early morning

This nasty cold prevents me from sleeping,so here I am … in front of the computer, wanting to write something but I’m not even sure if I can be coherent enough to post it. Got up at 5 o’clock … the coughing made it impossible to sleep. Also I went to bed really early last night, so I even missed my favourite show … Homeland. Will watch it today, though, we have that on demand thing.

My habits have changed a little since I got the iPhone. I check that first thing in the morning … used to be the computer. Today my eyes were so watery so I could hardly read. The iPhone is the first thing I’ve had, that I’ve not gotten used to. You know, how excited you feel when you have something new ..like a car …but after a while, okay, you still enjoy it but that ‘new-car-feeling’ is gone. With the iPhone it’s different. I still enjoy it immensely and there’s always something new. I keep in touch with people back home more than I did before too, and that’s a good thing.

A few weeks ago, I ordered a [what said to be] leather wallet case for the phone. I was suspicious about the leather part, because I thought it was too cheap to be that. Should have read the reviews before I ordered. It’s some faux leather, but it functions. It’s alright, there are three slots for plastic cards and one pocket behind on the left flap. I’ve eliminated the Filofax I kept carrying around in my purse so it’s much lighter. Really, I would have preferred genuine leather, but what can you expect for $18? Here it is …

I don’t know how they can state that it’s leather when it isn’t?! This was in Amazon. Aren’t there any rules about how much you can lie?!

On a different note, a long time, online buddy of mine out in ID, had a car accident. She broke her arm and was bruised, but she’s on the mend now. She posted one, short sentence in Facebook to inform us of this accident, and after a while it struck me: Had I read that sentence back in 1996 when I first came online, I wouldn’t have understood the meaning of it at all! She wrote something like this «had a wreck,kids …van totalled». I wouldn’t have understood the meaning of ‘wreck’ and not ‘totalled’ either. I do remember I thought I had a pretty good command of the English language back then, though 😉

It’s strange though … sometimes I can remember exactly when and how I learnt a certain word … who taught me the word, and so on. ‘Slammer’ for example, I remember that well. The memory is a really funny thing sometimes!

I was changing the layout around a little here in the blog, and also some colours. And here comes the really incoherent part of this blog: PINK is definitely not my favourite colour, but there is one particular, pink-ish, shade that I like. I have probably read Thorn Birds ten times or more, and seen it on TV a number of times too. In the end of it, Meghan is wearing an pink-ish dress, and Father Ralph tells her that the colour is «Ashes of Roses». The other day, I decided to google it and see if there was a hex code for that colour. Some were close, but I came across another blogger who remembered it for exactly the same reason as I … Thorn Birds!


20 Replies to “early morning”

  1. Well, here I am having awakened at 2:11 a.m. and could not go back to sleep. I do not have a cold to blame or anything except perhaps older people sleep less.

    The wallet looks fine and if it works then use it until it wears out and then get the genuine one.

    Hope your cold is better.

    I think the color is pretty and of course I remember Thorn Birds.

  2. Hey Linda …. perhaps it was the full moon?! Many people say they’re affected by that. Here we couldn’t see it because it’s very rainy weather.
    I almost know Thorn Birds by heart now. If I allow for a couple of years to go by, then I can read it again LOL

  3. Agreed about the iPhone. I think it has something to do with being able to put it in my pocket and carry it anywhere. I know that is obvious, but the fact of it is amazing.

  4. if your cough doesn’t clear up soon, I recommend going to the health food store and asking for “Chinese cough medicine” – that’s the name I know it by. Seriously, though, it works when nothing else will.
    My daughter has an IPhone and loves it. I’m leaning towards one as it would be a great way to communicate with clients! Take care of you, my friend.

    1. If this doesn’t go away by itself, I’ll actually try that! I’ve never done that before.
      The iPhone is great. Were the other computers here to go down all at once, for some weird reason, it wouldn’t be such a disaster as before.

  5. Hi there. Get well soon. I slept very well this night. I had problems with falling asleep, but did a Qi Gong exercise and off I went into dream land.And how I enjoy we have changed to normal time again. The full moon doesnt bother me .
    I have a HTC smartphone, but I am not that interested in it – my hubby has got one too, and he is totally out of contact LOL.
    I look forward to upgrade to Win8, I have bought a touchscreen monitor, and wait for it to come in a few days.
    About colours; try this link; its only computer colours but there are a lot of them:http://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_colorpicker.asp

    1. Hej Annette,
      How cool, about the Qi Gong! I’ve seen people doing it [could be something else too] in a park across the road. It looks so peaceful.
      LOL @ your husband being out of contact! I’ve only seen the commercials for Win8 — it looks very different! Interesting!
      Thank you for the link … that was cool!

  6. The cover looks good even though it’s not genuine leather – beats me how they get away with advertising it as such. Anyway, you can use it till it gets a bit shabby then order a genuine leather one! I’m seriously thinking of getting myself an iphone, seems you can do just about anything on them – it’s like having your own little world right there in your pocket!
    Oh, I remember the Thorn Birds – both the book and the series on TV. It was fabulous!
    Hope your cough goes away soon.

    1. They probably trust that no one’s going to bother for $18. The sad part is that this thing will probably last a lifetime …it’s really sturdy LOL
      Yes, it’s a good thing. For example; when Gerry was away I used public transport a great deal. Then I have this app, so no matter where I was, I could open it and see when the next bus was coming!
      And everyone with an iPhone can text other people with iPhones for free, regardless of where in the world they are..

        1. I didn’t know it either, and that’s the part that has meant the most to me! It’s so much fun to be able to text with my friends and family back home … without paying an arm and a leg..

  7. I think it look really nice for not being real leather!! But I agree, it is not right that they say it is leather when it is not!

    Really hope you’ll get over that cold soon! Kramis!

    1. Yeah, it looks nice enough, but it’s when you hold it … it’s the plastic feeling. It will never break LOL … it will last my whole life..

    1. Me too …and it gets like an ongoing conversation. I noticed it when I was home last year, but haven’t been able to really take part in the texting until now..

  8. Do you really mean I can text you for free?????????????

    Today I felt for the first time I’d really like a case for the iPhone, but I didn’t think there were such. And then I read your post! I’ll keep my eyes out for one now.

    1. If we both have iPhones, we could text each other, regardless or where in the world we are … for FREE 😉

      I haven’t seen any nice cases in the stores, so I went online..

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