late night thoughts

This blog has had some down time lately … well, it hasn’t been down physically, but I haven’t been in any real blogging mood for a while. That doesn’t mean I haven’t  thought about it. I’ve done a lot of thinking.Tonight, I read a post in the Daily Post …WordPress’ own blog, that made me think even more. It was thanks to that blog and their Post-a-Day challenge that got me into this in the first place. Both the WP-author and the commentors had lots of tips on how to attract more visitors … how to engage people in your blog et cetera. Many of them were really great, and interesting. They made me think of how I dove into this blogging project, head first, in January 2011. I did all the things they suggested here now in this post … I visited other bloggers right and left, I commented/responded everywhere, followed lots … the whole kit ‘n caboodle, and also got a nice number of «followers» [that word always puts a smile on my face because it makes it sound like it was some kind of sect!]. After a while it became very time consuming. I have a lot of free time on my hands so this wasn’t the real problem. It takes stamina and something else … which leads me to the more personal part of this post:

Sometimes I get bouts with feelings of insecurity. This stems from something within me — I tend to compare myself with other people as reference, and that way I find that I’m not good enough. I’ve given this a great deal of thought lately and come to a conclusion that if I measure myself that way … by looking at others … I’ll never be good enough. All my life I’ve worried about what others might think even though, on an intellectual level, I know that it certainly doesn’t matter. «I can’t please them all!» …that used to be my mantra, and still is, but sometimes I fall back to my old ways. It’s one thing what your brain/mind tells you, but to anchor that in your heart … that’s a whole different story.

To tie this up with the blogging, I must explain a little further. Same thing happened there — in the blogosphere … the more my circle of bloggers expanded, the more I compared myself … finding I wasn’t good enough. “Perhaps my vocabulary wasn’t comprehensive enough”, “maybe I’d make grammatical mistakes that I wasn’t even aware of” … or to put it plain and simple — there were times I felt I wasn’t even intelligent enough! I kept reading blogs that were so totally beyond me that I didn’t know what to say, and here another aspect comes into play: Before I subscribed to someone’s blog, I should have thought long and hard about it … felt that this is a blogger with whom I can really connect! I was overly enthusiastic in the beginning. Also … these people who wrote about stuff that I felt I didn’t understand — we’re just interested in totally different things!

So finally I ended up with silence as I couldn’t dream up a subject that could possibly interest any of all these, ‘highly intellectual’, people … I backed off, and forgot all my thoughts about that it really doesn’t matter what other people think and besides I don’t know any of them and never will [except one]. I have friends who I correspond with via email, and often I think about how different it is to write to someone you know … how easily  the words flow … when you can write ‘from your own self’ to someone who knows that self … that’s light years away from trying to write something here.

BUT this is my blog and every now and then, when I feel inspired, like tonight, I will write here … be it about how much I love my iPhone 🙂 or just post a picture of some duck … because that’s who I am — I appreciate the little things in life.

There are 124 followers on this blog and most of them have never said a beep. I don’t know what made them subscribe in the first place and probably never will.

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  1. Hello Rebby: Your blog touched me deeply!!! I too have been going thru feelings of inadequacy over my blogging. Over on Multiply I had my *blogfriends*; you being one of my closest….it felt like a little community. Here is different….I have connected with very few. Only people from Multiply who are here comment…I have made no new contacts. I was kind of down about it & then I remembered something you had on your blog (when you first wre here perhaps?):You were writing for yourself not for everyone else. That thought stuck with me. I have ALWAYS enjoyed your blogs. You write beautifully & with enthusiasm. I love reading about your trips out & your thoughts & abour McDuff….we share alot of the same interests & beliefs….I read other blogs here & I learn about others & their ways of Life….I say don’t change a thing about how or what you blog about… ain’t broke so it don’t need fixin’!!!!
    ((HUGS)) & ~~head rubs~~ Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too…

    1. Sherriellen,
      There you go … «inadequacy» — I know that word well, but wouldn’t have come up with it while I was writing … that was exactly what I meant LOL. Yes, I do write for myself ..before I wrote this post, I’d browsed older blogs and thought of how much fun it was to go back in time … memories came back! So, with that in mind, it would be a shame to allow this to go to the dogs.
      I have wonderful people here and for that I’m immensely thankful — especially this morning when I sit here and read all the comments.

      I think I might set the bar too high, sometimes, when I’ve fallen behind in commenting on others’. When I have close to hundred posts to comment on … I really don’t have to do them all at the same time — I could just take a few at the time.

