Happy New Year

Still five hours left of 2012 for us here on the Atlantic time zone, as I’m writing this post, but in Australia they’ve already been in 2013 for nine, ten hours.

After yesterday’s storm, that dumped 25 centimetres of snow on Saint John [40 cm in other parts of the province], today turned out to be a brilliant day. The winds were beyond nippy … they were arctic, but I still managed to get a few photos that I’m quite happy with.

I’ve had this idea that I want to capture a Blue Jay in snow … perhaps because I want to recreate the image I have in my memory of the first time I ever laid eyes on a Blue Jay, back in 2003.  Today, it happened. Shooting Blue Jays is pretty much a hit or miss, as they’re so skittish … in most of my shots,it has a peanut in its beak, so today I felt lucky.


This is my last post this year. I hope you all are having a nice and fun-filled New Years Eve! Very peaceful here, we’re just going to watch the ball fall on Times Square [even though we’re not on the same time zone]. We used to watch it on CNN … Anderson Cooper is alright, but we really can’t stand Kathy Griffin, so it will be a different network.


This blog might get a bit of an over-haul in the new year…

19 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. John

    Good shot! The blog needs a little pizazz added to it. There are many nice themes available on WP.com these days… 🙂

  2. magsx2

    A very nice photo, the colours of the bird really stand out against the snow, just lovely. I love looking at snow pictures this time of year while it is so hot here, and oh yes we are well into New Years Day. 🙂
    Happy New Year.

  3. Crowing Crone Joss

    I love how your snowy Blue Jay’s eyes stand out. wow. well done. the winds were cold and strong here today and the birds at the feeders had their feathers ruffled quite a bit. happiest of New Years to you my friend.

            1. rebekajo

              I changed the title and everything … wanted something new … the domain upgrade was due for renewal and I chose to opt out..

  4. purpleborough

    I think that blue jay is the prettiest I have seen…the snow makes him/her stand out. Cannot get to your blog by clicking on the Comment in this email. You must be working on changing.

    I want to know how to add pages under a tab. So tomorrow I think I shall read about how to do this.

    Happy New Year with 27 minutes to go here!

    1. rebekajo

      Thank you, Linda … I was so happy when I got that shot. Yes, I’ve changed the blog. As of next, new post it will be alright.
      On the «Dashboard» under Appearance > Menus, you can just drag the pages you want to have under a tab A LITTLE BIT to the right … you’ll notice how they fall into place.

      Happy New Year … I’ve slept now so we’re already 8 hrs in.. 🙂

  5. roughseasinthemed

    Hi Reb, all the best for 2013. Had a problem getting into the new post, but went back, used the my year in pix one and eventually got here. Have to say I liked colder weather, but you changed that a few times too! I am too idle to change my themes, it’s also a hassle changing back if you don’t like it, I tried it once.

    Nice pic for an end of year shot.

    1. rebekajo

      Hi Roughs and all the best to you too!
      The «colderweather» was never my username here in WP, because that was taken and deleted. It was a domain name that I’d paid for here and it always bugged me that I didn’t get the .COM. As of next, new post all will be as usual, unless someone as actually bookmarked colderweather.net


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