I don’t like to cook

That’s not entirely true — I wrote that title to see if it would get any attention 😆 Let’s just say that cooking isn’t any of my great interests, but there are times when it can be a little fun, though. I rather like to eat what others have cooked.

Had a co-worker who always liked to state that she didn’t eat ice cream. I honestly don’t know how true that was — maybe she didn’t, I don’t think I ever saw her eating ice cream — but she sure got a lot of attention! I heard that so many times, during coffee breaks at work, and the same reaction from all the other co-workers … «are you for real?! you really don’t like ICE CREAM?!?!»

Now … I don’t think she would have had the same reaction with cooking. There are probably many people out there that don’t like to cook, or aren’t interested in it. It’s that daily thing … to come up with something every day … I tell you, we eat a helluva lot of meat balls here! Ground beef — that’s my go to-thing. While I was still in Sweden, there was a certain kind of sausage that was the go to-food. Most Swedes have a ring of that sausage in the fridge as a back-up — it lasts for quite some time too. If nothing else, you can put it on a sandwich and eat it as it is, but there are many other things you can do … just like ground beef. The varieties are almost infinite 🙂

Yesterday, it was so cold here, so we decided to stay close to home. The same question presented itself as usual: «what’s for supper?» Had a big bag of potatoes — that’s another thing I’m never without — and decided to make another attempt at scalloped potatoes [or potatoes gratin]. That’s something I really love, but never in my 50+ life managed to get it right when I make it. This time I looked up a recipe and finally I got that nice, creamy consistency that I’ve always aimed for! I was happy.

We had it with some ham, I ate more than usual because it was really good with all the whipping cream and cheese. Afterwards I would have fallen asleep, had it not been for the strong, black coffee.

PS: Here’s the link to the online recipe I used. I exchanged Parmesan cheese for an ordinary cheese.

22 Replies to “I don’t like to cook”

    1. before, I’ve used a mix of milk/cream but it always turned out a little watery…I will add the link to the online recipe I used in the post now.

  1. I like to cook. The problem is we are trying to not eat so much so my cooking has become very small portions. I am a comfort food junkie. Sometimes if I want to cook I cook for the kids too and divide it so we don’t have so much. I do get tired of it so we go out or have a sandwich. Sandwich stuff just doesn’t last very long though as far as freshness is concerned. I am not a big fan of ice cream. About once or twice a year I will have it. I like a Popsicle better.

    I cut red potatoes in strips, toss them with olive oil and seasonings I like and then roast them. I have been thinking of adding eggs and peppers and onions to this all in one bowl for dinner.

    1. I cook what we eat, right away. The portions are … normal, I guess. I try to think about what we eat, without going totally overboard about it [hence the potatoes with whipping cream and cheese]. A splurge every now and then, as neither of us is currently suffering from high b/p or diabetes. A good think to be thankful for. That thing with the roasted potatoes, I might try soon.. 🙂

  2. I think I would love to cook if I could cook. I burn the bottoms of everything I cook. I tried to make a grill cheese sandwich in a black skillet with olive oil and burned it.
    I did bake some deer sausage without burning and they were good.
    Who does like to cook, I wonder?

    1. I think I can … or I read, it’s merely a question of whether I want to. I just want to eat something as quickly as possible.
      Many people love to cook, I believe. Imagine all the people who choose it as a profession! NOT my kettle of fish LOL

  3. I like to cook but when I’m teaching, that goes out the window. When I was a stay-at-home Mom I cooked all the time. But now, I’m so tired when I get home that I have a hard time even thinking about what to have, let alone cooking it! 🙂

    1. That’s understandable, Karina! I remember reading about your cooking and baking! Something’s gotta give, I guess.. Nice to see you 😀

  4. Love your title of the blog!!!! Got my attention!!!
    You know I used to love to cook!!! When I was healthier it was fun to cook & create; now it is a chore which is a shamce because I actually am a good cook. When I left home @ 17 all i could make was steak; seriously!!! All my hubbies have taught me different things & my Nanna gave me her recipes & I learned little by little.
    Haven’t made scalloped potatoes in years……I miss them too.
    Being on my own prevents me making alot of things because I don’t want to eat the same thing for a week nor do I want leftovers taking space in my wee freezer….
    I love Piller’s meats: their sausages; ham; lunch meat!!!! MMMM now I am suddenly hungry; I wonder why?? 😉

    1. In between the hubbies, I acutally DID cook every day, but mainly fish fingers (!) Or sometimes I pulled myself together and made a big batch of …say, meat sauce. I didn’t mind that I ate the same thing every day 😀

      1. Well after saying I don’t cook much anymore, I made Oktoberfest sausages & garlic mashed potatoes & curried mixed veggies…go figure!!!!
        I could eat steak or roast beef daily but can’t afford that!!
        I try to eat meat twice a week & fish but suddenly it has jumped in price…..
        I have even been known to eat a pork chop (being Jewish we aren’t supposed to eat pork).
        Must have meat!!!! LOL. 🙂

        1. We do eat a lot of meat …when we don’t know, in the grocery store, what to have, it’s either ground beef or steak. I feel that I could have less red meat, we have fish once a week — I could have that more often.

          1. I could eat more fish also if it didn’t suddenly cost so much!!!
            I did buy some Rugen Fisch herring (in a can) from Germany & it was so so good!!!! Not salty or highly spiced; even Nylablue had some!!!!
            I try to plan a month’s worth of suppers as I do major shop at beginning of month. I then top up as the month goes along…..& I always forget something…lol..

  5. I really dont like to cook, not today, not yesterday and not tomorrow. Many years back I liked it – but now, I only do it because I need something to eat. Oh I love if someone cook to me.
    I think I need more fantasy and appetite LOL.

    1. I watch sometimes a chef on TV … it all looks so easy and smooth, everything he makes! He always finishes off the show by saying: “so in to the kitchen and have some fun!!!” Well … I don’t have fun there, no matter how I try LOL

  6. Yes! You and your friends (most of them) know what I’m feeling. I really do love this community thing – I only just started blogging a few days after you wrote this post. Funny how life works.

    1. Yes! Isn’t it amazing! That’s probably the prime reason I like WordPress so much … the community feeling. I’d never have met all the people here, had it not been for the «daily post challenge» the had in 2001. Today it’s Friday, so there’s the weekly photo challenge. It all takes place in the http://dailypost.wordpress.com

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