      Thank you, thank you …and McDuff sends his purringly as usual..

      1. I hope ‘inadequacy’ wasn’t too harsh a word? I used it as that is what I’ve felt after coming here. Some blogs here are so witty or brilliant. Then I remembered why I started writing in this form….to document life at the end with Mingflower & my Life with Nylablue now.
        360 & Multiply were amazing in that we were a tight group of people who shared our lives with each other thru blogging. I do like this blog site alot. We didn’t make connections instantly before so I guess we must be patient now.
        I too can’t handle oodles of posts either. So i decided to stay connected to people I actually care about here. I also want to friend a few more cat lovers here & so shall pursue that.
        We both put alot into out blogs & we need to affirm this to ourselves. I copied & pasted all my blogs from the old days onto PC & read thru them. (Have no way to bring them here).
        We write for ourselves & for posterity & I see any feedback as a bonus…
        You have been a bit of a mentor to me…so you HAVE had influence on someone 🙂
        NYLABLUE head rubbed the laptop when I told her McDuff sent his purrs….she sends ‘eeoww’ & head rubs back….
        Bye for now, Sherri-Ellen.

        1. no, that was the word I’d used myself if I had come up with it 🙂
          The export tool Multiply came up with isn’t very good. I exported mine to Blogger, and the text and comments … that was all fine, but not the pictures. You can import your pictures to your computer, but to get them into their places in the post would be a huge task, that I’m not prepared to take on! It’s not worth it … I’ll just leave it where it is in Blogger now. Like you say … it’s for posterity 🙂

          1. Whew I am glad I didn’t upset you!
            I have heard horror stories about the export tool. I saved a bunch of pix on PC & deleted alot too. Then I did the copy/paste thing. You are right it just saved the text.
            I wish I could archive those blogs here tho’. It won’t let me. I tried 4 times….
            I wantes to put them on a disk if possible…is that possible? if so what kind of disk do I buy?? CD-R?? DVD?? I have a burner altho’ I’ve never used it….I need to hone my PC skills, lol!!!

            1. CD-R.

              As I managed to export mine to Blogger, I could import it here in WP if I wanted to. I think I’ll do that … to the same blog as where I have my Y360 blog. Then it will really be something for posterity.

              1. Ok I am gonna write that down!!!
                Say that would be great if you could import from Blogger to here….then everything is in one area. I doubt WP is going to vanish like Multiply is!!!! After collecting all that I could I deleted my account there. Sellers were posting on our pages & that was just not acceptable as they got on without being accepted as a contact!! That made me nervous so I left & didn’t look back.
                I have another ‘techie’ question: Once I put the blogs on CD-R can I somehow import them to here?? (See you ARE indispensable!)

                1. WP won’t go away all that easily.

                  And no, in order to do the import/export thing, it has to be in a certain file format [.xml] so if you’ve just copied and pasted …then it will have to stay on the CD..

                  1. RATS!! Oh well at least I’ll have it on CD then!! I also have diaries however they are not as detailed as the blog posts are. At least I DO have a record of those posts somewhere….:)

                    1. yeah, shame you took down the account … otherwise you’d still have had time to export the text. To export the pictures was extremely complicated, and I would never have figured it out on my own..

                    2. Oh well what’s done is done regarding past blogs. I could not set up a blog page anywhere else so I kind of panicked & saved the posts to PC. Live & learn, right?

  2. Speaking of comparisons. I have never taken a picture that comes close to being as awesome as this duck! Ever! Let’s just each be our self and bring to the community who it is that we are. That’s it that’s all, as my friend Lucie would say.

    1. Joss,
      Thank you …about the duck. I guess I’m just wired that way. After all — like someone said to me — «it’s not a competition!». I look at A LOT of photos, every day and there are those days when I feel like I should just sell the camera and give up. But then again … then I see some of my own that I’ve shot, and think ‘perhaps I’m not that bad after all’… and it gets better again 🙂

      With regards to bringing to the community who it is we are .. well, I really did that in this post, huh LOL

        1. Oh, a photo-day … that would be so much fun, even though I only know the very basics… It’s a shame it’s so far..

  3. Stay just as you are Rebekah – you write from the heart and that’s what makes the best kind of writer, because it has genuine feeling, and your readers recognize that.
    You underestimate you photography skills. You take the most amazing photographs of the wildlife around you, the area where you live, your travel adventures, and of course your duck photography is absolutely stunning!
    You are unique and there is no need to change yourself to please others.
    Blogging has it’s highs and lows for all of us, so when you write a post – do it for YOU!

