misery index

Each night the humidity goes up to 100% here now. We’ve had hot weather, but nothing like the heat waves that are rolling around other parts of the continent. Tonight, it’s still humid, but life is a little easier because we have a little bit of wind from the north. I’ve really suffered from the heat previous summers here, but this one hasn’t been too bad … yet. My sufferings — in order not to sound like a whiner — takes some explaining: We live in an apartment building. I don’t know exactly when it was built, but a good guess would be some time in the 60’s. We really love it here — it’s a nice and quiet building and the apartment is spacious …lots of light. BUT … and this is the big but … there’s something wrong in the building so they cannot totally turn off the heat (!!!). They’ve explained it to me several times … something about the pipes, some thermal reaction so that they’ll get leaky pipes all over. In any event … it’s incredibly hot in here as we live on the top floor, but all apartments are hot. I don’t keep a thermometer in here because I just don’t want to see how hot it is. It’s psychological — when I see exactly how hot it is, it gets worse! 🙂 We have a/c in one room and fans in the others. The living room is very big and it’s open all the way from the dining area to a big hall, so putting an a/c in here would be rather pointless … or it would take an extremely powerful machine. We bought two, new fans … the tower model and they are both more effective and quieter than the previous ones.

We’ve been out swimming many evenings — very refreshing, but the feeling only lasts so long. Blogging and reading hasn’t exactly been on my mind when I’ve felt like my brain is melting.  Tonight, however, is, as I said, a little better. It’s wonderful with the cool air coming in here. It was a cloudy … really overcast day today, with a few, little showers.

I’ve often felt that overcast days are great for photography. Colours and everything seem to come out better than it bright daylight when you get too much highlights. This picture was shot from a place people refer to as «Tin Can Beach». It could be a beautiful recreation area, but it isn’t. It’s a former industrial area that’s just neglected and people throw garbage there.

We go there often, because many birds seem to like to congregate there … yellow birds in particular … goldfinches, warblers. Almost always big groups of eiders in the waters too.

Speaking of birds, here’s one that seem to suffer from some kind of identity issues. This cormorant hangs out with the ducks in Marsh Creek all the time. I sometimes wonder if it’s the same guy as last year 🙂 Here, he’s surrounded by ducklings and a mother duck. Maybe they think he’s ‘Dad’.

I didn’t bother going out to shoot the fireworks on Canada Day. I knew how crowded it would be up there — another time! We heard the rumbling sound of them going off, and I was thinking to myself as I heard it, how lucky I am to both have been born to, and living in countries that aren’t war torn …. where those sounds would have scared the wits out of me.  I remember so well how many of the refugees we had back home, suffered from anxiety during New Years Eve, Walpurgis Night and the likes, when fireworks are being shot.

We’ve been out a lot and I’ve shot oodles of pictures. The other night, we went up on Kingston peninsula and I saw the eagle soaring … not close enough for any good shots, but I was struck by another thing … how rich and lush all the greenery is right now! We’ve had quite a few rainy days (and nights) even though it’s hot, so the grass is still green and not the burnt brown colour it gets when it’s dry. We’re also surrounded by water here, so no wonder it’s humid!

Apart from everything else, I’ve also been working on my photo blog, that I mentioned in some earlier post. I will still be going back in time, adding photos that I like, but now I’ve linked it in the top bar, underneath the header … it’s entitled «Tidal Waters». It’s just a place to gather the pictures that I like, myself.

Before going to the grocery store today, we drove through the park, because I wanted to see if there were any new ducklings. There weren’t, but I met this, friendly guy! I think he perhaps was a peanut allergic, because surprisingly enough, he just looked at the peanut I threw at him! Normally these guys are real peanut lovers!

30 Replies to “misery index”

  1. I can understand your misery.. the whole continent seems to be heated up for sure… but to make matters worse here in the Ohio Valley, we had a big storm.. more like a tornado hit our part of the world… stretching from the top of Ohio to and including WV and parts of KY… That was last Friday night at 6pm when all the power went out… it will be a week tomorrow and many homes in my area are still without power… food had spoiled, tempers are at an all time high.. no relief from the temp of 100+ , rain comes in the air cools down and then afterwards, the temp goes up even higher….. The high for Saturday is 104. the low 79….
    I was only off 1 day… my son and his family 4 days… and people are having fist fights over bags of ice.
    It is miserable here… hoping and praying the rest of the area gets power back on soon…. next week it is to be cooler… the high of 85…. well , yeah that is cooler… LOL

    1. Cheryl,
      That’s terrible beyond words! I knew about that storm from another friend in Ohio …she posted some pictures on FB. I honestly don’t know how I would survive in those temperatures. Hang in there…

  2. We have been lucky that with our heat the humidity is lower than usual. I am grateful! The humidity bothers me much worse than the heat.

    Love the photos. I need to start feeding the birds here again. Just too hot to be bothered. I have put some water out for them and the squirrels and rabbits. They swarm around it!!!


