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When I first started blogging here in WordPress, they had this Daily Post challenge — one post a day for one year. That was a lot of fun, and thanks to that I met many friendly, fellow bloggers. Now they’ve started with the daily prompts again, but the comments are turned off there, so no interaction will take place there at their site. You’ll only be able to see the ping-backs. Tonight is one of those nights when I felt I really wanted to write something but didn’t have a subject clear in my mind so I went there and checked the prompts. Got so caught up in reading so I forget what the topic was 🙂 Found a lot of food for thoughts.

The cruise ship season is drawing to a close, and the day before yesterday Queen Mary 2 was here. Usually she’s the last ship for the season, but not so this time. Underneath Harbour Bridge, there’s like a look-out place and I decided to go down there and shoot some pictures of her in sunset. A few years ago, we were a group of people that went down there to shoot night pictures, but at that time I didn’t have a good tripod, so only one came out half decent. This time, I was alone, and I didn’t aim for real night pictures … didn’t necessarily want to be there, in this area,  all by myself after nightfall.

There were two ships in the harbour that day, and as I got there, the other  one was just leaving … Jewel of the Seas. She was honking her horn [or whatever ships do], as she was leaving, and Queen Mary 2 was honking back. There’s a big storage building with  flat roof, where thousands of gulls like to sit … apparently they got annoyed by all this honking so they lifted in a cloud of gulls!

These few minutes,  just after sunset, the light is so amazing …almost indigo …so I was glad I pulled myself together and  went out. Nothing like dawn and dusk for photography …  even though I tend to think, personally, that dawn is even more awesome.

One more picture, so that you’ll see what a gem Saint John is 🙂

 I’m coming down with a bad cold. Gerry got one, right after he came back from his trip to France, and now  it’s my turn. He’s not even out of the woods yet.

This cold reminded me of a funny commercial I saw not too long ago. Actually it was so funny so I don’t remember what the ad was really about. Anyway: A woman had a bad cold, and instead of calling in sick, she texted her boss. Unfortunately, she had the auto-correct turned on, on her cell phone so the message read …«I’m in bed with a nasty clown» 😀

24 Replies to “daily promt”

  1. The photos taken as the sun is going down are awesome Rebekah, such a lovely, warm light; glad you stuck around to take them!
    Hope your cold doesn’t develop into something more – keep wrapped up and stay warm and tell Gerry to keep his cold to himself next time, lol!

    1. LOL yeah, he was hoping that I wouldn’t get it. I’ve felt how my immune defense have fought against it, but this time it lost. Gerry has to go and see someone on Monday, because his cough is so bad and doesn’t seem to go away.

      1. My hubby has had a really bad chest infection for the past 3 weeks, been on antibiotics and steroids the whole time, and is still not 100%, so there must be a really bad bug going round.

        1. I’ve found that the worst colds, I’ve always caught on flights, and that was G’s case now. I was happy to hear him say he was going to see the Dr. on Monday…

  2. Lovely photos – yes Saint John does look like a gem! Sorry to hear you have colds, hope you’re feeling better soon (good joke about the clown).

  3. Great photos of the ships, the light was really nice indeed. You changed your site design a bit… Be well soon both of you. 🙂

  4. I find the cruise ships such a nuisance because being a small place Gib gets absolutely clogged with people when they discharge thousands of people. Just hope they spend money while they are here 😀 to support the local economy.

    Great piccies though. One day I might motivate myself to take some of the ships, but I think a lot of them are quite ugly – you manage to make them look good!

    1. Hi and thanks,
      QM2 is the only one I find good looking. When I see all the people here,how crowded it gets, I think of really small places, like Bar Harbor, ME ..when they get the cruise ship there! It must be unbearably clogged..

      I don’t know how much they really shop, the few hours they spend here … I doubt it’s all that much. Some little touristy thing, maybe..?!

  5. The photos are lovely indeed. Sorry about the colds…I just now am getting over the flu from taking the flu shot.

    Wish I could/would move to St. John. I just need to keep looking for an apartment and checking out other important things.

    1. Thank you, Linda.. The cold is bad today. Am I understanding this rightly … you got the flu from the flu shot? Just the other day, I heard about a recall of flu vaccine. It was a step taken as a precaution …nobody had fallen ill from it.

      Yeah, there are many things to think about when moving to a different country…

  6. I love how golden everything looks in this light. The gulls all taking off like that must have been a nice surprise. Take care of each other and get lots of rest with these nasty colds.

  7. Wonderful pictures of those ships. I once saw Q2 in Helsingør, I came driving downtown, and it was HUGE. On that cruise it had to pass under Storebæltsbroen (Great Belt Bridge) – we are very proud about that thingy- and they had to lay the chimneys down to pass under – the distance from water to bridge 70 is metre.

    Hope for you that you soon get better. KNUS

  8. Those cruise ships really are enormous, but for all their size, I still think I’d feel restricted if I was to spend a holiday on one.
    Your story about texting reminds me of T after he acquired my old phone, I always had predictive text activated, which I hadn’t turned off, he wasn’t used to using it. On trying to text out daughter, instead of writing hi Shell, it kept coming up with hi pig, it totally confused his non techno brain 😀

  9. Really nice photo sequence. Makes me kind of long to go on one of those cruise ships — even though I don’t really like cruising! They just look gorgeous in your photos.

    1. Thank you, J.
      I’m not really tempted to go on a cruise, but I’d love to go onboard and look. It’s kind of cool to see QM 2 .. Cunard had been around for such a long time!

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