    1. Thank you, Barb! Now … this morning, as I sit here and read your comment, I realize how much I’ve missed you. It’s so true about the highs and lows …and there’s also ‘real life’ that comes into play sometimes. The sun is just rising as I type and it sure feels like my ‘blogging low’ is over! 😀

      1. I’m so happy to hear that your ‘blogging low’ is over Reb, because I have missed you also, and it just wouldn’t be the same here without you; I feel we are old friends.

        1. I feel exactly the same way, and I would never have just ‘disappeared without a trace’ 🙂
          Yesterday in the news, I saw something about lots of snow somewhere in Australia?!

          By the way, I miss our fellow blogger in Brisbane..

          1. Yes, we have been having some weird weather here, and it has snowed in places where it never has before! Thing is, it’s our Springtime now, so it should be getting warmer, not colder! I’m going to do a small post about it as it seems to have caught the world’s attention.
            Do you mean Mags from Brisbane? I’ve noticed she hasn’t been around in a while and emailed her a while ago, but had no reply as yet. I do miss her interesting posts.

            1. Yes, Mags … she posted every day, like clockwork ..She said she’d take a month off, and now she’s been gone for …I don’t know six perhaps?!

  4. “There are 124 followers on this blog and most of them have never said a beep. I don’t know what made them subscribe in the first place and probably never will.”

    What we have to remember (I suffer from the “why aren’t they talking piece”, as well), is they do subscribe. At least for one day we did something they thought was cool enough to click that button. Yeah there are times I wish I was “Pioneer Woman” with 8 gazillions comments a day but I am not.

    In the end, this is my thing. I have “met” some cool people this way. You, Andra “The Accidental Cootchie Mama” “TBM” Vlad and Johna at “Wind Against Current”, Leanne Cole, and so many more.

    In the end in the words of Sly Stone: “it’s your thing, do whatchu wanna do.”

    1. Hi QH 🙂 I like that Sly Stone quote ..
      And yes, I’ve thought of that too … I must have done something to make them click that subscribe thing.. and that’s cool too.

      At times, I wish that also [about the Pioneer Woman], but then again … would I have the energy to respond to them all?! That’s a part that is important to me … that the interaction is genuine .. so .. I think it’s pretty good as it is this level. 🙂

  5. I’m a ‘follower’ and I do try and beep on most of your posts 🙂

    I had three weeks off blogging last month and really enjoyed the break. I did comment on other blogs but didn’t write a post on roughseas.

    I’ve got a couple of hundred followers, and the only ones I am really interested in are the ones who read regularly and also take the time to comment. Clicking ‘like’ from reader is totally meaningless in my opinion.

    I did add a second blogroll page to my blog at the beginning of this month, and one of the categories I listed was ex-pats. I think there is something fascinating about reading someone else’s blog who is in the same position as you. It doesn’t matter what country they are living in, or where they are from, but they are living away from the country of their birth and often the first language of their new country is not the one they grew up using.

    That’s one of the many reasons I like reading your blog (and the others I have mentioned).

    And that duck is seriously brilliant 🙂

    1. Hi and thanks! It started with my trip back home … I think I lost my ‘online routine’ a bit 🙂 …then I got overwhelmed with all I had to catch up with — at least that was part of it. I have mixed feelings about the «Like» button. For a while, I took it away, but then I got a whole slough of messages, asking where the Like-button was, so I put it back. I guess many people like it, when they don’t know what to say. I often find myself in that situation … that I don’t know what to say, but still I do want to say something, so most of the time, I do ..come up with something. With photos, there are times I feel tempted to hit the ‘Like’ button… I dunno.. 🙂

      Funny you should mention the expats! WP did a post about that a while back, and I got totally mesmerized while reading all the comments they got on that post!!! That so many people are expats and blogging about it! I was meaning to go back to that post and click more links ..and I will because there were so many interesting, well-written posts! Like you said … it doesn’t matter where they’re from or what country they’re in… just the fact that they’ve left their native country in the first place, for whatever reasons..

      1. When I need to catch up after a while off-line, I read a few recent posts, not necessarily all (not when people post every day certainly), and comment on a few, but again not all. So you’ve been offline. So what? We all do it. No-one who genuinely enjoys your blog is going to fall into a decline because you haven’t commented on every single post that has been published in your absence.

        No-one ever asked me about putting the like button back. Not sure how they still manage to hit it 😀 Photos are often harder to comment on, which is one reason why I follow few ‘pure’ photoblogs.