    1. Yes, the humidity really adds to the misery. I’ve heard about Kansas in the news, and the heat! I’ve never dreaded summer as I do now. That’s wonderful that you put out water for the little darlin’s. I hardly see any ducks around, but I think they’re hiding in the shade somewhere… Kram! and hold out! 🙂

  3. Nice post. We have been sorching here in AL. Today my little area had some rain for the first time in weeks. My brain is totally addled.
    Photos on cloudy days give softer edges.

    1. Thank you, Linda … I can only imagine Alabama! Or rather … I don’t want to 🙂
      Yeah, the brain gets all mixed up … can’t think as usual!

  4. Over half of the US is in a drought situation and is extremely hot. Most of the rest is extremely hot with lots of precipitation. Only the Pacific NW and the mountains of New England seem to be avoiding one or the other. I will take the heat and humidity over the wildfires any day…

    1. Oh, I take the heat/humidity any day over wild fires … of, course ..anyone would do that! I’m not really complaining, I just find summer have become a miserable time of year for me lately 🙂

  5. Crazy weather here in Colorado too. High temps (100 degrees and higher for days on end) and low humidity – excellent weather for fires which seems to love the climate. It’s referred to as “Tinder Dry”. Hang in there and keep the fans churning!

    1. Hello Marge!
      Colorado really got it bad … with the fires! That’s scary beyond words! We have friends near Boulder, so we get updates all the time… eeeek!

  6. Love the photos, all wonderful. 100% humidity must be bad. We get 80s and 90s but not 100. A bit like the temps, we go to the 30s normally (90s) but only ever in Spain do we push the 40/100 mark.

    We have a fan in the bedroom, but that’s to keep the mozzies away. I’ve not used the ceiling fan – yet – this year.

    1. Hi and thanks 🙂 At least we don’t get mosquitoes up here in the flat. Not until now have the bites I got, that night when I shot the eagle, gone away fully. The ceiling fan is going all year round.

    1. David,
      Yes, it’s a shame on this otherwise nice place. People are moving … they can’t handle it, so now there are twenty vacant flats here.

  7. How awful for you to have extra heat. They must be able to do something about it even if it costs some money to fix. Love your photos, especially the last one. You must have been very close.

    1. Thank you 🙂
      I don’t know what they have in mind … it would probably cost a tremendous amount of money to change all the pipes..

  8. The a/c thing sounds horrible and that cormorant…? Maybe he grew up with ducks and thinks he’s one of them? Apropos peanuts: It’s friday afternoon, I’m home alone & just came home from work, so now I’ll go to the store to get some beers & chips 🙂
    Ønsker deg en riktig flott helg!

  9. I love your pics as always.
    Phew, humidity is a killer, I think I’d prefer the rain, and that’s saying something.
    Give me a nice dry, hot day, with a breeze blowing……..now that’s perfection.

    1. Yes, Vicky … that’s perfection but here it hardly ever happens. This is not my time of year — hence the blog title 😆

  10. It has been a tough summer so far hasn’t it. You live much further north, I suspect it hasn’t been just as hot there but hot enough. Today is supposed to be the last scorcher before it cools to the mid eighties next week. Finally got a little rain but not enough to do much good. High of 98 expected today. It’s tough… But soon enough we both will be seeing those first flakes of snow.snow…stinks that the beach is used as a dump.

    1. Yes, it’s tough and it doesn’t seem to matter that I’m farther north. But then again … I think of all those fires and that’s horrific.

      I long for those first flakes 😀

  11. The cormorant father makes for a terrific photo. I wish I could agree with you about cloudy and overcast, I know it’s received wisdom and hub agrees as well, but it just dampens and discourages my photographic eye, which feels starved of bright colors.
    We had rain clouds all around us today, and on the radar, but they divided around us and disappeared to the south without a drop falling. And we could have used some —

    1. We had a quick thunder & lightning storm today, but it was too quick. It made the fog go away, just in time for the afternoon sun to come out and cook us here.

      On a really grey, cloudy day … try and shoot something yellow … a building, for example, you’ll see how brilliant it will come out 🙂

  12. love the cormorant with the ducks! It’s nice that they accept him, as big and different as he is! Not so humid here in Nova Scotia. We’ve had so many grey days that it fools us into thinking we’ve had a lot of rain which we have not. The river is the lowest I’ve seen it in the five years we have been here. Crazy weather all around this summer.

  13. Hi, I find all your pictures just great. I havent seen a cormorant live and I know very little about them except that the fishermen are not happy with them.
    We have a typical Danish summer, a little sun, lots of clouds, showers and/or storms. It is rather chilly, but very pleasant. Many Danes rush South on their holiday to be sure to have some sun and warm weather. I think the best time I have had until now this summer were the days we spend in Öland – lovely weather and mild. Do you know its the place in Sweden where there is most sunshine ( so they say).

    1. Hej Annette! Hope the weather will stay that way until I get home, because I’ve really had it with this heat and mugginess. I’ve never been to Öland! Haven’t even seen the bridge..

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