then and now

Back in April, I wrote about that my brother had gotten himself a scanner that can scan negatives and slides. This was a good thing even for me, because he has sent me oodles of photos from my youth. I didn’t have any photos at all, and these are both of the city as it was in the 60’s and of people … family, friends and so on. It’s wonderful! I’ve really missed having pictures from my youth but now I have some. During my trip home about a month ago, I also managed to find the few paper photos I actually did have, and they will be scanned eventually.

Anyway, this evening I’m sitting here, looking at the black and white ones my brother has sent to me. Came across one, where I realized I took an almost identical shot myself last year, when I was there. It’s a very common view, so that’s not very strange — I just snapped it as I was sitting with a friend on McDonald’s outdoor space.It’s acutally a wharf, where you can tie up a boat — one of the few McDonald’s, I guess, you can go to by boat.

Here they are…

I remember all these old buildings very well, as it was shot in the 60’s. There were narrow alleys with cobblestone … just to the right, outside the picture, was the Seamen’s Mission, where my Mother was somehow involved — probably because my Father was at sea, I don’t know — and where there always were activities for Christmas. It’s amazing how many memories pop up, just by looking at a few, old buildings. 

The city is located, partly, on an island, and this is the main bridge. There are other bridges too, because there are two channels. This, main bridge and one other, can be opened like you see in this shot, so that boats can pass instead of sailing around the whole island … very convenient for them — not so much for bus drivers, who have a time table to keep up with.

14 Replies to “then and now”

  1. Oh Rebby: i am so glad you have those photos!! I have my Nanna’s & Ma’s photos & they are lovely. I go thru the albums from time to time & so many memories come back!!!
    Ap icture truly is worth a 1,000 words isn’t it?? That building is gorgeous to by the way…

    1. Thank you, Sherriellen … yes, that’s so true. He has done a great job with this, and sent me so many, good ones. I realize, when I look a little closer at his picture, that it’s rather later in the 60’s … it must be later than Sept. -67 because the car is driving on the right side. Sweden changed from left-hand traffic in 1967..

  2. Ahhh, memories are so lovely, and good to have. Glad you were able to find a few more paper ones, and I’m looking forward to seeing them once you’ve scanned them.

    1. Yes, I knew I had a few and one day I took time out to do a real, deep search and that paid off 🙂 I’ve started to scan a few …

  3. That black and white pic looks really good quality – is that due to the quality of the scanner or the original photo?

    How lovely to get some old pix. Aren’t they wonderful to browse through? That’s why I enjoy scanning some in and posting on my EveryPic blog.

    1. Hi and thanks 🙂
      The original negative was probably good, but I do believe that scanner is terrific. It sure seemed advanced, the little I looked at it now. I can appreciate his work even more now, when I’ve seen how long time each strip of negatives took!

  4. Black and white pictures are really my favorite…maybe because of my age; however, but are really good. I have a scanner, however, I wonder what brand name scanner you and your brother are using. Perhaps I need another upgrade. I am on my second scanner. I have thousand of old photos to scan.

    1. Sometimes, I like b/w pictures too … sometimes when I shoot something, it’s like they were made for b/w. I, myself, have just the regular scanner that’s built in with the printer. My brother’s was a Canon, and it looked rather professional to me.. 🙂

  5. I love looking at old photos, they bring back so many distant memories.
    You’re lucky to have some from where you lived, I have nothing from my hometown

    1. Oh that’s too bad, that you don’t have any! To me, I think that’s the fun part … to see how much have changed, but also … how much that still, strangely enough, look the same!

  6. Very nice pictures. In my family we didnt take many pictures ( if any at all). But there are some from birthdays, weddings, baptising etc. I love to look at them, and see how I – and all the others – have changed.
    We have several bridges which can be opened. One in Copenhagen – Langebro, people use it as an excuse to be late at work LOL( said in another way: the bridge is up more often than it should be) – another in Frederikssund – Prins Christians bro, I have tried to wait for that to go down again where it belongs.

    1. Yes, I look at the old pictures of myself, notice how I’ve changed … but also think of that deep down, within, I’m still me …nothing has changed there, and that’s all I can be.

      The bridges are irksome to, like I said, bus drivers. Many of them seem to think that they’re [the yachts] aren’t in any more hurry, than that they could sail around the island .. There isn’t any kind of commercial traffic …only private people..

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