        I saw that WP post and left one of my usual snipey comments (!) on the lines that out of ten blogs eight of the ones featured were American. I thought that was so Americacentric and really got up my nose. Check out my ‘ more blogs I visit’ page instead – you’ll get a much better cross-section 🙂

        1. That’s a good take on it — and especially, as you say, not when they post every day! I will certainly go back to that WP/expat post … I don’t remember exactly what I read, but I never thought about that … that most were Americans.. I remember coming across several in the far east, teaching ESL.

          I thought of you, when I was back home in Sweden! 🙂 Was going through photo albums with paper photos, and found a couple of the monkeys on Gib., that I friend of mine had sent to me, from her visit there 🙂

          1. I started to look at them all, obviously being interested in ex-pat blogs. After I had clicked on the fourth or fifth American blog, I got quite irritated, so then checked them all out deliberately to look at the nationalities.

            I’ve got some hard copy photos of the monkeys too, they are probably scanned in somewhere. They should be around the town again now, they tend to come down in October, although I’ve not seen any yet (note to self: do NOT go out without camera).

            1. I clicked them randomly, and came across several teaching English in Japan or South Korea.. but I think they may have been Americans LOL .. It’s a little too far back in my memory now, but I’ll go back there and check them out …and your blog roll too 🙂

  6. Like yourself, I often feel my ramblings aren’t intellectual enough for some folk, but who cares. 🙂
    Reb, do it for yourself, that was my intention when I started on WP, though in the process I have collected some wonderful readers/friends who continue to give me encouragement.
    You take some beautiful photos, which alone shows your photographic talent, plus you have more than one language under you belt.
    What do others think of you?………….probably the same as me…………that what a talented individual you are!!
    Keep blogging!!! 🙂

    1. Vicky,
      Thank you so much … your photography is so fabolous,and I still remember how awestruck I was by your header image …the one with the fog, when I realized what it was..Your blog has inspired me many times, to keep up my own..

  7. I would miss you if you didn’t post any more.

    And I bet if you took a poll of all the bloggers – most of them would feel the same as you do about the uncertainty of blogging. I certainly do 🙂

    1. David,
      I’d miss you too, and you’re probably right … about the poll. That’s a good thing to remind oneself of … «I’m not alone about feeling this way!»

      By the way, how do you like this HUM theme? 🙂

  8. you have been missed not only by me but also by my soul
    i cannot speak but one language
    i cannot take photographs
    i cannot write for anyone but my self and my errors are my own
    and i do not have even one hundred followers
    no one really cares whether i am here are not
    so be very very happy and proud that you have one friend
    that is all one needs to feel lucky
    hope you stay but if you go you will always be remembered for your awesome photographs and words from the heart

    1. Oh Linda … you may only speak one language,but you write it so beautifully! I’ve been thinking about your ..often on my radio channel of choice, they play a song about Alabama, and you’re the only person I know there 🙂
      I won’t go away .. I’m like a dog with rag..

      1. How lovely that you will not go away. It was as if no one was here without you here. Thee are others but somehow you were the one that mattered. I sometimes only clicked liked because after so many beautiful photos I was at a loss for words.

  9. Hej Rebekah. I always enjoy reading your posts – I am not the most diligent user of social sites and blogs, but show up now and then.
    I have a feeling that the blogging sphere may end up in a competition about being the best writer/entertainer/intellectual etc.
    I love the way you write, and have always admired it. Dont try to be like others, but continue to be who you are. Its because you write from your heart that I love reading your blogs.
    The picture of the mallard is phantastic,

    1. Mange takk! 🙂 It’s always so good to see you … like an old friend, even though I’ve never met you! You remember, back in Yahoo360 … there I really got the feeling of that it was a competition … some kind of popularity contest! A lot of drama too, now that I think back on it. Quite often we tend to glorify Y360, but there sure was a lot of crap going on there too.

      I’m pretty good at being me, so I think I’ll stick to that LOL

      Thank you, Annette, for your kind words. Hope things are well in Denmark … it’s getting cold here, so I guess I’m getting what I asked for: Colder Weather 🙂

      1. Well about the weather – its raining and raining and raining. Yesterday I helped my sister planting some trees, and how we got wet.
        It hasnt been really cold yet, but the good thing about the Danish winter is that you never know how it will be, always surprises. I can start tomorrow- or not at all.
        Yes there was some competition on 360, and on Multiply too ( its closing down now).
        In some way – talking about social sites- I feel at little homeless, – I hardly dare to tell:Facebook doesnt say much to me, maybe I am not that kind of a person.

