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Had not planned to blog at all this morning, but I just read a post in Quotidian Hudson River, that inspired me and made me think about photography. That’s my little hobby … photography … and I haven’t been very serious about it. Took that first course, and that was a camera course … nothing else … to learn the basics like ‘what is aperture/shutterspeed/iso and all that. I’ve never taken a photo class and I’m beginning to think perhaps I should.

Ever since I got the first [DSLR] camera, I’ve shot basically every day. Very rare with a day without any picture at all. I look at a lot of photography online. One thing I’ve noticed about myself is that I’ve become more self-conscious about what I post … here or in Flickr. There are several reasons for that — I’m highly self-critical and secondly, I know how judgemental people are. I shouldn’t care about the latter but I do, to some extent.

When I come home after a day out, and bring up the day’s «loot» on the computer … very few photos ‘make it’. Whether they’re good or not?! … I don’t know. What’s ‘a good photo’ anyway?! The only criteria here is whether I, myself, like it. There are certain rules about composition … I know that much, but since I don’t know all the rules I don’t follow them.

Then, there’s another thing: I don’t like to shoot people. If I can avoid it, I do. I just don’t feel comfortable doing it and have no real interest in it. Hence, street photography is sort of ‘out’ for me.

Now I’m going to post a few pictures here [all clickable and will open in a new window/tab] from yesterday. It was a brilliant day, but the fog was lingering out to sea all the time … just waiting to get a chance to roll back in, over the city.

And here are two more … two examples of pictures that I ‘just liked’…and wouldn’t necessarily have posted otherwise.

 What I really, really love to shoot … and I think y’all know that by now … furry and feathered friends — but that’s also depending on ‘availability’ 🙂 I can never get away from that, though … that’s what I find most rewarding.

Still working on that photo blog…

21 thoughts on “pictures every day

  1. magsx2

    You do take very nice photos, and these also look fantastic. I love photos with fog showing, they are always mysteries, I aways wonder what I might see if the fog was not there, and sometimes they give a photo an eerie feel, always fascinating. 🙂

    The photo of the cloud formation is unreal, it looks like the huge cloud is shooting the smaller cloud down to Earth an amazing shot.

    1. reb

      Yeah, I thought that looked funny too … the smoke from the refinery is coming up from behind the fog bank 🙂

  2. AlohaKarina

    Your bird photos are just unreal. Wow.

    Don’t be afraid to use a good photo editor to boost the color a bit. Most cameras end up graying out the photos just a bit, and I’m sure you’ll notice if you compare the photo onscreen to the actual, you’ll see the difference.

    I love the top picture of the “just because” ones. 🙂 Well done!

    BTW this is how National Geographic photographers shoot–keep looking for what DeWitt Jones calls “The Next Right Answer”. It’s not unusual to have only one or two really, really good ones in a big pile. 🙂

    Well done! More birds, please–you have such a talent for them. It’s spectacular!

    1. reb

      Thank you, Karina 🙂
      I use Photoshop CS4. I shoot .RAW, which enables me to make colour [and other] corrections without losing quality. I’ve found when there’s a lot of green grass, they tend to be a little over-saturated .. the green, that is.

  3. roughseasinthemed

    Foggy pictures are lovely, although rather than fog, it looks to me what Vicky and I call a sea fret if you saw those photos on her blog a couple of posts ago.

    1. reb

      I did see them, and even if I’m not familiar with the term, that might very well be it. Once it rolls ashore, it gets thick and white..

      1. Vicky

        No worries about not knowing the term sea fret. My youngest daughter, who was born and bred in the UK Midlands, even asked me what it meant.
        I think it must be a Northern term. 🙂

  4. Vicky

    ‘A good photo’
    I call it good if I like it, whether its mine or anyone elses
    I love the one above looking through the trees to the lake.
    And I’m still totally in awe of your squirrel from the other day, I keep going back to have a look at it 🙂

  5. Crowing Crone Joss

    keep on doing what you like and choosing what you like. You are on a roll and often post shots the rest of us would love to be able to get so……..keep doing what you do.

  6. Cardinal Guzman

    “There are certain rules about composition … I know that much, but since I don’t know all the rules I don’t follow them.”

    That’s very good. If it wasn’t for people that break the rules, this world would never evolve into anything. For example Michelangelo who secretly cut up dead bodies, this lead to a raise in the common knowledge about anatomy.

    People that always follow rules are just a bunch of boring bastards and they are slowly killing this planet. They are killing creativitiy & the joys of life.

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  8. Don Leaman

    Great photos, Rebekah. I guess I shouldn’t tease you so much, and talk to you about photography.

    1. reb

      Oh hi, how cool that you found my blog! And not to worry … I could write a book entitled «100 ways to rest on the shovel» 😆

      Thank you, about the photos … that’s my little hobby..

  9. Juliana

    I take a lot of photos. I figure if I take 100, maybe 3 are ok! I am scared of being judged although no one has ever put me down for my photos. that just happens on what I write, either on a blog or FB.

    Loved your photos. Very cool!


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