lived in small apartments and working full time so it never worked out.

  6. Nylabluesmum

    Hello Rebby: Please excuse it taking me so long to get here to reply!!!! I just love this photo!!! Hadassah was gorgeous…you & she were a ‘purr-fect’ fit!!!!
    You know you are even more radiant looking now….:)
    As for ‘not going thru the heartache of Goodbye’ again…it is alot like childbirth I am told!!! Women ‘forget’ that pain fairly quickly & have more children; opening our hearts to our 4 leggeds much the same!!! We do experience so much grief & loss…that loss being SO BIG the only way to fill it is to get a new 4 legged & we as humans are capable of loving more than once! 😉
    I love that cats have such varied personalities too!!! Never a dull moment!!

    1. rebekajo

      Oh please, Sherri Ellen! Don’t even think along those lines … we read and comment if/when we feel like it 🙂
      Yes, it was a purrfect fit from the very moment the breeder handed her over to me! And yes, it must be something like that …having children …I suspect.

      My friend back home has two Sacred Birmans [she breeds]. When she got back from work the other day, they’d turned the Christmas tree over, and played with all the ornaments … only the red ones, though!

      1. Nylabluesmum

        Hi again: I meant to comment yesterday but had a ‘reaction’ to the Lidocaine shots. I am all right today & NO pain 🙂
        Hadassah was a real beauty & I can see her gentleness shining thru in the photo.
        LOL Sacred Birmans are just as mischievous as any other cats…Nylablue is 1/2 Sacred Birman & she likes to ‘trash’ things too!!!!
        I find the Oriental cats: Siamese, Birman, Burmese, Tokinese etc have their own favorite colors. For instances: Nylablue likes dark blue & hot pink. Mingflower liked red & orange. I have an orange practice golfball of Mingy’s still & Nylablue won’t play with it…but when i throw Mingy’s pink ones she is all over them!!!!
        Cats are truly fascinating aren’t they????? =^..^=


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