        1. Oh, I’ve never felt really comfortable with FB. In fact, I never cared for it at all until one year ago, when that group for my home town started. Then it became fun, but that’s all.. I’m there just because … I don’t know LOL. I signed up in 2006 and just never left..
          Here in WordPress, it’s nice. Y360 was so ..clique-ish..

  10. These are not silly thoughts. They are quite important. That is why I felt the need to comment. I always enjoy your blogs no matter what you write about but don’t always feel the need to comment. You must always write for yourself and not worry what people think. If you don’t feel a connection you can always delete someone. I don’t think the blogging atmosphere is quite ss tender as it was on 360. I always liked you BECAUSE of your differences. So remember that. You are also excellent in your English writing. So don’t worry. Everyone has a different style. That is the fun.

    1. Well, first off …thank you for commenting, Suz ..that’s nice! And you’re right — the thoughts are important, both with regards to blogging and even more so, in ‘real life’. To compare oneself to other people isn’t good … who am I to judge what is good/right et cetera?! This is my journey I’m writing down here….the journey I was put here to do, as best as I can.

      I think it’s easy to glorify Y360 … there was a lot of silliness going on there, but on the other hand … and more importantly; I made many great friends there … like you! ❤

  11. The majority of my followers never write anything in my blog either. They just follow the blog so that I appear in the WordPress reader. If they happen to see my post they might click like. A few “hardcore” writes comments on nearly every single post.
    I think it’s like this for all bloggers because, like you say, it’s extremely time-consuming.

    I also read the post on WordPress on “how to engage people in your blog et cetera”. I also left a comment there, but my comment didn’t appear, neither did my comment appear when I wrote a post for the last Weekly Photo Challenge (the pingback isn’t there either).

    It seems like WordPress/ Akismet have thrown me into the akismet spam abyss again (if you remember I had smilar problems sometime during the beginning of the summer), because I can only write comments on blogs that already “un-spammed” my blog last time.
    I’ve contacted the support team again, but their response time is almost worse than at a Norwegian public medical center.
    If it’ll take too long before they solve the situation, I’m thinking that I’ll leave WordPress. Propbably I’ll just stick to Google Plus, or I’ll be checking into alternative blogging platforms.

    I can relate to what you write about vocabulary and grammatical mistakes. English is not my mothers tongue and sometimes it’s difficult to find the word that you’re looking for and to construct the sentences correctly.
    But a lot of English speakers also have these kind of problems, even with their native language…

    1. Morrn, Guzman 🙂
      Nice to hear from you, but I’m so sorry you’re still having those problems with WP. If I were in your shoes, I’d sign up for a new ID and add yourself as a user of your present blog… then you can go on as usual. Blogger is great, but I still find WP to be the superior platform even if I like Blogger’s picture viewer better. I don’t know why I have such a hard time getting in to Google Plus?! I used to be such a huge fan of that type of services…
      After nine years here, I feel that I have a pretty good command of the English language [would be terrible otherwise LOL], but still … at my age, it doesn’t flow quite as easily as my native tongue. Depends also a little what the matter is about..

      LOL @ the Norwegian Medical Centre … are they rude there?! I worked in a Swedish one for eight years, and there were really times I was so tempted to be rude right back at them.

      Get a new ID and all will be fine 😉

      1. The comment/spam problems were fixed and everything has been working fine for several months, but then suddenly it started again just before this weekend. Hopefully it’ll be alright pretty soon, because I really like the WordPress platform. Google Plus is also great, but I prefer WordPress.

        The Norwegian Medical system is really bad. The only good thing about it is that it’s sponsored by the government. People always use it as an argument over here: “We have free medical care”, but this isn’t true.
        First of all you have to pay for the doctors appointment (the state pays 2/3 of the billl or something like that), and besides: you also pay taxes for it… So, to sum it up: we pay a lot, and we get crappy service & treatment.
        If a private business was being run like that, they would have been out of business.

        1. That’s good … I thought you’d had trouble all the time! Some temporary glitch, perhaps.
          The health care system is pretty much the same in Sweden. They say it’s free but it isn’t.

          But the part about being treated rudely, I don’t know … just like that, the telecom system used to be before. They were so rude, but now they have competition so they have to be nice 🙂

  12. This blog certainly inspired some good and lengthy reactions, that alone proofs your blog is well read! I am happy you decided not to let your blog go down the dogs.

