Daily prompt: The first sentence

Take the first sentence from your favorite book and make it the first sentence of your post.

«I was baptized in blood … my own blood.»

That’s the starting sentence of my favourite book — «Acts of Faith» by Erich Segal. I picked it up in the annual book fair, several years ago without knowing anything about it, except that Erich Segal wrote Love Story. Begun to read and could never put it down. I’ve read it several times after that, first time.

I learned more about both Judaism and Catholicism than I knew before even though I knew, probably more than the average,non-catholic/non-jewish person about both, in spite of being neither. Moreover, I grew to love the main characters and missed them greatly when the book was finished. It has all the ingredients of a great movie, but was never filmed.

It stretches over a quarter of a century and takes you from Brooklyn, N.Y. to Rome, Italy, to Brasilia and finally Israel. Three lives, entwined from very young years and one, forbidden love.

20 thoughts on “Daily prompt: The first sentence

    1. My only reading nowadays, is done before I fall asleep. It’s a habit that I can’t break, no matter how tired I am … I have to read a little bit..

  1. Hi, I have never heard about the author or the book.
    As you I always read before I fall asleep, these days its about Germany and Europe from the 18. century and till after the reunion and today.
    Else I read e-books at my PC, get them from the library, and a book store.
    I have an e-book reader, but I itch when I use it, I must be allergic to something there.

    1. Our library started to provide ebooks last year. If I’d had an iPad or something, I would have taken advantage of it, but since I only read in bed, it hasn’t happened. Yet. Too small on the iPhone.

      How strange about the allergy?! But I guess it could be something in it…

  2. Far out on the edge of it never charted backwater to the godforsaken end of the western spiral arm of our galaxy is a small yellow sun that nobody ever taken notice of.
    This is the book I always return to. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

  3. I’ve heard of this book but never read it!!! The first line sure captures ones attention, doesn’t it???
    My fave book “Siddhartha” opening line is: “In the shade of the house, in ths sunshine by the riverbank by the boats, in the shade of the sallow wood & the fig tree, Siddhartha the handsome Brahmin’s son, grew up with his friend Govinda.”
    Long but intriguing!!!!! 😉

      1. I’ll keep an eye out for it!!!!
        “Siddhartha” is about the Buddha before he becomes Buddha…it is a masterfully written story & inspired me to study & even practice Buddhism years ago…….how’s that for athe power of the written word???? 😉

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