winds and wings


Yesterday … the first day of the year, was bright and shiny, but very windy and cold. We went out for a spin any way … basically to see if the Northern Pintail duck was still there, and perhaps get some more pictures of it.

First we went to the park, though. These things to the left here, I don’t really know what they are, but they are right outside the pavilion, and I think people tie their bicycles to them in the summer. I’ve kept taknig pictures of them because I have some idea about a photo for them, but so far I haven’t finished with that. It’s a little like Quotidian Hudson’s idea about that rounded thing [if he reads this, he’ll understand]. However, this time I took this, because I liked how the shadows fell on the snow.

Winter Duck

DSC_2238.NEFIn the duck pond, there was business as usual — people feeding them white bread, in spite of the large, informative sign they have put up there. The Glaucous Gull is still there … see how much bigger he is, compared to the ‘ordinary’ gulls! Some gulls are kind of beige and speckled … the look almost ‘dirty’, but I’ve learnt now that they are immature gulls — two years old or something.

I so love the particular light we have now, in the midst of winter.

deerWe met deer … both in the park, and out in Millidgeville, but all the picture-taking got very painful after a short while, as the fingers stiffen up almost right away, holding the camera, in the cold weather. Wish we could get winds like this in the heat of summer instead, when we’re almost suffocating here in the building! In the summertime we hardly get any winds at all, which is a little strange, considering we’re right on the Atlantic ocean. In my hometown, in Sweden, it’s always windy!

DSC_2171.NEFPeople really enjoy feeding the chickadees from their hands, and I fully understand that! The feeling, of having that little life, sitting on your finger is unbelievable. Also, when holding a peanut, and a squirrel grabs it, he puts his little paw on your hand … it’s something so special about that — having a wild  animal do that!

No Pintail was seen though … can’t have such luck two times in a row 🙂

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    1. Thanks, roughseas.. he was really amazing! He stood there, I kept getting closer but he didn’t move! These deer, in the park, get so used to people feeding them, so after a while you can probably pat them on the nose 🙂

  1. The shadows on the snow from the rounded metal is really nice looking, great catch. The duck looks to be threatening you to keep away! Grrr! The large gull looks like a school playground bully, so much larger than his buddies. The doe looks unimpressed, it must think you are disturbing it’s browsing, and the chickadee shot is great. You have such talent with a camera!

    1. That big gull seems to be really timid 🙂 I’ve watched him for some time now. They’re supposedly unusual to see here [if you’re into gulls, I wouldn’t have noticed it, had I not been told about it]. He backs off, rather than take part in the quest for white, stale bread.
      That deer was cool …I kept going closer and closer — one step at a time, but it didn’t move for the longest time. Tried to adjust the camera settings too, as he was in real shady spot, but I still had to ‘photoshop’ it afterwards..
      Thank you so much for your kind words!

  2. Wonderful pictures.I had to look after a pintail. I found it in Swedish – and Norwegian (bokmål),
    I couldnt find it in Danish in WP. We call it a stjærtand, rumpeand eller spidsand. It is common here too ( I am not sure that I have seen it). We had a wonderful sunny day again, about 5C plus, a little shopping in Frederiksværk, a charming small town with old houses – and ducks.

    1. Hej Annette! 🙂
      Jag hade aldrig sett en stjärtand i hela mitt liv!!! 😀 BUT, I didn’t pay all that much attention to the birds before I got the camera! They are not too common here, at least not in town like this.
      Fredriksværk, I think they have a steel work there. My boss [at my first job] used to go there, and all our customers were steelworks. He always stayed in Hundested Kro …do you know of that?

      1. The steelworks is closed, but something is still going on, as I remember a Russian guy has bought a part of it, and there is some activity. Hundested Kro is a wonderful place. Hundested is a fisher town by the North-west coast of Zealand, i sometimes buy fresh fish there.

        1. One day, I hope to see Hundested Kro in real life. I will never forget it — it was the first time I was exposed to the Danish numeric system. They didn’t speak English there, and didn’t have a telex machine [this was in the late 70’s]. When you make reservations, it’s rather important that you get the dates right ..time and date! I remember words like enkel vaerelse and halvfjärs *ROFL*… He always got a room, though 😉

          1. It is highly recommended. Yes our numeric system is rather weird- but the German is like it in some ways. 21 is en og tyve and ein und zwanzig.
            Halvfjerds is funny – it comes from halvfjerdsindstyve!!!!! (sometimes it is said in this way) . What about firs and halvfems- åttio och nittio.

              1. Oh its easy-peasy. Halvfjerds: halvfjerdsindstyve= halvfjerde which is 3½, sinde is multiplication and tyve is twenty. Which means: 3½ x 20. You can do the same with 50, halvtreds. It is halvtredsindstyve, 2½x20. 60, tres or tresindstyve is 3×20. And you can do the same with firs (4×20) and halvfems(4½x20).
                I can tell you that fyrre eller fyrretyve, 40 doesnt have anything to do with this system, it comes from an old Danish word and means 4 ten’s.
                BTW :The halv before the number (3, 4 —)means that you subtract a half from that number, so halvfjerde is 3½.

                1. Geezz… my brain is boiling again! How do you guys live with yourselves?! 😆
                  The German way isn’t even close to this, but the French way is … close. Gaelic too.
                  I don’t know anything about the Icelandic numeric system, but with their inflation … where a bottle of mineral water costs several thousands Icelandic Crowns, it should be interesting … just to say the words.

  3. Hello Rebby: Another day in Paradise, yes?? 😉
    Your photos are brilliant as usual & convey so much personality of the 4 leggeds & feathered creatures!
    It is very odd that we only have 2-3 Sparrows here this Winter…..they are NOT going to hanging feeder at all. Rather eating out of the quartz bath that doubles as a ‘ground feeder’ in Winter for the Mourning Doves. A few squirrels drop in every dew days & I now have 2 cottontails who raid it at nite…I named them Snowy & Speedy…Nylablue loves to sit by the patio door & watch them, lol..

    1. Hi Sherri Ellen,
      A great day, but really cold!
      So much fun to be able to have bird feeders! McDuff used to enjoy watching the raccoons in QC 🙂 Every now and the a Raven lands on our balcony railing, looking in?! Then you really get an idea of the SIZE of them!

      1. We have raccoons here in Summer….Nylablue doesn’t seem to notice them. She’s all about the rabbits!!! She really likes them!!!
        I would LOVE to have a Raven pop down on the patio & visit! We have some here but they stay up high….
        Housing wants us to take feeders down & the tenants have said NO as we have enough rules here to follow….funny thing is the people who are breaking rules never get in trouble for their transgressions…just us who want to feed & protect the wildlife?!

        1. yeah, isn’t that weird?!
          The Raven must have been sitting on the roof today, and then just let himself go … so I saw him sliding down, its very windy today, it looked too funny.
          There is one apartment on the ground floor that has feeders — they’ve been there for the four years we’ve lived here.

          1. Every Winter is a bit weirder than the next! I used to have to fill the feeders twice a day; it has not needed to be filled in 3 weeks? The ground feeder gets fresh seed daily but if I forget there is still enough….
            Have you noticed how the crows & ravens are imitating hawks & falcons the way they are flying?? It is weird to see a crow ‘swooping’ like a hawk I can tell you!!!!

  4. those “things” in the snow, and the shadows they are casting look quite cool! winter art au natural. A good eye.
    thank you for sharing these beautiful winter moments. Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you! 🙂 There’s this long row of them, but now so much snow had been pushed up so I couldn’t really get them all in one frame.

      All the best for 2013 to you..

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