    It would be so overly easy for me to say not to compare yourself to others, because I can’t change what is in your mind and heart, only you can. I for one love to read your blogs and see your photos (although I don’t see any duck in this particular blog, is it me, or did you take it out?).

    I have had a Dutch blog and I often heard from colleagues and family that they read my blog, they would react to it, so I knew they had done so, even though they never left a comment. I think you will always have more readers than people who react. And I guess there will always be people who click on ‘follow this blog’ and never return again… Their loss…

    1. Hej Gerda, and thanks for stopping by.
      No, that’s so true … this gives me something to work with myself, do some soul searching perhaps 😆 I find it much easier to resolve other peoples issues than my own. Perhaps because with others you can look upon it objectively …without any emotions.

      I hear you, loud and clear, about the Dutch blog. My husband writes a blog — a very local blog — about his growing up here in SJ, and it’s particular to the neighbourhood. It’s really nice and oodles of people read it and are really excited about it. He hardly gets any comments, though. I think we have to bear in mind that most people aren’t really used to blogging communities … giving feedback and all that! Especially in his case, as his readers are older and it’s just great that they’re online at all..

      1. Yes, it is nice to hear people mention your blog and know it does get read even though they don’t leave comments. I always bear that in mind. On my Dutch facebook it’s the same with some of my cousins, I just know they read my updates even though they don’t comment often.

        If I have an issue with myself I try to look upon it as if it is someone elses issue. i always hope that will help me look at it in a different way, but I have not had much luck doing so, it is very hard to look at yourself objectively.

        1. I’ve tried that at times … to try and see myself ‘from outside’, so to speak … the way other people perceive me. It seems almost impossible — I have no idea LOL

          1. Yes, I have not yet managed to be able to do so either. Ah well, we’ll just struggle on, won’t we? By the way, I just sent you an e-mail, I hope I still have the right address.

          2. I too have trouble seeing myself ‘from the outside’.
            I have always seen you as a ‘together’ woman who is deeply in touch with Nature. You are compassionate & caring. You have a calm presence about you that I am trying to attain.
            I find you thoughtful, Well spoken & an absolute delight!!!
            Also there is a bit of mystery to you….;)
            Plus you are a devoted cat lover 🙂
            You ROCK!!!! Never doubt yourself Rebby!
            Love the Dynamic Duo xo

            1. Wow…! What can I say, Sherri Ellen … but Thank You!
              Well ..the nature and the animals, that’s so true. And I never allow for anyone to see me fall apart.
              That you again … this was so sweet and heart warming.. .. hugs

              1. You know I bet you never knew the kind of response you would receive from this blog entry!! You are an inspiration & have ALOT of support here.
                What Judith (Touch2Tocuh) wrote says it all!!! You are respected & loved!!!
                {{{{HUGS}}}} & paw patz…

                1. To tell you the truth, Sherriellen; I didn’t expect ONE. I thought «they’re all gone». And Judith’s comment brought tears to my eyes, and THAT doesn’t happen easily..

                  1. Same here Rebby!! i got all teary eyed reading Judith’s reply. I bet you are gonna top 70 responses soon….all this from some late nite thinking,..who would have ‘thunk it possible??’

          1. so if you write a new blog with a diffrent photo the photo at the left will change with it? That is indeed cool!

  13. Oh, Rebekah!
    You speak for so many people here in cyberspace—
    Every one of us is insecure (well, maybe Pioneer Woman isn’t, but I doubt it) —
    and sometimes every one of us feels inadequate. And every of us one wants to be appreciated and loved and missed —
    These are universal human themes.
    But they’re not what maintains a blog day-in, day-out. What does that?
    Hmmm —
    Stubbornness? Determination to have a voice? Something funny you just want to share? A photo that’s too good for only two eyes? Occasionally (oh, blessed times) sheer joy of wanting to share something that delights or inspires!
    I’ve missed you. Don’t think your absences go unnoticed, they are noticed. They lead to wonderings: I wonder how she’s doing, how the cat is, what’s happening up north, is anything wrong? hope not!
    It’s not about mass MASS to and for the masses. It’s about YOU. Rebekah. Who is different from everybody else, who is herself and only herself. You’re who is interesting, who we read your blog for. So you don’t have to DO anything, you just ARE it.
    The blogs I follow (and there are always too many for the amount of time one has) are invariably ones that emanate from a personality, where there is a strong sense of just who that person is, quirks and all. Maybe especially quirks.
    Don’t go away, Rebekah. Nobody can do ducks like you can. Or Swedish ex-pats with cats who live in a strange place I never heard of till I came upon your blog. It’s been said that God is in the details.
    True, certainly, of us. WE are in the details. And the more quirky, idiosyncratic, strange, funny, ordinary your blog is — the better it is.
    Happy to be your blogging friend, Judith

