welcome to the future

When we walked in to Starbucks the other day, there were very few people … five, six customers, perhaps. One guy was sitting, working on an ordinary laptop computer, a young girl was looking at her iPhone, with ear phones on, but beside her was a thin, white computer too. Another person was doing something on a tablet. A thought struck me: Β«Wonder what kids/young people would think about this picture in … say, fifteen years?!Β» Will they wonder what these people were doing? Will they think that their gadgets were hopelessly outdated compared to their own standards? How much more can be invented in this age of cutting edge technology that we live in?!

I’m fortunate, as I’m old enough to have lived to see it all happen. The kids being born now will take it all for granted, like I did with the telephone. I don’t do that … I’m still in awe, so I’m glad I am the age I am. I have used razor blades to correct typos with the typewriter … gone from there to upload photos to the web with my iPhone.

When we were at the Reversing Falls, a few days ago, a little old lady was standing there, by the railing with her iPad. She struck up a conversation with Gerry … something about how low the tide was and if it would get any lower, I think it was. They talked for a while and it turned out she was 82. Somehow, that made me happy …. to see senior citizens taking advantage of the latest technology.

The above was just a little reflection. Apart from that I haven’t done any deeper thinking — the muggy weather is on top of my mind right now.

Saw a baby blue jay in the park! He was young enough not to be scared … still had some baby fluff and the blue parts hadn’t become as intense are usual.

26 thoughts on “welcome to the future

  1. David Bennett

    Let’s hope we never lose the sense of wonder.

    When I email my wife who is sitting at the desk next to me and the email gets there more or less immediately, we both acknowledge that something extraordinary has happened that the message could travel to a server somewhere maybe hundreds of miles away and back up the line in an instant.

    When I was in the States recently, I went into a cafe one evening and everyone was buried in the their laptops – it was silent as a cathedral…

    If you haven’t heard the song, you might like ‘New Frontier’ by Donald Fagan.

    1. Rebekah

      I hope so too … but I doubt I’ll ever lose my sense of wonder.
      We often talk about the same thing here, when we send each other emails … the instantaneousness of it all, when you realize the ways it’s gone through.

      Just went and watched the video, quite amazing!

  2. John

    Everywhere we go, people’s heads are tilted down it seems. Are folks less sociable these days? Maybe. My dad whom is 84 is an avid user of his iPhone, uses it several times per day for email, weather and of course calls. Mr. Tech! Good post. πŸ™‚

  3. Crowing Crone Joss

    I love seeing and knowing elderly people using email, or their IPad or IPhone. It’s very cool to see an older generation being “with it”. I love the new technology and how we can keep in touch with everyone and even meet and make new, wonderful friends that we never would have connected with otherwise. I still want to know if teleporting will happen in my lifetime, though! That little blue jay is precious. what a great capture.

    1. Rebekah

      Yes, it’s so nice to see that so many seniors are taking advantage of it..

      Teleporting would be interesting πŸ˜€

  4. barb19

    I love it too, when I see old people using today’s technology and coming to grips with it, because it can’t be easy for them. My kids and grandchildren think I’m cool because I have a cell phone that I actually understand, and use a laptop! I hear them say “Wow, she even has a blog!” Go granny, go!
    I love that photo of the little blue jay, wish we had them here, they are so pretty!

    1. Rebekah

      Barb, that’s so funny …about the grandkids! As kids, we see people our age as beeing SO OLD..
      I had that type of reaction too once, from some young person … just by the fact that I knew what Guns ‘n Roses was, and Axl Rose. They were so impressed that someone as old as I was knew about that! LOL

    1. Rebekah

      I like Starbucks. We have three, here in Saint John. There’s another, Canadian coffee shop that there are more of. I’m a Starbucks person.

    1. Rebekah

      Thank you, Jude…
      I noticed immediately that something was different about the bird, as he almost walked up to me! Normally they are so skittish ..he was too young πŸ˜€

      I often think about these things…what it will be like if I live to be really old..

