you’re clear for landing

EA comment, the other day [duck in flight/landing gear], made me think of Cormorants. They come here, by the thousands, to fish in the Reversing Rapids … sometimes as early as March, but normally April. They are such good fishers, and with the incoming tide, fish are plentiful. When I’d just bought the camera, I used to spend a great deal of time there, practising. When I put this little gallery together, I see that I really should practise a lot more … many of these pictures are from 2009. Clicking on the first picture, will bring up the slide show. 

19 Replies to “you’re clear for landing”

    1. teehee … Yes, they look funny when they’re coming in — leaning in all kinds of directions, but when they get close to the surface, it gets really elegant!

      When they get up with a fish, they have to be really, really quick to swallow it. There are so many that want to share … not only gulls, but their fellow coromorants too 🙂

  1. Excellent pics & lovely as a slideshow Rebby!!! I love watching Cormorants flying & landing & diving….they are very interesting birds!!
    My nickname for them is ‘fisheaters’. Many fishermen hate them here because they were introduced to eat the carp but they eat whatever fish they find!!!
    Iit is not the Cormorants faults….they are doing what comes natural for them!!!!
    Sherri-Ellen xo

      1. Humanity neve ceases to disgust me!!! Sometimes I wonder if people like us are aliens…I mean we are so compassionate towards animals & see their beauty… makes me crazy when people slag off an animal or bird for something that comes naturally to the creatures….
        Look at humankind; they make war so what gives them the right to question animals????
        *jumps off soapbox*

        1. yeah, and not only war.

          Watched a programme [think it was on CBC] the other day about a wildlife rehab centre in Nova Scotia. Boy, do I ever admire these people..

          1. I admire animal workers of any kind that rescue & care for either wild or domesticated creatures….There is so much negative I try to focus on the positive stories; but it’s not always easy is it??

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