    1. Judith,
      First off, a heart-felt Thank You! I’ve re-read your comment now, several times, to really absorb it. At least there’s one thing I’m good at: ‘being me’. I was never any good at being anybody else. Gerry used to blog this way too, before, and quite often when we talked about something, here at home, we used to say, jokingly: «is it blog-worthy?» … referring to Seinfeld, Elaine and the sponges. The thing was, that I found less things being blog-worthy … like I was making a fool of myself because I didn’t write about ______ [insert whatever deep, philosophical/intellectual subject].
      All this time, I kept thinking about the blog and the people here, though. Sometimes I made attempts to get back into the swing of things …making the rounds, and so on, but it didn’t really happen until Friday night. The thing is; I was in a really good mood when I wrote it too …for a number of reasons.

      Well, God is in the details, that’s for sure and Saint John, NB is a GEM, although a little rough around the edges! 🙂 After all this wonderful support I feel so elated so I think I’ll go back and write a blog about the iPhone, ducks and red leaves … all in one fell swoop! 🙂

      I’m happy and proud that you’re my blogging friend… once again, thank you!

  14. Hi Rebekah, your back! Love the new theme, and wow are there tons of comments too. I thought you had closed up shop and left, welcome back. 🙂

    1. Hi John, and thanks! It’s good to see you too … and no, I wouldn’t have just left for real … not without saying something at least.

      I’m like a dog with a rag .. I just don’t give up all that easily 😀

  15. Hi, I’m a follower too and think I have commented in the past, but maybe not! If life is busy I don’t read new posts immediately; often by the time I get to them a number of people have already commented and I can’t think of anything else to add, so I may just ‘like’.
    I too enjoy your writing and your photos – I don’t take many pics of wildlife and think your one of the duck is very good! I (like many others) have struggled knowing what to write that others will be interested in – its very good advice to write from your heart about what YOU are interested in and want to share. I did read a while ago that each person has a unique writing voice in the same way as each has a unique speaking voice. So don’t feel that you have to measure up to others, we are all different and all have something unique to offer. When someone genuinely shares their heart, as you did in your post above, its much easier to connect with them as a person. I think as humans we are all more alike than we know – we all want to be accepted and valued by others.
    I have about 50 followers but receive very few comments, and I wondered why some ‘followed’ my blog in the first place as they seem to have totally different interests, and have been ‘silent’ since following. Just in the last few days I have started some conversations with other bloggers (on their pages and mine) and its encouraging to feel that you’re part of a community. I know what you mean though, when you say the more followers you have, the more you are concerned about pleasing them and measuring up. The larger the audience, the more potential for ‘stage-fright’ and questioning whether we’re ‘good enough’ perhaps.
    Anyway, along with everyone else who has commented above, just wanted to say don’t give up on the blogging.

    1. Well, this is so nice and encouraging, Janice … to hear from one of the ‘silent followers’! Very interesting to read your comment. What you wrote about ‘the larger the audience ….’, is so true, especially when you don’t really know who’s in the audience. All the wonderful comments you saw here above, they are from people I «know», thanks to this great blogging community that WordPress is!

      I’ve written this way now for all this time, and that has worked well so … «if it ain’t broke ….» 🙂 I honestly don’t think I could give up blogging, it’s too rewarding.

      Thank you for taking time out to comment, and hey … it’s nice to meet you 🙂

        1. I just wrote there, but didn’t recognize anything… Perhaps I’m a silent follower myself, without even knowing *LOL*

          1. Oops, my apologies, I thought you were one of my earliest followers. It seems you liked and commented on one of my earlier posts (Appreciation) way back in June, and I then followed you! I’m obviously confused. Will reply to your other comment later…

  16. I follow your Blog because:
    1. Your comments are interesting, and often reveal something about yourself.
    2. Your photos are great.
    3. You’re the first lady I’ve ever met that introduced herself by saying “I’m from Sweden”.
    4. When I told you you looked like a city worker you got what I meant.

    1. Don, thanks!
      1. I’ve made a point of making it personal up to a point.
      2. Thank you so much..
      3. Well … there you go — not too many Swedes around here, I suspect. How many have you met?
      4. That’s international 😆

  17. I always like what you blog. You are a good writer.

    My blog has been dead lately. I am inspired but just not able to blog. Just things that I am going through and just have no energy. I need to at least post a photo or two.

