the many moods of the ocean

Here in Saint John, we have the North Atlantic ocean all around … we’re never more than just a few minutes away from it. I grew up by the sea, and I have a hard time imagining living far inland. Something would be seriously missing.

For this post, I’ve gathered a few photos shot over the four years we’ve lived here. I’ve chosen to put them in as a gallery, which I prefer — clicking on the first will bring up the larger slideshow. The earliest ones, like the storm and also the crow on the ice, were all shot with the little Canon camera. That first storm will forever be etched in my memory as it was such an odd exprience. It was Christmas Day, we just happened to drive out to the beach as came upon this wild surf. I got out, and up on a snow drift to shoot …and that feeling; standing there in the snow, with the ocean roaring wild … still the wind was so warm so I could have been dressed in just a T-shirt. It was really odd feeling that has stayed with me.

The day we entered Saint John, visiting for the first time, we came in from the west side, and the ocean showed itself from its very finest side … calm, like a mirror. I was in awe, literally! I asked my partner how in the world he could have lived away from all this for so many years…  Of course, life takes its turns and you can’t always stay in a place because of its natural beauty, but he sure is happy to have come home.

This post was inspired by Ailsa over at Where’s My Backpack?

27 thoughts on “the many moods of the ocean

  1. John

    The sea looks so angry with the big waves and churned mud in it. I wonder what the crow is thinking about, standing lonely on the ice looking out to sea…

    1. reb

      Yeah, the sand gets all churned up, so the water looks brown at times.
      Those ice storms are devastating, but sure makes for some interesting photography. We haven’t had one since..

  2. Vicky

    Wow! What a stunningly beautiful place to live, I can see why your partner was happy to return home.
    There is something totally mesmerising about a wild ocean or sea. I can understand why that memory has stayed with you.

  3. magsx2

    Beautiful photos of the ocean, and I was trying to picture you standing in snow looking out, but that is just too hard, I just can’t imagine it at all. I find it hard to put snow and the ocean together, of course I have never experienced it, but I think I would like to one day. 🙂

    1. reb

      The newspaper was there that day, and the photographer took a photo of me and talked a little. Several years later, I found that in their archives, but apparently I didn’t save the photo. I must have been crazy?! Now this newspaper has gone into a pay site, so I can’t get to it. Would have to contact him. It wasn’t a great photo, but would have been nice to have.

      1. magsx2

        What a shame you didn’t keep a copy, that would of been something, it would of been nice to know what he wrote as well. 😀

        I have never seen snow in real life, we always go on holidays when it is summer regardless, I am also a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to handle really cold weather, so growing up and going to the beach all the time, it is hard to imagine a beach with anything but sand, surf, and fun in the sun. 😀

        1. reb

          We don’t get much snow here … but here you go:
          The tide line is very visible…

          Yeah, strange that I didn’t save it. Never saw it when it was in the newspaper either. I remember I sort of underscored that I was Swedish, as we were new here then, and I was curious whether there are any others.

          1. magsx2

            I have most likely seen this on your blog, it just looks like beautiful white sand to me, just astonishing how it just seems to blend in with the sand.
            This is one of our beaches in North Queensland
            Whitehaven Beach

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  5. ailsapm

    Wow, those are some serious waves! I really love the foggy ones, I can almost feel the damp air swirling around me. Gorgeous!

  6. Touch2Touch

    Pretty amazing slideshow, Rebekah. And an amazing place to live!
    Beautiful but austere — you and G. obviously have the senses to appreciate it. I guess your childhood with the ocean prepared you well.

  7. Juliana

    Love the photos. I always wanted to live near water. Never have but i have always wanted to. Suppose it is my Swedish dna?

    1. reb

      Yes, it really is nice … thanks to the ocean we’re blessed with somewhat cooler temperatures in the summer, than those living a few miles inland..


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