Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

This turned out to be a fun challenge, and at first I wasn’t even going to do it! Said in an earlier post that I don’t do New Years-resolutions. In the following post I admitted that I’d broken even that, and joined the Daily Post again. Kind of hard to get a photo of that — it’s too abstract: to blog?! I read the post over again, and started looking at what the others had come up with. The word ยซRESOLVEยป kept popping out … Finally it dawned on me that I’ve had that word wrong all my life as an English-speaker [not a native speaker]. I’ve used the word many times, but in the totally wrong context … I didn’t even know what the word meant!

So there it was — the answer to the challenge! I not only resolve to keep on blogging, which is one way for me to hone my English skills, but also to keep on learning new words … increasing my vocabulary!


10 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved”

  1. I had to look it up, the word Resolved was totally unfamiliar to me.
    Improving my English is one of the big challenges โ€“ and benefits โ€“ with blogging. I’m fond of writing in Swedish, and it’s hard to accept the time and effort it takes to communicate in a foreign language. I’ll try to be patient, though. Because it’s also fun.

    1. I knew the word, but not that it had several meanings.

      Learning a language is always fun. I started to write online in English, even when I was still living in Sweden. Mainly, because I wanted to meet people from all over the world, but also to improve.

      Sometimes, it would be fun [or relaxing ๐Ÿ™‚ ] to write in Swedish … to just let myself go, let my thoughts flow freely. After nine years, I’m alright with English but my writings probably appear a bit constipated for native speakers.

  2. I started blogging only in Swedish, but I got many visitors from abroad and decided to move out of my comfort zone… . Apart from a week in London in the late 80’s, I never visited an English-speaking country. Like many Swedes, I learned English by watching TV.

    1. I’d never travelled much either … so — same here: watching TV.

      When I’d lived here for a while, I realize how thankful I am for the subtitling [textade program] on Swedish TV. It’s very much thanks to that I’d learnt my English. Imaginge if we’d had dubbed films and shows on TV! I lived in Quebec the first five years, and EVERYTHING was dubbed into French.

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