clouds moving in…

That’s the title of a blog that I follow, and I was thinking about that when I went out on the balcony the other night, and shot this:

The weather people had promised thunder & lightning, and I thought that was what was coming but not so. I was actually hoping for a little thunder storm, as they often clear the air. We’ve had rather hot weather with high humidity to boot, so it would have been nice.

We have been discussing, back and forth here, Gerry and I, about me taking a trip to Europe. After a lot of pondering it was decided yesterday that I’ll just go home to my town for two weeks. Booked the flight right away — Iceland Air, as last time, and not only that; it struck me that I booked the trip on the exact same date as last year! June 24th! This time, I’ll just go home … no other travelling around Sweden as I did then. Made the train reservations online too, and had a very interesting experience with American Express!

The Swedish Railway’s website had some very intriguing security programme installed. Something that ‘sensed’ if the use of your credit card was ‘out of line’?! My VISA was refused. Tried American Express. Refused. I tried over again a few times, with the same result, before I gave up. Thought that I’d just buy the tickets at the airport.

Just a little while later the phone rang! Gerry picked up and someone introduced himself as calling from Amex and about some unusual activity on G’s Amex card. He didn’t ask any questions about the number or anything and the call seemed legit enough. Afterwards, I checked out the number thoroughly and it was Amex alright. After another little while, a woman called from the same number, to make sure that the information had gone through and to tell that it was okay to use the card now on this website. I went back in to Swedish Rail, and what do you know … it worked like a breeze, and I have my tickets printed. I found that quite impressive. Visa did nothing.

In any event, on August 30 I’ll fly out of Halifax to Reykjavik, Iceland and then straight to Stockholm. No eleven hours waiting in Iceland this time, as I did last year! My travel blog Flamma Stolt will spring into action again then πŸ™‚

On a totally different note, I saw the first batch of ducklings today in the park. This is much later than usual, and I’ve wondered if all the ducks have been practising safe sex this year, but that’s not the case … obviously. Eight little ducklings!

29 thoughts on “clouds moving in…

  1. Hi,
    What a great photo you got of the cloud formations, you can easily see a storm in the distance. It is raining here again today and freezing (to me anyway πŸ™‚ ) my freezing is other peoples Spring. πŸ˜€

    That’s great news that you are able to go on another trip, that will definitely be something to look forward to, and I agree with you about the credit card, how good that they checked.

    Love the duck and duckling photo, they look gorgeous swimming behind each other in a single line, all very neat and organized, a very good Mum. πŸ™‚

    1. I just wrote a long reply here, ‘from the bar’, so to speak, then I moved the mouse and it all vanished into thin air! LOL
      This time of year, we normally have ‘swarms’ of ducklings so I find it odd that there are so few!
      It’s very humid here tonight too, but still no sign of that promised thunder.
      It will be a lot of fun to go back home and visit again..

  2. Those clouds coming over look pretty ominous – great pic Rebekah.
    Mama duck has her babies very well disciplined!
    A trip back home again – wow, that’s cool! I remember when you went just a year ago, but this time if you are staying in your own home town without travelling further afield, it will be more relaxing for you. It will allow you to spend more quality time with the ones who matter.
    I liked reading about your experience with the credit card – are they on the ball or what?! It’s good to know that credit card security is taken so seriously.

    1. Yes, Barb … it’s going to be great! Last time was a little stressful, I must admit. After all, I’m not a very experienced traveller either. Now I know exactly where I’m going πŸ™‚
      The card company was great, but I think the train company is a little overly protective. This way, no person from abroad can make reservations, and they do want tourists, huh!
      Imagine how paranoid one has to be nowadays … how I had to check that phone number to see if it was fraudulent or not.. Tiresome, thanks to all the evil people out there.

  3. Great for you!!! Going to Sweden again!!! A friend is a travel agent and he usually does my tickets and stuff. But nice to know it is easy to do online also.

    What I would not give to see those clouds here. Not a ghost of a chance. Got to 103F today. People were burning wheat fields and so it smelled like smoke outside. It is so hot we make Jo come in. Willie has been gone all afternoon. Jo went out once but came right back inside. must like the cool air!!!

    Love the ducklings.

    1. Julie,
      As I know beforehand, that I only want to fly with Iceland Air, I go straight to their website. I want to fly out of Halifax instead of going through US security and all that. If I didn’t know, then I’d probably use some other web service.

      103F is horrible. It must be hard on the animals too, with the fur and all … but I think they have a different system than us though.

  4. Yah, weather service continues to say rain but we get nothing! Need it really bad here. I like your other blog, lots of good stuff! Hope your trip goes well.

  5. Thank you, John! Yes, I started that other blog before my previous trip because I figured there would be oodles of photos and then I’d have all of them in one place and not use up all the space in this one.
    We live in an unbearably hot apartment and with the humidity it gets worse, of course. Outside tonight it isn’t all that bad..

  6. How strange to see the title of your own blog on someone else’s!! I thought Hey! that’s my blog title!! I used to have a similar photo as the header but it got lost it a computer crash 😦 You captured the idea of my blog really well though, both in the photo and in words – the idea of something that could bring a storm, the looming atmosphere etc etc although I’ve often wondered if it was a bit too imaginative for people to relate to.

    Do enjoy your trip. I’ve read about people having problems on the Spanish site so it must have been quite stressful to find it not working and then wondering if the ‘phone calls were genuine. Don’t bother trying out the Quorn if you see any πŸ˜‰

    1. I remember that was the first thing I thought of, when I read your blog title … exactly that, the atmosphere and all that…

      Nah, I don’t think I’ll bother about the Quorn — I’m more of a McDonald’s type of person *ROFL*

    1. I’d say, after this rain today and whatever amounts going to fall tomorrow, our ground will be super saturated..

  7. Oh how nice to go on a trip. I’ve always wanted to go to Reykjavik, though, so I would want a few days’ layover there if I were on your flight! πŸ™‚

    1. Me too!!! The eleven hours I spent there last time, just gave me a taste for MORE … I want to see not just the city, but Iceland itself! Just the 45 minutes car ride from the airport and into the city was awe inspiring … the widespread black, desolate landscape … so different from anything that I’d ever seen before..

      1. Reykjavik is definitely on our bucket list. We’ll be watching for good airfare from the East Coast this February–they often come out with ridiculously low flights, and we’ve never jumped on them before…but we will if we catch them again! One of the ladies I worked with went there for February break one year and she LOVED it.

  8. LOVED the idea of the ducks practicing safe sex! And failing at it —
    Charming photo of the ducklings, though.
    And good for you, going to Sweden again!

  9. All the best for your trip to Sweden – I hope you enjoy it terrifically!

    There is not much chance of mallards practising safe sex, what with the males outnumbering the females. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you, David …
      I don’t think there’s’much chance of that either … hopefully more ducklings will show πŸ™‚

  10. Next time you should bring Gerry, stay a few days in Iceland and experience Reykjavik & surroundings, and of course come for a visit to Oslo (you’re both welcome to stay with us).
    I wish you a nice flight & trip to Sweden!

    1. That would be extremely cool. Like I said in the other comment … the little I saw of Iceland made me dying to see more. Not to mention all the pictures I’ve seen of it.
      We might take you up on that some time πŸ˜€

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