Secret Places

Ailsa, over at Where’s My Backpack, suggested «Secret Places» as a topic. At first, I didn’t really know if I had a place that was all that secret. I have a little, stony beach in Härnösand, Sweden but I’ve written about that before and it isn’t very ‘secret’ any more. All of a sudden I remembered the first summer we lived here in Saint John. We were going up to St. Martins and decided to take a different route. The little road was meandering through the rollling countryside … up and down … at one point we were at height of land, when we saw this view:

Pulled over, in to someone’s yard and shot oodles of pictures! I’d just bought my first DSLR camera [Nikon D60], and I was in awe that I got to shoot this marvellous view … or in fact, to shoot anything at all 😆

Somehow, I felt as if someone was watching me, I turned around and saw this guy … silently standing there, looking at me … he didn’t bark or anything. That was a parenthesis, but I’ll put his picture in here because he was looking so fine!

After that stop, we just kept on driving, still heading for St. Martins. We saw this, rather insignificant, road sign, saying Duck Pond Road, and as we weren’t in any hurry whatsoever, we turned in there. It was a really small road, through some wooded areas and I think we were about to just turn around when the view opened …. and there is was … in all its glory!

We’d actually found the place we’d seen from afar! It was pretty much high tide also, so the rock was almost separated from the mainland — at low tide, they’re connected. This view, and the vacant beach …. it was unforgettable!

After that, we’ve been there many times … we’ve talked about it with several Saint Johners who didn’t know it existed. We’ve never seen more than four, five people there at the same time … most often; no one!

26 thoughts on “Secret Places

  1. Nice shooting! A big difference in the tidal levels there. Where the Canadian Shield exits the Atlantic and comes above water…

  2. Hi,
    It must of been unreal to take a little side road and find this magnificent place, it looks like a beautiful beach area, and I love the way the little Island/rock is just out there, great photos. 🙂

  3. What a great find, and all by chance, really! Do you still go there sometimes? Sounds like not many people know about it – no wonder it’s your secret place!

    1. Oh, we go there often! We’ve even been there in the Winter.. . it’s just such a lovely place to sit and gaze out over the ocean…

  4. Lovely photos, your secret place looks wonderful, just the sort of place I’d like to eacape to, given the chance. I love the dogs expression too 🙂

  5. Such an adventure — all because you were open to wandering, saw something you wanted, and went for it!
    A beautiful story, Rebekah, and beautiful trophies you brought back.

  6. I wish I had a secret place. Just don’t. I do like to drive around on back roads where there is little traffic or houses. I go show, window open, camera in hand. you never know what you will see. I have found tiny little wild flowers never seen before. And I have been able to identify them. I saw a llama once. And goats.

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