I’ve broken my «no new years resolution» resolution — I signed up for WP Post-a-Day 2013!

It was fun doing it back in 2011, I completed it, even though I cooked the books a  little bit in December. Many of the people I met when it started are still around, and that’s a wonderful thing.

I know there are bloggers that find it overwhelming when one posts once a day, but I’m trying to hang on to my ‘mantra’: You can’t please them all.

Came across the WP-challenge just now, but I have already blogged each day this year so it’s all good.


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  1. roughseasinthemed

    I can’t do it because I’m not on line all the time, and I am NOT getting into blogging from my ‘phone! Especially on roaming charges in Spain 😦 The only way I could do it would be by scheduling posts in advance and that is far too organised for me.

    But blogging for the sake of it doesn’t suit me anyway. I like to blog when something comes to me that I want to share – whatever it is – and there is usually quite a lot of that anyway 😀

    Good luck and looking forward to seeing your daily posts. I think the only problem with reading daily posts is when you are away from the internet and there is a lot to catch up on, so sometimes I skip all the backreads.

    1. rebekajo

      Oh, I wouldn’t do it for the sake of it — it’s merely a fun thing for me, and I so like to write these little posts. Really … I love to write … sometimes it clears the «cobwebs» of my mind 😉

      Secondly, I’m online ALL the time except when I sleep 😉 I’ve tried blogging from the iPhone once when it was new, but then I was here, at home, so that was via wifi. IF I were to do it via cellular, and upload pictures … I guess the picture-part might add to my data usage but I’m on really thin ice here ..I don’t know. Don’t see myself doing it anyway, unless we were to travel somewhere, IN Canada. Not in the States as THEN I’d get the roaming charges. Would only use wifi then. Gib could have some different set-up?!

      Making up posts beforehand isn’t my thing. I’m not that obsessed with the daily thing.

      When I’ve been away from this, for one reason or another, I don’t go back over each and every post … If I felt that I had to do that, I wouldn’t still be here. Once I started it, saw a backlog of 100+ posts … I was so close to just taking it all down and LEAVE, but instead I just took a few..

  2. barb19

    I did Post-a-Week in 2011, but can’t commit to doing it this year – too much going on here in my real life, although I did enjoy doing it and met a whole bunch of wonderful bloggers (you included).
    Good luck with it Rebekah, I’m behind you all the way!

    1. rebekajo

      Thank you, Barb! 🙂 As I said, in the rather lengthy comment here above, I just think it’s so much fun for me … that’s the only reason. Also, I have the time and the means to do it..
      I look into that 2011 blog sometimes, and it’s quite fun to see … will be even nicer to have when more time has passed.

  3. Annette Ursin Holmboe

    I think I am too lazy for that LOL, but I look forward to follow your posts.

    1. rebekajo

      That’s wonderful Annette … I love the fact that we’re in touch. This is just a lot of fun for me… the blog-a-day-thing..

    1. rebekajo

      Great, Linda! 🙂
      Me too … I filled it out with a bunch of «handmade» [computer] Christmas ornaments, in the end 🙂 So what?! LOL

  4. Nylabluesmum

    Hi Rebby: I admire your committment so much!!! I am at best a wild & sporadic blogger! Whenever the mood hits me or Nylablue or something MAJOR comes up that I feel a need to write about…..I love writing tho so this is a wonderful medium to express myself.
    I will do my best to read & reply to your blogs & support you in your endeavor. I enjoy your writing alot!! Sherri-Ellen.

    1. rebekajo

      Sherri Ellen,
      Thank you 🙂 In this post I really should have added … and I might actually go back and do that … I surely not expect anyone to read every day — I do this much for myself! I hope no one feels it’s a commitment to comment because I wouldn’t feel that way about all the others!

      I totally LOVE all the comments, and without them this would just be some kind of diary, but it shouldn’t be a commitment or feel like a ‘job’ … then all the fun is gone!

      I’ve missed to many posts when I’ve been away from the blogging… I’ve never caught up with the back-log but I think that’s alright anyway 🙂

      1. Nylabluesmum

        LOL I know you don’t expect readers to read daily! I just enjoy what you write about & that you come up with some many interesting topics…..
        I might not reply daily but I will be reading 😉
        it is NEVER a ‘job’ to read your posts!!!!!
        xo S-E.


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