a day of relief

Woke up early, to a foggy, overcast day. Phew! I understand most people like warm, sunny weather so I’m happy for them … the summer we’ve had so far … but a day like this — not being baked in the apartment in the evening, was a Godsend. We just puttered around, relaxed, I read up on some blogs but I still read 161 in my Reader-icon! I’ll never catch up.

Apart from that I’ve continued exploring the world of the iPhone — it’s so much fun — and all pictures in this post will be from the phone.

We had my hubby’s son Kevin visiting from Quebec for five days. He left yesterday morning. We had a great time … he’s really easy-going, he brought his bike and did a tremendous amount of biking! He certainly doesn’t need to be entertained all the time! One evening, he came back and had biked 90 kilometres!

One of the days, we took him on a ride on the Fundy Trails Parkway.

I brought my ‘real’ camera, of course, and shot oodles of pictures, but I also shot with the phone. I want to get well acquainted with it, so I know how to handle it quickly.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous! It’s strange … it was my fifth time there, and every time it’s been like that — the ocean totally calm … serene …and a few, puffy clouds as a nice ‘backdrop’ for photos … Nova Scotia on the other side!

Remember a few weeks ago, I wrote about a fire in Saint John’s north end?! Since that post, there have been two more fires. As if that wasn’t enough, Saturday a week ago, there was a murder, but that was in the south end. A guy was shot in broad daylight in the street! They seem to think it had to do with a biker club, which has now moved out of the city. This was the first murder of this year.

I was thinking, as I found out about it, that it’s actually quite amazing how quickly we get updated nowadays … think I read it in Twitter half an hour after it had happened.

That’s all for now, bloggeroos πŸ™‚ [all pictures are clickable and will open in a new tab/window].

29 thoughts on “a day of relief

  1. John

    Ahh, there is land over yonder! The phone does a good job indeed. That’s a very low crime rate by my standards, I am near Flint, Michigan which has been rated the most violent city in the nation. More lovely since it is my birth city as well, ggrrr. It is my understanding that hand guns are banned in Canada? Not sure about shot guns or rifles as far as carrying them around.

    1. reb

      Thanks, John! Yes, I’m very pleased with the camera in the phone!

      …and yes, we’re pretty blessed here in SJ, with regards to that type of crime, but now I think the police have three, unsolved murders on their hands.

      The firearms laws are very different, compared to the States, but I don’t know any details about them.

  2. AlohaKarina

    Yes we do get updated that fast. Instant society. Good in some ways, but bad in others. We are totally overaware of everything going on and it gets overwhelming.

    1. reb

      It sure does, most of the time … like Piers Morgan just said; Β«if you’re not personally involved, in a few weeks it’s all forgottenΒ»..

  3. roughseasinthemed

    I guess most people do like warm sunny days, and so do I, preferably with a breeze (I like my weather to order) – but what I like is a change in the weather, not day after day of the same. Yesterday we had a Levanter cloud over the Rock so it was spookily overcast nearly all day.

    That last picture is beautiful πŸ™‚

    1. reb

      I do too … like warm, sunny days — up to a point. I guess it’s the humid heat … the sweltering, dampness when I can hardly breathe. Right now, this morning, everything is just PERFECT, with a little northerly wind that has blown away all the humid air overnight!
      I also love the fact that we have four seasons. Wouldn’t like to live where there’s some kind of ‘constant summer’. Had to look up the Levanter, so now I know a little more than I did a few minutes ago, and also got to see a beautilful photo of the Rock in Wikipedia πŸ™‚

      1. roughseasinthemed

        It gets humid here too. You’ll have worked that out having looked up Levanter! I can’t remember if I have written about it, I may have done but it would be in brief terms – ie eastern winds bring cloud over Rock πŸ˜€ It’s an annoying word as I automatically try to call it a Levante, as it would be in Spanish. But in Gib (where everyone speaks Spanish) they like to be different – I guess because Levanter doesn’t just refer to the wind, but the cloud formation as well. Weather lesson over.

        We have four seasons too – fortunately, or I would be tearing my hair out. We just don’t get a lot of snow or frost in winter. It takes a while to adjust – I was stunned to see people wearing HUGE winter coats in Seville in December when we were wearing shorts (this is a lot of years ago when we were on holiday).

        I’m about to go out, so I’ll see how it feels today, looks sunny, puffy clouds, blue sky, and was windy earlier but that seems to have dropped. Allegedly around 26 so in theory not too bad…..

        1. reb

          That sounds good …about the puffy clouds and 26. How funny about the winter coats vs. shorts πŸ˜€

  4. Cardinal Guzman

    Good to hear that Kevin likes biking. Is he off-road/trail biking, or is it by the roads?

    Well, the iphone seems to work better on close-ups than on landscapes. The landscape photo is too grainy and the details are lost.

    1. reb

      He bikes by the roads.
      I don’t know, about the landscape … it could be just ME, and not the phone. Don’t know that I held it steady enough…

  5. David Bennett

    Lovely photos. The distinction between cameras and phones is getting blurred.

    Do you think they will introduce aperture or shutter speed control on camera phones?

    1. reb

      Yeah, cameras, phones, computers …. TV? — it will all get blurrier as we go.
      Now that you mention it — that would be cool, ISO too πŸ™‚

  6. Crowing Crone Joss

    Iphone is doing a great job of taking pictures. Well the person using the camera phone makes a difference too. I keep reminding myself I don’t need an IPhone…..yet!

  7. Annette Ursin Holmboe

    Great pictures with that phone. Good for you with a break from the heat.
    We still have very warm weather about 28C and no wind and the sun from a clear, blue sky.
    I read today that the day is more than an hour shorter – I dont dare to think about it LOL

  8. Vicky

    Those photos are beautiful, its hard to believe they’re from a phone, how technology moves on eh?
    I often wonder what my photographer granddad, who died in the early 60’s would think.
    My eldest daughter has got the 4s and she doesn’t even bother taking her camera out any more.

    1. Rebekah

      Yes, they’re all from the phone. I’m still learning … quite often I seem to have a problem getting the focus where I want it..


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