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Colder Weather — I certainly got then what I bargained for! It is cold! We have this nippy wind from northeast and a huge cloud system that just keeps going round and round. We here, haven’t got as much rain as in other areas like Maine and Mass. — only scattered showers — but still, it’s very grey. The Weather in itself is a good thing! What if we didn’t have any weather at all LOL! All joking aside, it can be wild, deadly, boring, lovely and always a topic of conversation, or even blogging, as now, in my case.

At this point in my life, I don’t care as much about the weather as I used to when I was young, and obsessed with getting a sun tan. Wouldn’t miss a minute of sunshine and tried to make the most educated of guesses when I planned my annual, four weeks of vacation [well, five, but I always ‘saved’ one week].

One year, when I’d been looking forward to vacation as usual — I woke up on that first Monday morning to pouring rain. It just felt so good to be off work, so it didn’t matter. By then I was over my sun tanning obsession too, I had cable-TV, so I said to myself I’d just enjoy a rainy day, curl up on the couch and watch the Hallmark Channel. Eventually, got myself ready for some romantic TV dramas and turned on the TV. It broke down! Seriously! It was some tube inside it that was essential and I forget the word of it, but it was gone!

My finances weren’t all that good at the time, so it wasn’t as if I could just go out and buy a new one … just like that! This must have been the summer of 1996, I realize now, because my mother died 1995. Had a friend drive me over to her place and pick up her TV. It wasn’t all that old, I thought. Got some help bringing it up to my apartment … boy, were they ever heavy! Plugged it in, and once again got myself all curled up on the couch.

It burned! As soon as I’d plugged it in and turned it on, evil black smoke came out of it! Quickly unplugged it from the wall, and that was it. At least it didn’t catch real fire or so, but I never forget the stench. It was hard to get rid of even … the smell, that is.

By then, I was so mad … realizing I had to dig in to my poor stash of saved money. Called up a guy I knew who was a radio/TV dealer and had one delivered to a fair price … it rained for four weeks.

This was just before the Internet came into my life. This would have been a whole different story, had it been one year later! If this had happened to me today — with the Web being what it is now — I would never had bothered in the first place … with the TV.

Today is the 6th of June and Sweden’s national day, so … being one of, possibly two, Swedes here in Saint John, I’ll put my little Swedish flag out on the balcony. If anyone happens to see it up here, I doubt they’ll know what country’s flag it is.

The link above goes to Sweden’s official website and there I even found a translation into English, of our national anthem. Never saw that before, and it’s a good translation.

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  1. Your post brought back memories for me. The days of sun worshipping, booking holidays and hoping the sun would grace us with its presence for the duration.
    Nowadays, all I ask for is dry weather 🙂

    Happy Sweden Day! or whatever is the right thing to say 🙂

    1. Thank you, Vicky ..also about the Sweden Day … I honestly don’t know, myself, what they say. It wasn’t until just a few years ago it even became a holiday!

      Yeah, those days of sun worshipping! That was really something — think I was cured after I saw a woman who’d spent a week up in the mountains, skiing … she looked like a raisin in the face afterwards. This happened to coincide with all the talk about malignant melanoma … even though I’m not at all in the risk zone of it … don’t have that type of complexion, but still … I just gave it up.

      We get very hot, and most of all, HUMID summers here. I wish it was more moderate!

      1. That was one thing that stopped me sunbathing too.
        I’ve always been one for plastering sun cream on, though my mums home made concoction from my childhood left a lot to be desired. 😮
        I love the warm weather, but humidity is one thing I hate.

  2. And the clouds go round and round and round — And I think I need gloves this morning.
    That’s quite an unpleasant coincidence about the two TV sets. You had bad electronic karma at that time, I think!
    As you say — with the Internet — who needs television!

    1. My electronic karma is much better nowadays!
      Yes, they still go round this evening, but right now the sun is setting and they clouds have taken on the most gorgeous colour!
      I wouldn’t have a TV-set if I was living on my own..