    1. Thanks Julie … It’s good to see you again! It’s been pretty dead around here too, but I feel it coming back now.

      The WP app is really good, methinks

  18. Oh Rebekah… I can so relate… about the insecurity part. BUT my friend, I think your posts are awesome!! I do know it takes a while in between when I come by! I keep telling myself that I should come by more often but then I get busy with stuff…

    I honestly do enjoy your blogs and photos a lot! I’m amazed how good you are in english and what a talented photographer you are! I wish I would be HALF as good as you! 🙂 Kramis!

    1. Thank you, Mona. The comments on this post have been the most amazing I’ve ever experienced in blogging life. It’s your English that’s amazing … after all, I’ve lived in an English-speaking environment for nine years … it would be really terrible otherwise LOL

      1. Thank you! 🙂 I am doing as best as I can… however I have noticed my english is not as good as it used to be when I am talking on the phone… I have to kind of search for the words and it doesn’t flow as good as I would like to.

        I think it is simply cause I do not TALK english as often as I used to do…

        Yes it is true that you been living with the english language around you for a while, BUT I still think you are amazing, cause just think of all the foreigneirs ( spelling? LOL) that move to a new country and sometimes they do not know so much more of their new countries language after a few years! I guess they just do not have any real interest to REALLY learn a new language…

        1. Yes, I know what you mean. When G. called me on the phone the very first time, I had not spoken English for years!. Didn’t have a job where I used English at that time, so I’d only used it online …typing, and that was fine. My tongue got all twisted LOL..
          Learning a brand new language, in a new country takes hard work. Living in QC made me appreciate all the refugees in Sweden so much more …many of them also had to learn a new way of writing! Some of them really impressed me. On the other hand, there are others who live there all their lives, and still can’t get by. It all depends…

  19. Oj, så många svar. Men så var det en öppenhjärtig och gripande text 🙂

    Jag har bloggat sen februari och mediet vidgar sig ständigt. Nu förstår jag mycket som jag inte hade en aning om från början. Det är både skumt och spännande att vända sig till helt okända, fler och fler utanför Sverige. Av hundra besökare är det kanske tre som kommenterar. Vänliga ord och utrop. Men vilka är de? Och alla stumma, vilka är de??

    På Facebook vet jag vilka som ser mina inlägg, för jag känner dem. När jag jobbade som illustratör i fackpressen visste jag i alla fall vilken yrkesgrupp jag kommunicerade med – t ex metallarbetare eller psykologer. Men här famlar jag i dimma, och tilltalet blir vagt och tveksamt. På engelska dessutom skrattretande barnsligt… Ändå vill jag fortsätta. Världen öppnar sig.

    Jag tror att jag förstår dina tankar och frustrationen över dem som är på nivåer man troligen aldrig kommer att nå. Men jag säger som flera andra av dina besökare: Du gör jättefina bilder och intresseväckande inlägg som kommunicerar med mig. Jag vill titta på flera. Vänliga hälsningar/ Nina

    1. Hej och tack!
      Jamen den här posten var väl så speciell! Kanske det är bra att skriva “rakt ut”, och inte ändra på nå’t! Det värmde verkligen mitt lejonhjärta att läsa alla kommentarerna. När jag först fick Internet, så fanns inte bloggar, utan det var chat som gällde. Min engelska då (1996) var …. bristfällig, för att uttrycka sig milt! Jag hade ett lexikon bredvid mig hela tiden, för det fanns inte Google Translate eller som nu. Se’n dess har jag flyttat hit till Canada och pratat engelska i snart nio år. Ändå, när jag läser de som har det som modersmål, att jag också skriver barnsligt. Kanske det inte beror på språk-barriären, utan att jag ÄR barnslig LOL. Eller rättare sagt; har barnasinnet kvar.

      Jag har hållit på, av och till, med bloggandet, se’n 2006. Olika ställen. Jag vill fortsätta, även fast det tar några riktiga djupdykningar som här. Det har nog inte bara med själva bloggandet att göra, utan också med min egen självuppfattning. Jag VILL skriva rätt öppet, men har svårt ibland att hitta balansen mellan vad som är FÖR personligt osv…

      På FB har jag en väldigt blandad skara, med några som jag känner på riktigt, och en större grupp som jag aldrig träffat, men jag gör inte så mycket där. Det är ju rätt okay där, eftersom man kan liksom “gruppera” dem så att man kan pratar mer öppet med de man känner.

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