For a few weeks now, I’ve neglected my blog to no end —  not only my own blog, but also reading/commenting. As I see the number increasing on my Reader-icon, I get something that feels like a guilty conscience.

There are reasons for this neglect; the heat, but also — and more importantly; I’ve got an iPhone! “What’s the big deal?!” you might ask, as so many people have had them for years now. Well … it’s new to me, it’s my first Apple product, and besides I’m a little obsessed with gadgets. This one really hit home with me!

SOoo …just to sort of make my point … this whole post is typed up on the iPhone. I’m sure Karina over at The Positive Page will be in full understanding 😉



46 Replies to “Neglected”

    1. Yeah, I did that now …just for this time, and that worked like a breeze. Couldn’t align the photos, though…

  1. The WordPress app works well doesn’t it. Congrats on the Apple product. I am tired of windows-based machines and seriously want to try an Apple product, specifically the Mac Air laptop. It’ll be a while to accumulate the money for such a costly toy! Good pictures, I also noted too that you can’t align any images. All in all, well done!

    1. The app works beautifully, and I notice how I’m getting better all the time at typing on it. I understand now, why people got so attached to them… Also, I use the regular computer much less..

      1. Hmmm yes, some say the age of the PC/Laptop is over. Nah, not yet but those hand held devices are surely gaining ground in technology and popularity. One thing I really dislike about using an Android or an Iphone is the tiny screen. Laptop!!

        1. Yes, I think we have ways to go…

          I like to do my photo editing in Photoshop sometimes, and that’s just one example.

  2. Congrats on getting an iphone Rebekah, and it looks like you are mastering it already! I’ve been thinking of getting one, so will look forward to any more posts you write about it.

  3. As I think you know, we are an all-Apple family. Frank just got an iPad and is struggling with learning it. It’s very different from a computer, even an Apple computer.
    It sounds like you already love your iPhone; it seems that happens easily to people!
    (Neither of us has an iPhone yet, but I think it’s written in the future — Although for me, I lust after the MacAir, and may actually be getting one sooner rather than later –)

  4. I do! …love it already! It’s a whole new world opening, also because I’d never even touched an Apple computer before. A certain learning curve, but oh, what FUN!!! Useful too — my Swedish English app. just to mention one! I’m learning new words every day — always had ever since I got here. Often when we’re out, new words come up … often I’ve been meaning to jot them down but more often I forget. Now, I have the app on my phone and can do it right away!

  5. I know where you are coming from. I have no energy to blogg. Too too hot. There are few flowers to photograph and the ones that are there, too hot to get out of the car.

    I do have several fun fun photo apps I have been playing with. I have a couple that do HDR and one that will do a panorama shot. very cool. I have some collage apps and editing apps. I have tried macro shots with my iphone. Not too bad. I also found a great GPS app that is better than my real GPS. Cool! And cheap.

    Maybe I will blogg tonite. Maybe not. Good to see post. And glad you are enjoying your phone. My grandkids almost physically forced me to get mine and I am sooo thankful. Loving it!!!

    1. Thankfully we’re far from your temperatures, but I suffer anyway. I can’t think. I do have one of those HDR apps, but haven’t done much with it yet. I feel that I want to get the full hang of the phone itself and its camera first. It will come.

      It would be cool if one could get the iMessage to work with all who have iPhones. I have one in Sweden with whom I’ve tried it.

    1. No, not leaving until August 30 … from Halifax 🙂

      I knew it would be fun with the iPhone, but not how much LOL

            1. Last time, he stayed the night in a motel … left me at the airport before it got really dark. Will probably be same procedure this time … we’ll keep in touch about it! Is the airport close to your place?

                1. That’s most kind and generous! He’d already made the reservation, and said that he really will stick with that since he’d been there before and all that….

                  However … if we could see each other at the airport — perhaps around 8PM or so … that would be really cool! I’d love to see you in real life and chat for a bit … so different from this, and then you’d be the second person from ‘online’ that I’d met in real life [G. being the first] 😀

    1. Yes, Karina …. I’m focusing (!) on getting used to it first, before getting into a lot of other stuff. I did get the Instagram, as I’d seen so many people posting from it, but I don’t know … I don’t like it particularly.. The camera is wonderful — close-ups get really good!

      1. I don’t like it either. 😛 I like Snapseed. Look into it–it’s an EXCELLENT photo app. It’s what I use to fix the color on my photos in-phone. If there is a cost for it, send me a comment back and I can email you a free code for it. It was a Starbucks giveaway app for a while and I grabbed one for my brother, but he ended up getting a droid phone so I never gave it to him. I would be glad to give the code to you instead. You’ll love it, it’s a good photo editor. I don’t like Instagram, because it always looks beat up and dirty. I know that’s the “style”, to make it look like an old Polaroid, but I still don’t like it. I like my colors realistic!

        1. Oh cripes … I’d already downloaded it! Yesterday! I love it.

          I see we have exactly the same feelings about Instagram! For quite some time now, I’ve been looking at photos from normally excellent photographers, wondering why we’d need to ‘uglify’ our photos?! I know, I know … it’s in style right now, but still … I won’t do it LOL

  6. Great! I’ve been a Mac person for years, but that’s because in the dim and distant past, journalists used Apple computers in newspaper offices. I promised myself an Apple computer for home, but the trouble was my IBM that I bought a zillion years ago kept kicking on and on and on ….. But in the end I bought an iMac in 2006, and MacBookPro in 2007, a couple of iPhones and the only thing I am missing is an iPad 😀

    I loathe windows. It is mundane, clumsy and frustrating. Next move – get yourself a Mac laptop of whatever type. The software really is vastly superior.

    Anyway glad you are enjoying it. The pix look good too, it’s obviously a 4 or whatever the latest version is. They get better all the time.

    1. Yes, newspapers were always associated with Apple… and yes, it’s an iPhone 4s.
      I’ve never experienced any other operating system but Windows, so I don’t know what I’m missing. Just as well, because I can’t see any new computer in the nearest future 😉

  7. Oh dear me lol. Finally the summer came to Denmark, yesterday, and it is hot, hot, hot. We are not used to this – so everything more than 22 C is too much. No clouds – only blue sky and sun. So I understand you. An Iphone, congratulations. I go a htc smartphone 1½ years ago, the problem is that I have to charge the battery too often. Else its very handy. I use it for very many things, I can even by stamps with it.

    1. Perhaps it will be the same incredible type of weather as last year when I was home, Annette! We were walking around Stockholm late at night in T-shirts, in October!

      I keep finding more usage for the phone as I go along! 🙂

  8. Bit of a Apple bug here too.
    I do find my phone handy for quickie posts, but my fingers need to learn which buttons to press, bit spoilt with the iMac.

    1. Hi Vicky,
      Yes, it was kind of cool to try posting from the phone. Only a picture, would be perfectly alright.
      Like I said in some earlier comment here … I’ve never in my life tried a Mac computer! I’ve seen pictures of them, but never tried … so I’m probably missing out on a lot of awesomeness LOL..

  9. Great pix!!! Well REbby I finally found my way to this site….I invite you to drop by & comment….
    Multiply is in an uproar!!! I am so glad you came here because when I logged on to read your latest blog it tuens out I was recognized here & within 1/2 hour had a page set up!!!! I spent almost all day with no success to get onto other sites….
    Thank you for being a trailblazer!!!! xo S-E & NB too!!

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