election night in the US

Sitting here, watching CNN as the results are coming in, it’s inevitable to reminisce this night, four years ago. We’d arrived in this apartment, from Quebec, two days earlier, and the moving truck one day earlier. I’d made sure that Bell would be here and install the phone/internet/tv so that we’d be able to watch election night. We had very little furniture — most stuff here we’ve bought since we moved here — so I spent the night sitting on a wooden chair. The good thing about having little furniture, is that it gets very easy to clean!

Four years ago we only had one, little camera and my interest in photography had not taken off for real. Oh, I liked to snap photos of ducks, but it didn’t start seriously until I got the DSLR, the following year.

As we had visited Saint John several times before we moved here, I’d taken many photos around town already, and joined a Flickr group dedicated to the city. Now that we’d moved here, we went out to Lily Lake in Rockwood Park quite often … looking at the ducks. I must add that I was never really a «bird person» and I’ve learnt more about birds than I ever knew before since I got the camera. It was not until that I began to take an interest in them.

Now, one of the first days, when we’d moved here, I saw a duck that looked very different to all the mallards in the pond. It was a wigeon, like this, but I didn’t know. I thought it was some really exotic, or at least exciting, bird — went home, made a Google search and found [wrongly] that it was a Eurasian Wigeon. They are not totally uncommon here, but not that common either. I thought this was so cool, so I immediately wrote a Flickr message to one of the members who I knew was a birder … telling him that there was a Eurasian Wigeon in the duck pond! A little later I found out it was an American Wigeon which is extremely common here!

Today, we went by the pond on our way home from Costco, and once again … four years later … I spotted something different! A Eurasian Wigeon … for real this time! I was very happy to get this picture.

Another funny thing about birds … three years in a row, an American Coot has visited the park. The other night — I’m re-organizing my photo albums a little — I noticed that both, previous years, I’d shot photos of this coot on the same date … November 1st. So when we were out on the first day of November, I said to Gerry «Let’s go out to the park and see if the coot is there today!» … this said jokingly of course, but wouldn’t you know …. it was there, paddling along happily with the mallards! I want to show you one more picture of the Coot, so that you get to see his dainty, little feet 😆 This is from last year, but I like to think it’s the same bird!

So this post had absolutely nothing to do with the American election, except my memories of our moving here coincided with it, in 2008. Four years isn’t all that long period of time, but when I think back on Quebec it feels much longer … like another, different life.

23 Replies to “election night in the US”

  1. Ditto John. I need info on availability of apartments. I need out of this country. I cannot take four more years of this person. I cannot bring myself to call him president.

  2. How cool is that to now spot the Eurasian widgeon! And I love the close up of the coot. There are many coot around here, but they are very nervous birds, I never can get too close to them.

    1. Hi Gerda,
      This is the first and only coot I’ve seen! They’re supposedly common in Sweden, but I guess I just never looked. This one is pretty calm and cool 🙂

      1. You didn’t look for them when you were there in september? Or did it slip your mind (many other things to do and look…).

  3. Four years ago – yes, a long time.

    As for the election, well thankfully, Obama has been reelected. The USA had its opportunity to define itself and it chose wisely.

  4. Great pictures ( as usual). I am fed up about that election. Its not Obama’s fault lol, no in DK we have heard about the American election since before midway elections, but anyway its over and I am very happy that Obama got another 4 years – maybe a little selfish, but for Europe and the rest of the World its the best choice, without any doubt.
    BTW got Win 8 and have a lot of fun.

    1. Hej Annette! 🙂
      Yes, if Europe could have voted, the result would have been the same, I just heard on the news …
      Wow, you have Win8! I haven’t even read much about it, but I’m intrigued — do you have to have a touch screen?

  5. I did a similar trip down memory lane during the election. Back in 2008, I started writing my first novel and now here I am revising my second. A lot can happen in four years. 🙂

  6. I can’t believe you weren’t born a birder. You show such affinity with the birds, and this lot is a perfect example. I especially love the coot’s delicate feet — how astonishing both that you knew that he had them, and that you managed to show them!
    How funny that you have followers who are moving to Canada for the same reason that we now won’t (although it felt like a close thing).
    One man’s meat, eh?

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