Boxing Day ~ But no Shopping Frenzy

Here in our province, New Brunswick, it’s a statutory holiday, so everything was closed today. When it’s holiday here, it really is holiday — everything comes to a grinding halt, it’s exactly like Good Friday and Christmas Day used to be back home in Sweden when I was a kid! Not so any more, one of my Swedish, online buddies, wrote on Facebook that she’d been to the grocery store on Christmas Day. Apparently I’ve been away long enough now to react — I asked her «Was it open?!!!»

I think it’s kind of nice here, that they keep up the old traditions. Honestly … do we really have to shop every single minute of the day?! Isn’t it nice with a little break every now and then … also for the people working there? The grocery stores kept open until midnight several days before Christmas.

Tomorrow, however, there will be business as usual, and I bet FutureShop will be loaded, even though tomorrow is a regular working day. Many people who have the possibility, have probably taken a few days off. FutureShop, by the way, is the major chain for electronics and appliances here in Canada.

shrimp sandwich, räksmörgåsWe did go out for a spin, just to get out of the house … get some fresh air and move around a bit after all the eating. Not that we over-did the food part in any way here this Christmas, but still … more than usual. With only the two of us, we made an agreement to only have what we really love to eat, instead of cooking a huge turkey with too much left-overs. I made … amongst others … traditional, Swedish shrimp sandwiches, which is not Christmas food at all, but I love them. In fact …anything  with mayo, I love!

DSC_2091.NEFThey day was beautiful but a little on the chilly side … perhaps five, six degrees below freezing. The snow we got last week is all gone, except a few patches here at the golf course. Tomorrow, though, we’ve been promised a new load of white stuff!

39 thoughts on “Boxing Day ~ But no Shopping Frenzy

  1. Yah it’s snowing here now. 4 to 7 maybe but the worst is south of us. Maybe it will get into NB for you. Much colder weather!

  2. I used to love prawn sandwiches when I was a kid, although I didn’t have them with mayo, just lemon juice and red pepper in brown bread. Yum. Sometimes I had prawn and egg, also yum, or smoked salmon and lemon – more yum 😀

    I was writing about Boxing Day to an American friend saying that some former parts of Brit Empire still celebrated it so interesting to see you do in NB.

    In the UK pretty much everything opens, as the sales start. But in Gibraltar, most places stay closed. One new supermarket opened, and some of the small Moroccan grocery shops may have done. But like you, I like the idea of a two day holiday without shops being open, but there again I loathe shopping anyway. I can just about bring myself to visit the market for vegetables.

    Is it St Stephen’s Day in Sweden by the way?

    1. Not St. Stephen’s Day in Sweden … it’s just another day of Christmas or something ..not sure 🙂
      I still remember some roll I had in England with egg salad … it was so good, with lots of mayo. I think it bascially was just egg, onion and mayo, but Yum!
      I do like a little shopping every now and then, but only in weekdays when there are few people..

  3. The shrimp sandwiches look delightful; your decision to only eat what you really love over the festive season was a good one and you probably enjoyed it more than having roast turkey with the lot! No left-overs for you guys; we are still eating left over ham!

    1. They were good, and I had other stuff too. Now, today, I’m thankful that we didn’t have that big bird going in and out, clogging up the fridge.. Besides, in the end, you often have to throw a lot of stuff away…
      I have ham to … a little, and it’s very good on some dark brown [pumpernickel] bread..

      1. When our house guests left yesterday, we gave them a lot of our left-overs to take home! Now I don’t have to worry about clearing out the fridge – or stuffing myself with the left-overs!

        1. Usually we have the son, Kevin, coming here, and when he leaves for Quebec, we’ve did the same … but this time, he decided to go to a warmer climate 🙂

  4. It’s interesting to learn that Boxing Day survives in Canada. Who would have thought it?

    I have always been ambivalent about Boxing Day here in the UK, bearing in mind that it is said to originate from the presents that the master gave presents to the servants on the servant’s one day off.

    Here in Edinburgh, the major shops in the centre of the city were open yesterday,

    I was both sad and glad to see that one of my favourite cafes near us is closed until January 3rd. – sad because they sell good bread as well as make excellent food and coffee – and glad to think that not everything was going back to the chug, chug of business straight away,

    1. There has been a lot of talk in the local news about the true origin of Boxing Day … your version is a common belief. The most common, I should say..
      The coffee shop down here is a 24/7 but it’s closed one day of the year, and that’s Christmas Day.
      I like this way … in QC I was never sure whether it was holiday ..sometimes we called someone up to find out.
      Here it gets so still …nothing is moving..