  3. I think as we get older, our vanity fades, and suntans become not only a health danger, but a waste of time. I used to spend countless hours in the sun myself. Now, my skin is beginning to show signs of damage from all of those beautiful tans I’ve sported in the past. Being a red-head, I’m supposed to burn, but that was not the case with me for some reason. So off to the River, or the beach, I went to toast under the rays. These days, I welcome a rainy day, as the outdoors still does beckon me to spend time outside. I just don’t spend it laying around anymore, in an effort to look wonderful for people I don’t even know. 😉

    1. Yes! I wouldn’t have the patience now, to spend that many hours on the beach. My brother has red hair, and the typical complexion … he used to fall asleep on the beach [because he was so bored, I think], and got burned … badly! Luckily, he never got it, though and he’s 67 now. That whole thing about looking great because of a suntan is just a fashion thing, methinks. My Mum used to tell me that when she was young [she was born 1913], it was not in style to have a suntan … 🙂

  4. Happy National Holiday! Sweden has a lovely flag!
    I had a similar experience with old T.V.s last week, to be exact. My neighbors were giving away their grandson’s old T.V. and I took it for my bedroom (to watch the 10 news). It lasted one week to the day. I thought it was funny. The trash people hauled it off today from the curb.
    I really did not need it anyway.

    1. Thank you, Linda…
      Well … at least yours lasted a week! 🙂 Never had a TV in my bedroom … it’s been suggested, but I never wanted it. Could never stay awake anyway..

  5. Hi,
    I also loved the sun when I was younger, but I admit I do love to see the cooler weather, we are in Winter now, and it is only short here in the tropics, but when I was younger I did not like Winter at all. 😀
    I watch a lot of TV on the computer now, more than I watch on the actually TV. I can watch what I want when I want, and no ads.
    Yes I remembered it was Sweden’s National Day from a comment you left on my blog last year, I hope you have a great day. 🙂

    1. In my case, I think it’s the combination of heat and humidity that makes me suffer so…
      I would probably watch more on the computer, but we have the TV in the same room. Would be nice with no ads! I’m so fed up with them, because they’re louder than the ordinary programming..

  6. Wow, two TV’s cooked! As one comment said, bad karma indeed. Hope your Swede Day is good, you must miss being there. What are the odds of two TV’s flaming out consecutively? Hmmm

    1. Yeah, that was odd … two on the same day! My day was good. Yes, sometimes I miss it a little, but I like it here too.

    1. In this day and age … I doubt I would get one, if I were by myself.
      Thank you! 🙂 Will check out that post..

  7. I never sunbathe here, it’s too hot, I would fry – not to mention the risk of skin cancer which is very high here.
    Happy Sweden Day Rebekah!

    1. Hi Barb,
      I would imagine so, judging from your pictures … that it gets really hot .. but it sure looks lovely there!
      Thank you about the Sweden Day 🙂

  8. Hope you had a lovely day, guess it’s not the same as celebrating it in the country though.

    No TVs here. We’ve probably had as many years without TVs as with. No subathing either, my beach trips are for the free swims in the sea.

    I’ve heard about a few melanoma cases recently, it is worrying. Tan in our youth and repent in our old age 😦

    1. With the Web being what it is, I think many people will get rid of it, in the long run … or they will merge somehow … with the cellphone … and everything will be one 😀 I don’t know..

      Just as recent as last night, I heard about new research about the dangers of tanning beds! They said if you’d only done it once … in your youth, was enough — you’d have to repent, possibly.

      1. Actually I did do it twice. I went vaguely pink once and nothing happened with the other. At which point, being a prudent financial person I decided it was a waste of money, So never again. Money always comes first 😦

  9. Those old tvs were awful. I remember having a repairman come to fix them. Love the new ones. I can lift it easily and the picture is awesome.

    I tend to be obsessed with the weather. Mostly because we farm and the weather is important. Also we live in the middle of nowhere. If a bad storm is coming, we get no warning. I am always osn top of what is going on.

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