hysterically laughing

DSC_9349.NEFWhen I was in Sweden this last September, my friend and I decided to go to church one Sunday evening. Our Cathedral has undergone a big renovation — that was going on while I was visiting last year … most of the interior was covered in plastic then. Now, the grand opening took place in May, if my memory serves me right, and now, our church also ‘sports’ a brand new organ.

It’s placed in the chancel, it’s digital, was built by organ builder Ruffatti in Padova, northern Italy. This Sunday, when my friend and I had decided to go, was the big inauguration of this new organ. We arrived early as we figured there would be a great deal of people, and boy were we ever right! The church was filled to the last seat when it started.

IMG_0275We noticed this OB bus from Radio Sweden when we walked from the car, but didn’t think much of it. However … before the concert commenced, the dean told us all that this concert was being recorded by Radio Sweden and we were asked to keep extremely quiet … if we needed to cough or sneeze , it was suggested that we’d do so up our sleeve. Lisa and I looked around us and noticed we were seated right beneath one of the microphones that had been rigged up. You can actually see it to the right in this picture! IMG_0277 We made sure our cell phones had the sound turned OFF. The organist [Frederik Sixten], who is apparently quite famous in Sweden if you’re into this type of music started to play. I have no idea what it was but it sounded very serious and …. ‘heavy’.

For, maybe ten minutes, we managed to keep a straight face … keeping up appearances, but when the second piece started, we looked at each other and just shook our heads a little in desperation … moving around, uncomfortably in the pew. A young girl was standing beside the organist, changing pages. When he was about to start the third piece, he grabbed a new bunch of notes from a pile he had on top of the organ.

I typed on my cell phone «See that stack of notes he has there on top of the organ?! He’ll work his way through all that before we can get out of here» and held it up in front of Lisa. She read, looked at the organ and I saw right away how the laughter was building up …. and in myself too! That hysterical, unstoppable kind of laughter when you know you have to be quiet as a mouse! I don’t know how we managed, we couldn’t look at each other … I remember thinking to myself that I have to relax somehow and think of something else as I couldn’t just stand up and walk out of there.

IMG_0278All went well, though … guess we calmed down and endured the remaining part of the concert but we were almost the first ones out of there. Shot this though, as we were leaving.

All this reminded me of a Seinfeld episode … the one about the Pez dispenser. They certainly managed to pin-point all the common little things in life..


20 Replies to “hysterically laughing”

  1. Oh, my. Reading your story, I felt as if I were there with you. The women in my mother’s family had a terrible problem of laughing hysterically at the most inopportune times, usually during church services, especially funerals. My elegant grandmother and her exTREMEly elegant sisters, who closely monitored the behavior of the younger generations, were the worst of all. You were brave to stay. I would have slipped out as soon as I saw the microphone. (Have you seen the episode of the Mary Tyler Moore show titled “Chuckles Bites the Dust”?)

    1. Oh, a funeral would be even worse! I think I’ve heard some explanation to all this.. when people start to laugh during very tense moments. Haven’t seen Mary Tyler Moore since I was a kid, so I don’t remember that particular one, but I’ll google it now 🙂

  2. Wish I had been there. Organ music is to me fantabeautistic !!!! I love that instrument. Its a beautiful church, I have seen other Swedish churches build in same style, but not as big as this one.
    I am not sure I would be able to not laugh if I had been in your situation, its like small kids farting LOL XXXX

    1. Yes, you should have been there too, Annette! I guess it was beautiful, in its own way. It all depends on what you’re into. Bach was one …a requiem .. The last piece was long, and that was one that the guy [Fredrik Sixten] had written himself. He’s written a lot of organ music. Just read, yesterday, that he’s moving to Norway. He’s going to become the organist in Nidarosdomen, Tronheim.

  3. What a lovely church!!! I am slowly catching up on blogs here….
    Are you going to keep your other blog here or move to your domain?? Please let me know…never want to lose track of you & McDuff & family 😉

      1. Very unique; the church color I mean….
        I re-read your blog & realized just how funny the situation inside was; you sure have a wacky sense of humor 😉

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