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For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to move away from Flickr photo storage. It’s a good place, we pay $25 a year for unlimited storage. Of course, the amount of photos keeps getting bigger, and there’s no other way to download them but one-by-one. That makes you stuck there — no way of migrating to a different service! I’ve googled it, found one programme called Migratr but it didn’t work. That one didn’t separate them into albums etiher, even if it had worked, so I would have gotten all 31,605 pictures in one fell swoop! Hard to manage. This morning I started thinking about this again and did find an excellent way! I can download one album at the time, which will be easier …. I can take an album every now and then — have until June before the next payment is due. I’m moving the whole thing over to Google.

This download thing that I found is Java, and this morning all my browser kept crashing and it as Java that caused this, even though I had the latest version. I hate stuff like that, that I don’t understand so I was utterly proud of myself when I finally got it to work! I’ve downloaded a few albums and this is also a great opportunity to sort and prune … As we pay for unlimited storage, I’ve uploaded everything.

Naturally, dealing with all these old photos, led me to think about when I’d just bought the first DSLR camera and other things. This picture is one of the very first photos I took with my, then new, Nikon D60. It’s from the shopping mall uptown — Brunswick Square.

Just a few weeks later, I went on a photo walk with a little group from Flickr here in Saint John. It was a Sunday, and eventually we ended up inside this very same mall. Many stores were closed and very few people were moving around the mall that time on a Sunday, and we kept shooting all kinds of stuff. It didn’t take long before a couple of guards appeared and told us to go away because it wasn’t allowed to shoot inside the mall!

I often think about that event, nowadays, when I’m there [this took place 2009]. If shooting isn’t allowed inside the mall in this day and age when everyone and his dog has some kind of camera phone?! Can they really manage that?! It’s as if when you have a big, bulky camera, you’re more likely to become a target of this type of discussion!

I remember this photo walk very well because it was nice, and I got one photo that I’m still very happy with so I’ll post this here and now. It’s shot through a window, and I tell you ….this was more luck than anything else 😀

14 Replies to “thoughts spinning”

  1. Great!! Are you going to use Picasa? I use that only to host a couple avatars rigt now but have used it in the past to store stuff. You can download Picasa too, really nice application.

    1. Yes, I’ve been using Picasa ever since I got the first camera…the little one. With Google+ you get unlimited storage for free, but then you must upload them via G+. You can’t do the full resolution, they must be 2048 x 2048.

  2. that is a really nice shot. I would be wondering the same thing about people wandering around with camera phones. How would the security folks even know if someone was taking a pic?

    1. I don’t think they can keep it up, and I wonder how it works in the States now, where I know there have been many discussions about this [where you can photograph].

  3. It is an issue down here but given the state of security, it is always the grandmas and teenagers who get caught and in trouble…maybe that is all who are trying to sneak phone pics…

  4. Reb, about your reply to John in the comments here, it reminded me that a couple of friends on G+ were talking about uploading to Picasa and one suggested putting the photos on Google Drive and moving them from there into G+, so perhaps Google Drive is the way to go? Here’s the link to the conversation:

    1. David,
      I checked out that conv. and that would be a wonderful way to go … let it take care of itself from Google Drive, but unfortunately I think they would then add to your quota. They have to be uploaded via G+ to get the free storage.. Easy enough to do, though, from the desktop client…

  5. I have very few photos stored in cyberspace.
    Most of mine are duplicated in various places. On the hard drive of my MAC plus an external hard drive, plus many special ones are on CD’s too (over cautious or what?).
    Photography isn’t allowed in my local shopping centre, they say, because its privately owned.

    1. Vicky,
      I have them on an external hd, and oodles on CD’s too. BUT, I’ve always had them stored online too …I think I’m a bit obsessive about all this. Now it’s going really good with the moving…. The malls just have to be left alone, I guess.. 🙂

  6. Depends on the malls, maybe. The recent post I did on a Northampton mall (of course, it’s being in Northampton means it’s kind of different from the get go) — when I sent them a link, they were very happy! Who ever didn’t want publicity!
    I do think your favorite photo is a beauty. The colors and sheen are wonderful.
    (I also use Picasa, I like it but have a very limited amount of photos on it, especially compared with your phenomenal number.)

    1. Yes, Judith ..I think it depends! After that experience in the mall, I wanted to shoot something in our local grocery store. By then, I was so wary so I asked permission, and the store manager hardly understood my question..
      That thing, in the photo, is still in that shop window, so nobody’s bought it 🙂 I haven’t even looked at the price tag..

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