another year over…

Well … almost. The news casts these days, leading up to the new year, are filled with summaries … looks in the rear view mirror. We, here in this blogosphere, have spent another year with WordPress. That’s very nice, personally, I think it’s an outstanding blogging platform that is free of charge. The second best would be Blogger, but if you’ve ever tried WP, there’s no way to switch over. I’ve tried.

The one thing for me, that makes WP such a pleasant experience, is the sense of community. Very much thanks to the DailyPost, where the WP team posts various challenges — -photo challenges and the daily prompt — articles and more.  A great place to connect with other bloggers and discover posts that you wouldn’t necessarily have come across otherwise.

When I first signed up for WP, years ago, I had some minor problem so I had to contact support. Was contacted the very same DAY by, what they call, a ‘happiness engineer’, and I was impressed to no end! Since then,  I haven’t had any problems, hence no need for support, but at some point over this time, something has changed about that. Nowadays you’re taken to a public support forum, where users are helping users. I haven’t found any way of contacting them, unless you have a security issue.

That said, quite a few of the problems posted to the forum seem to be resolved, and staff come in there too at times, when it’s needed. What’s really amazing about these forums, I think, is how active some users are in these help forums! You keep seeing the same user-ID:s time after time, answering questions, and they’re very knowledgeable. This is not the only place I’ve come across this phenomenon — it’s like this in Google, Yahoo and probably other places too. These people must spend hours and hours a day, answering questions — like a full time job, almost — for free! They must be such great assets for these companies and I keep wondering if they ever get any kind of ‘thank you’.

On a personal level, it’s been a good year. Nothing earth shattering, but good. I got an iPhone, which has meant, not only a lot of fun, but also a closer contact with some friends and family back in Sweden. With the app Viber, you can communicate [text and voice] for free, regardless of where in the world you are. «An expat’s best friend!» 🙂

I took a trip to Sweden last Fall, and wrote about that in my side blog FlammaStolt. It was a great, but intense, two-weeks stay.

cold duckPhotography-wise, I feel that it hasn’t been all that good, but that’s another post.

On October 12 I wrote a blog post here, and the responses I got to that post I’ll never forget. It so touched my heart so I wanted to mention it here 🙂 Thanks again, y’all, and thanks for 2012! Looking forward to 2013, even though this won’t be my last post for this year.

20 Replies to “another year over…”

  1. There’s no question WP is far above on many levels. I came from Blogger, so glad I did. The best thing about Blogger is your ability to use Flash and Java script with no restrictions. A few rotten eggs spoiled it for the rest. Glad your still here on WP, enjoy your perspectives and photos from NB. 🙂

    1. Yes, and I like their picture viewer better … that’s the only thing, and perhaps that it’s free to edit whatever you want.

      Thank you, John! 🙂

  2. Hello Rebby: This year has zoomed by it seems!!! With Multiply closing I had to look for a new blogging home & I remembered you were here & I am so glad I joined here!! I had with you 4 friends here & have started to make some new friends who love animals as much as I do!!!!
    Thank you for another year of friendship; fab blogs; excellent photos; McDuff & the ducks who always put a smile on my face 🙂
    May 2013 be a good year for all of us.
    ((HUGS)) Sherri-Ellen & ~~head rubs~~ from Nylablue….

      1. LOL so is Nylablue!!! She loves her McDuff!!!!!
        Wow we have been connected a long time!!! I am so glad we have weathered all the changes in the blog world & are still connected!!! ❤

        1. Yeah! After the demise of Y360 we were really scattered.. I still can’t get over how Yahoo could do such a dumb thing — when they had a really good thing going..

          1. I don’t think I ever knew why Y360 changed but I didn’t mind it becoming Multiply! It was not difficult to Import blogs & we all travelled together….when Multi said it was “Adios” I was angry…it is true many have gone to Blogger or Blogspot, neither of which I liked. Thankfully we all exchanged FB names so I have many from Multi on FB, altho it is not the same!!
            Closing multi blog down was dumb but here is good so I am not angry anymore… 😉

            1. There’s been a lot of moving over the years … I was part of a group of people already 1996. Some I’m still in contact with, via FB..

              1. I guess I am a relative ‘newcomer’ to the bloggin world….i started in October 2005!!! Mingflower was still alive but not doing well…..I have all those blogs on a CD-R now. Lots of memories….

                1. I meant blogging world…lol…I was tired that nite!!!! anyway it has been a good introduction to WP since I joined in August & I am settled & happy here!!! I just HAD to follow you Rebby 😉 Happy New Year!! Love S-E & Nylablue too…

  3. I came over from Blogger to WP two years ago now, and have never looked back. The community involvement here is the best I’ve ever experienced, and I have got to know so many wonderful people through their blogs (you included).
    Buying an iphone was a wise choice for you Rebekah, I know how much you enjoy it, and I always love to know what you are up to or where you have been so I can enjoy photographs of your town or your lovely ducks!
    Mat 2013 be even better!

    1. Thanks Barb,
      For a while, I was meaning to move back there. I was into editing themes, layout, colours and all that … and that’s free there, but I’m not all that interested in that any more and what fun is it, doing that there all alone LOL

  4. Just been back to re-read the earlier October post. Wow! Did you get a lot of comments or what? I’d commented early on so didn’t realise you rocketed up to nearly 100 with some lovely and very genuine comments.

    I’ll be doing an annual review over the weekend, because it’s the sort of thing I do!

    1. Thank you! I’ve never had a post like that before… it felt amazing.
      Even though New Years is just another day, it’s kind of fun to look back and see what happened on a personal level too..

  5. Great photo Rebekah! 🙂 Yes a year surely goes fast… And every year I hope for that it will be a better one than the one that just passed lol

    Wish you and G a really Happy New Year! Oh, and of course McDuff too!

    1. Thank you, Mona!
      I really, really hope that things will start to look up for you. Me … I can’t complain, I’m thankful to say it was a good year.

  6. There’s always something new to be found out on your posts, Rebekah. This time it’s Viber. Do you use it? (I guess so.) Is it really good? I’d be the first one in my set, but maybe others would catch up!
    You’re a community all by yourself, woman. Amazing person. Have an amazing 2013, you deserve it.

    1. Hope you and F. will have a wonderful year too!
      Yes! it’s really good. I use it all the time, communicating [text or voice] with friends and family back home. The thing is that it doesn’t matter what smart phone the other person has … it’s not as if BOTH have to have iPhones. Viber has millions of users, and the only country I know of that has Viber blocked is Lebanon, because of its ties to Israel.

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