  5. Vicky

    A great read.
    Technology eh? A phone that takes photographs? I often wonder what my granddad, a photographer from the 50’s would make if it all.

    Like you, I’ve seen technology move in leaps and bounds.
    In the early 70’s I worked as a punch tape operator, providing information for a computer.
    This computer, which was state of the art technology, and linked to a parent company in USA. needed a dust free atmosphere, so it lived in an air conditioned room (didn’t matter about the staff).
    It was an enormous piece of equipment, and the discs took two people to lift them.

    All this, now condensed into laptops and iPads.

    I love the simplicity of your blue-jay. A lovely photo, and such contrast, nature versus technology.

  6. Rebekah

    Yeah, imagine the people who are close to retirement but still work for the big phone companies, like Bell or BT … they surely have seen a big change in their jobs!
    The computer we had at my job in around 1974, filled up a whole conference room [IBM34]. I too, remember the air conditioned room at the parent company, where I went to work sometimes … did data entry. I was in awe when I realized I could change the screen from black/green to green/black LOL

  7. Annette Ursin Holmboe

    Beautiful picture. Sometimes I find it strange with all these gadgets etc. Have a walk in the forest and you meet people with earplugs+gadget. Wonder why they prefer that to the birds songs – the wind in the trees and – well sometimes the noise from a road LOL.
    In some way I find it a little scary – the picture you give from Starbucks. Its like people are sitting there in their own little universe without communicating with people around. It makes me think about Huxley and Orwell. I am sure that young people will find this rediculous, to them its their daily life.

    1. Rebekah

      Oh yeah … Brave New World πŸ˜€
      One time, likewise in Starbucks, next to me, was a young couple, they didn’t talk with each other, but they were both texting. It was so tempting to ask if they were writing to each other LOL.
      That’s kind of sad with the ear phones in the forest… I wouldn’t want that!

  8. Touch2Touch

    We’re there, kids! (I mean, we’re scary old, and send email from one room to the other, and I run two blogs.) And I remember before there was even television! Which is now old hat — But you know what remains low tech? People. Yep. They’re pretty much the same as they always were. The vocabulary is hipper, and the clothes are a little different (well, actually, not so different). But inside? Like I said, low tech.
    And bluejays are still bluejays.
    And talented people are still — you.

    1. Rebekah

      Yes! People … and you know what more?! Filoxfax! I still have mine, even though I could move all stuff over to the phone … just can’t bring myself.
      Inside, we’re all the same …also regardless of age. I’m still me …somehow …as when I was seventeen.

      Thank you for you kind words πŸ™‚

  9. C.B. Wentworth

    Sometimes I wonder if this generation will forget to “look up.” There’s a big world out there and they are missing a lot of it by staring at those screens all the time.

  10. quotidianhudsonriver

    My Mom used to yell at me to stop watching TV and go do something. Now that I am older than she was then, she admits to me that her Mom yelled at her to stop listening to the radio and go do something. And so it goes…

  11. Nylabluesmum

    Like you I remember those rotary dial heavy black phones. Our phone number was JA**** (the JA stood for Jackson) in Hamilton. Our families first TV was bought in 1958 & we got 3 channels up here in Owen Sound; I think we got 4 in Hamilton. We wrote letters ALOT; sent postcards, called on the phone & never dreamt of what was to come!!!!
    I am grateful I was young enough to advance to the new technology…having a computer has opened the world up for me!! I am in wonder over how emails work & how these kind of sites work. It is wonderful to make friends (like you) who I otherwise would never have had the opportunity to meet….my Nanna & Father were very excited about computers & technology in general the last years of their lives altho’ they did not use it…
    It is amusing to see the youngsters expressions when I reminisce about the ‘old days’ which were not so long ago…..lol….
    Love the blue jay pic…he is gorgeous!!!!


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