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Some days seem to be better than others, with regards to photography — at least for me.

My partner, who is an avid gardener, has got himself a plot in the community garden! We live in a rather large apartment complex — they tell me here are 160 units — so there’s only the tiny balcony for flowers ‘n stuff. I know how he has missed the gardening from the time in Quebec, when he owned his home. Myself, I’ve only missed the backyard wildlife we had there … raccoons, marmots and so on.

Now … he’s got this plot, so he’s spent some time there, digging and chatting with the other gardeners. As I’ve mentioned before … people, here in Saint John, are chatty … something that I really enjoy and appreciate!

I’m no gardener — not by any stretch of imagination — I do enjoy the results, though … flowers, fresh veggies..! This community garden is next to Rockwood Park — my favourite spot! So instead of hanging around him, putting out manure, I grabbed my camera and moseyed slowly through the park. Deep down, I was hoping to see the Loon again, but realized I hardly would be that lucky two days in a row.

I did see him, but he was way out … in the center of one of the lakes … far from any view-finder! But anyway, it was so nice in general — I put this blue jay on top of my post because I really liked that shot. For once, he stayed still … as if he was posing, looked straight into the camera! He was rewarded with peanuts. Even though I’ve seen this bird for eight years now, I never cease to be amazed over its beauty … the colours, the pattern on his back! I’m not a “birder” per se … I just love all our furry and feathered friends — it’s the camera … the photography that has made me take an interest in them.

This big, grey squirrel, also came around — it is very shy compared to the regular red ones who are extremely bold.

When I came to next lake — there are many little lakes in this park — I had a bit of comical experience! As I got out of the car with my camera, a guy the truck beside me asked: «Hey … have you ever seen a guy fishing in a dress suit before?!» and laughed. I looked out towards the lake, and noticed someone was fishing alright, but couldn’t see the full person from where I was standing because the ground was slanted … got up a little bit, and there he was! Full dress suit, shirt, tie … the whole kit ‘n caboodle!

We all burst out laughing and the guy in the suit said he felt so good, after he’d been through divorce court, so he wanted to do some fishing — he was a country boy at heart, and since he had all his gear in the car — why not?!

After that episode I was thinking to myself; «This is Saint John for you! Here we talk with strangers…»

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  1. Great photos! The squirrel looks like he’s bustin’ a move, what a great pose for you. No Blue Jays back home? I have no idea what kind of birds are in Europe that are here. As always, enjoy reading your blog!

    1. Thank you, John! No, but the Blue Jay has a distant cousin in Europe … he’s beige — quite the looker actually — but not at all as colourful. One can see a small, blue patch on his wing … that’s all! I think in genenral the birds are much less colourful in Sweden..

      1. Hmmm. My sister could possibly tell us, she’s been a bird lover for years and her license plate says “birder” on it! When the continents drifted apart ages ago, they took with them their direction of specie evolution…

  2. Hi,
    That is great that you have this wonderful park so close to where your hubby has the garden. I agree the blue jay has got beautiful colours and pattens, a very pretty bird, seems to like peanuts as well, a great shot. 🙂
    The squirrel looks like he wants to have a bit of a conversation, and the guy in the suit fishing bought on a smile, and I loved his story as well. 😀

  3. I loved the little squirrel ready to have a conversation. He probably was laughing at and with the guy in the suit fishing! Enjoyed this post. Can’t wait to see what veggies you’ll have.

  4. Fabulous photos!!!!
    I love the squirrel 🙂 how different our two countries are. Here the grey squirrels are the bold ones, and are very common, the red ones? I have never even seen one 😦

    1. Thank you, Vicky .. about the photos. Wow, I thought the red one was the common one all over the place?! We have them in Sweden! Maybe they aren’t referred to as ‘red’?! They’re brown. Never saw a grey one back home.. 🙂

      1. Your description sound right, the red are a reddish brown, and smaller.
        The red has been native in the UK for several thousand years, but the grey was imported from USA in the nineteenth century.
        Apparently the red squirrels are more likely to be seen in Scotland.
        There is an oak tree in my neighbours’ garden, during Autumn the grey squirrels collect the acorns, and there can be three or four on a daily basis busily burying them in my lawn. A couple of months later, they’re back, frantically digging holes, looking for them. 🙂

        1. Perhaps your grey ones have become bolder as they were imported?! I used to watch the squirrels bury peanuts in Quebec, while we lived there, and quite often they blue jay found the squirrels’ peanuts 😀

    1. No red squirrels in Mass.?! Like I said to Vicky here above … maybe it’s me, maybe they aren’t called ‘red squirrels’?! The grey one is really big in comparison, timid and shy. I used the see the black ones in Quebec too … they were the same size as the grey.

  5. Brilliant photos Rebekah, the blue jay is so pretty. It looks like the squirrel was posing for you!
    I’m glad you found out the story behind the man fishing in those clothes, it adds to the photograph – and when you take the time to talk to a stranger, they are a stranger no more! He was probably feeling on top of the world and glad to share his story with you.

  6. I love how the Blue jay posed for you but, i gotta tell you, that squirrel shot is the best I’ve ever seen! I think word is spreading and the creatures know when you’re about and want to be the next super model for Rebekah!!

    1. Ha ha ha! What a cute thought 🙂
      That squirrel is so special — I give her a peanut, she runs a little bit, then stops and looks back at me ‘over her shoulder’ …

  7. I particularly love the photo of the blue jay here: He/She is standing is such a sweet ‘pose’, and the clarity is marvelous! The squirrel is a cutie too. Well done all around! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Tamara! I was hunched down when I shot this blue jay …which was good as I could rest my elbows on my knees. I got three shots of him, looking different ways. It’s funny that a bird can have such an expressive face.

      Glad you stopped by … feel free to drop by any time! 🙂

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