saint john rocks

From August 2 until September 15, there was a sculpture symposium here in Saint John. In a big, open space, down by the harbour, six sculptors from around the world, shaped New Brunswick granite into works of art! Many good photo ops there — I’ve seen excellent photos from this event, and here is one of my own contributions

A couple of weeks ago, when I took a walk out to Rockwood Park, I was delighted to see one of the finished creations. It’s called «Sun Shine and Moon Light» by Hiroyuki Asano from Japan.

It looks quite lovely.

Another one, that I haven’t seen yet, is placed out at the university, and the other four I don’t know yet….

16 thoughts on “saint john rocks

  1. I love how this seems to go from egg shape to round depending on the viewing angle. Must be pretty neat to be able to watch the progress of what emerges from the rock.

  2. I wonder if that sculpture at the park captues the sun rise or set in a particular way. Have you been there at those times?

  3. The photos of the abstract sculpture are really fine, Rebekah. Could be used to publicize the work of the sculptor. But your capture of the work-in-progress is really a stand-out for me, who love story. The whole story is here in a photo, and it’s so pleasing on the design level also! Congratulations.
    (And feel better.)

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. That work-in-progress photo, I was, in fact, very happy with 🙂
      The cold is all over and done with and I’m back to my usual, healthy self..

  4. Beautiful sculpure! Did they make it from scratch to end result in only those six weeks? Quite an accomplishment. I do know about ice sculpting and sand sculpting, but I have not yet come across this yet.

    1. They made them all from scratch! Lots of work going on down there all the time, and lots of people watching! Big slabs of granite were brought in…

    1. Thanks, Annakarin and good to see you! All six sculptures will be placed around town … like this first one, in the park. Another one is already at the Uni.

  5. Great photos! We have a Sculpture Symposium happening here this week, in conjunction with the annual Garden & Art Fest. I’m looking forward to seeing the sculptors at work and visiting some of the gardens – a great photo opportunity.

    1. It was actually more fascinating than I would have thought, and yes … great photo ops. I’ve seen marvellous shots from our event.

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