Remembrance Day 2012

Once again, the people of Saint John gathered in Harbour Station to pay our respect to fallen heroes and our veterans. It was my fifth time there, it was just as moving as ever and the arena was filled to the last seat.

This picture was taken with my iPhone. Since I got in in June, I’ve tried to practice taking pictures every now and then. Sometimes they turn out good, but most of the time just ‘half decent’.

When I surf around the web I see so many, really awesome, photos, taken with the iPhone, so I guess it’s just me. When the light is really ‘right’, they turn out good … I shot this of city hall in my home town and I had some luck there. If they all turned out like this, it could easily replace any point-and-shoot camera.

So many people — at least in my circles — still use Instagram, and I have yet to realize its greatness. Every now and then I try it and I look at these filters they have there … I just don’t know… The other day, however, I was waiting down in the lobby, for Gerry to pick me up — he’d been out seeing his friends. Was just playing around with the camera, shot a picture through the window (!) and suddenly realized that particular photo would be suitable for one of those Instagram filters so I applied it. Here goes: 

Apart from that nothing much is new here. Like I’ve mentioned before, Saint John comes to a grinding halt on Remembrance Day … nothing is open at all! Tomorrow is holiday because the 11th fell on a Sunday, but then the grocery stores will be open a few hours.

On the way back home from Harbour Station today, I finally decided to take a photo of these shoes that have intrigued me now for a few days 😆 They’re beside the road … sort of in the middle of nowhere!

14 thoughts on “Remembrance Day 2012

    1. It was a pretty good day, Linda. I always feel sort of proud of Saint John after this event … all these people show up, regardless of weather. Today was fine, but last year it was awful … pouring rain and high winds.

  1. Great shot of the bench, it was indeed just right for Instagram. I agree on the correct lighting for these phone cameras, they always do best when in bright lighting conditions. Funny thing about the shoes too, my wife suggested perhaps somebody had died there. I hope not. God bless your fallen hero’s.

    1. Nah, nobody died there — we would have heard about it! It’s not far from our apt. building. We may have had our third murder of this year, last weekend though .. a stabbing.

      Yes, God bless them. It’s so moving to see the really old vets, they get fewer each year. One section of the arean is left vacant … each chair is marked with the name of a fallen hero [New Brunswicker].

      1. Oh that’s so wonderful the chairs. Great deal of respect shown in that. I may have botched my previous comment, didn’t mean someone died near your apt. Sorry.

  2. Remembrance Day ceremonies are always so moving We used to watch the ceremony from Ottawa back when we had TV. Love the shot of the bench. It would Make a good writing prompt or the cover of a book.

    1. Thank you, Joss… I had never experienced anything like it, until we came to Saint John.

      I was surprised about that bench photo 😀

  3. I kind of like the idea that people gather together to pay their respects to fallen heroes. However, I doubt it would work back where I live in Sweden since we don’t have that kind of tradition here. I suppose it has to do with the fact that we haven’t been involved in any wars in so many years.

    1. Yes, it’s very moving.
      And yes, definitely it is because we haven’t been involved in any war for almost 200 years (I think it is, history was never my strong point). But we can just count our blessings..

  4. The trees straddling the tree — LOL.
    The “good” iPhoto pic is indeed very good. I think the more you use the iPhone camera, the better you’ll become.
    But the appeal of Instagram eludes me, although I think yours is fine. I guess I think they’re unnecessary? Or turning back the clock? I dunno.

    1. LOL @ the trees..
      I think so too, it takes more practice, and I use the real camera more.
      In the beginning, only iPhone owners could use Instagram, so I guess they felt that they were really cool or something…. I dunno either..

  5. More great pictures! I am curious about the shoes too!

    I don’t have any iPhone, but even if I did, I am sure my photos would so not come out as good as yours! lol

    Must admit, I do not think I have heard of Instagram… or maybe I have but I forgot about it…

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