  5. Boxing Day, here in Nova Scotia is the same as for you. Everything is closed, just the odd gas station or convenience store opens for a few hours. I think it’s great as it means people who work in stores get Christmas Day AND Boxing Day off. Isn’t it nice to have new traditions for Christmas? We bought some little delights, cheese and paté and olives that we especially like. Keeps things much more sane. We did fix a Turkey Dinner for friends who joined us on the 25th but focused mainly on vegetable dishes. Even made a stuffed Portobello mushroom for the first time and it turned out delicious.

      1. Here too, we’ve had snow and freezing rain on top of it. All seems quiet right now but, looking at the radar images, there is more to come. Winter is here! So glad I don’t have to go out anywhere.

        1. Yes! It’s supposed to go on all night! So glad we don’t have to be out, running the roads … there’s been a lot of traffic trouble, but nothing major, at least…

  6. My sister and I have a tradition of shopping the day after Christmas to buy wrapping paper. I comb through all the shelves to find paper that is labeled as Christmas wrap but can be used for anything like birthdays or anniversaries. Instead of paying full price, I get it for half price and I’m set for the next year. 🙂 Plus, I love spending the whole day with my sister. We always have so much fun together.

  7. I think it’s the best way to celebrate special days, to eat what you really like, which is not necessarily traditional food for that specific day at all. It is what I do as well, when I am at home. I usually end up eating pancakes… LOL! On Christmas Day everything is closed in Holland, shops and musea as well. On Boxing Days some shops are open, like furniture stores and garages, don’t know why… it has been so since I was a child. And it is very, very, very crowded those days, so it is no fun at all going there! It proves though that people need a destination for Boxing Days, they want to go somewhere.
    This year we were away, so we didn’t have to bother and our meals were simple on both days. But we had each other for company, so that was good.

    1. When the stores opened again here, there was a big snow storm on, so that was a downer for the shopping inclined. I’ve seen your pictures in FB and you seemed to have a great time too. It was a very nice, and peaceful Christmas!

  8. Hi Rebby: i am so ‘with you’ on this whole shopping frenzy!!! I have never gone Boxing Day shopping & I am glad…
    I love the original purpose of Boxing Day which started in Victorian England!! It was the day all the boxes from gifts were put out & there were men to take them away. People took their trees down & put them out & they were taken away also. People tidied up & rested, so it was intended as a way to prolong the holiday a bit for the working class…they sure had the right idea!!!!! 😉

    1. In QC, the first year I lived there, we went to one of the malls on Boxing Day. To me, then, it was a remarkable experience! I’d never seen anything like it! We were there very early, so I watched when the sliding doors to FutureShop were opened. It looked like that whole crowd was sucked in there…

      1. That is exactly what the stores look like: the doors open & the store “swallows” the customers up…releived I am not one of the many!!!! 😉

                1. Yeah! I’ve always walked away, until last year in Stockholm .. We had decided on a place to go, I was with my friend …so, I stood there. It was a stupid place altogether, and I wish we’d gone elsewhere 🙂

                  1. I have done that too!!! Then I am too angry & upset to enjoy the meal!! I will only wait 10 minutes in a restaurant…if I am not seated within 10 mins I leave….it is easier all the way around that way… 😉

                    1. This was the stupidest place — I would have walked out, had she not chosen it, and wanted to go there. Apparently it was very popular. That evening deserves a whole post of its own LOL

  9. Well, we had Christmas Day in the hospital, as Frank underwent treatment for the flu, of all things. (We always have flu shots.) Then I had a vicious cold. So your gorgeous Swedish prawn sandwiches look super-scrumptious. Today (Jan 4th) is our christmas day and new year’s day all rolled up into one! Shrimp scampi on the fire (almost).
    Best of wishes for 2013 for you as you reinvent yourself yet again! Our restless genius!
    Love it —

    1. Thank you, Judith!
      When Boxing Day finally rolled around here in New Brunswick, we had a magnificent snow storm, so most people wouldn’t go out! We have lots of snow now.

      Hope you guys are better by now?! I had a bad cold last Fall — I notice that as I age, it takes longer and longer to recover.

      All the best for 2013 to you and yours!

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