don’t know what possessed me

For some time, I’d been thinking it would be neat, sometimes, to have a really small [but good] camera … like a pocket camera, or at least one that would fit in my purse. The Nikon D90 that I have [and love] is kind of heavy and bulky to carry everywhere. This was a very ‘loose’ thought … no concrete plans, until Friday, two weeks ago.

Was reading about a compact camera [Nikon Coolpix P510], probably it must have been the amount of zoom that attracted me because I went straight downtown, to Appleby’s, and bought it!

That must have been one of my life’s more premature decisions. Don’t get me wrong … it was a lovely, little camera and it took beautiful pictures — it wasn’t that! I had it for that weekend, went on a photowalk with a friend and that was probably when it dawned on me it was wrong.

Deer in a garden, down below here

If I am anything at all, I’m a nature photographer … birds, animals … that’s what I love to shoot. Anyone who’s followed this blog for some time knows that. You just can’t focus as fast with that type of camera as you can with a DSLR … besides: it didn’t even fit in my purse, which was the main reason for getting one!!!

All of that weekend I felt so bad … after all it cost a great deal of money too! Wasn’t sure of the rules … whether I’d be allowed to turn it back. However, got a hold of my friend and mentor at Appleby’s on Facebook and asked him. He said it wasn’t a problem as long as I had all the packaging material. Luckily I did! For once I hadn’t emptied my waste basket here, underneath the desk … normally I would have thrown it all down the chute! Yay! That is perhaps something to really bear in mind when you buy something expensive like that … in case you get second thoughts!

The result of all this is that I love my Nikon D90 even more than I did before πŸ˜€

We’ve had some rainy days, on and off, when we’ve stayed at home a lot. One day, the raindrops were dangling particularly nice off the flowers on the balcony so I decided to, once more, try the reflection in the droplet. Here are two examples of what I got…

For some time, I’ve also worked on a separate photo blog. A place to post photos that don’t go with any blog post here, but that I like enough to post … also to have them gathered in one place — just because I like them. There are many different opinions about photo blogs. Some people would find them tedious and would rather watch paint dry than looking at photos without text. Others … who are perhaps into photography, could be interested. Β«You can’t please them allΒ», that’s what I keep reminding myself of. Won’t post the link to the other blog, because I’m still going back in time, adding to it so it would mean too many notifications if someone were to subscribe to it.

Happy June, bloggeroos!

40 Replies to “don’t know what possessed me”

  1. The drops are lovely….good thing you kept your paperwork! I, too, bought a small purse camera but waited to long to take it back. It records but I do not know how to extract the video with the audio, therefore, it has turned out to be useless. I went back to my old camera and video camera I had before this bright idea of having a purse video and photo camera.

    1. I was so happy when I found all those little plastic bags for each item! Could easily have thrown them away, but I found all … otherwise I’d been screwed.

      There certainly must be a way to extract the files?! Do you have someone you can ask for help?

  2. Great quality on the camera! A pocket camera is very handy. My last posts from Oslo is shot with a Canon Ixus130. Great to carry around, especially when I am on my bike!

    1. Just read the rest of your post now πŸ™‚
      First I read a little bit, then commented, then read the rest… In retrospect it wasn’t such a good idea. So you didn’t keep the camera? What about these photos? Are they shot with your Nikon D90?

      1. All photos in this post were shot with the regular Nikon D90. There’s a link in the post … the word PHOTOWALK is linked to an older post, and there are the photos I took with the little camera… the one that I turned back.

  3. It’s nice to realize that what you have is what you truly need. πŸ™‚ I’ve been having fun with my Canon DSLR, and I’ve had it forever…but was ignoring it in favor of a purse camera. Since pulling out my DSLR again, though, I’ve shot some pictures I’m really proud of, and the purse camera isn’t getting much play any longer. πŸ™‚ It’s good for snapshots for the grandparents but nothing beats a long lens, that’s for sure!

    1. Yeah, it felt good when it was all sorted out! We do have another, little camera, and there’s also the BlackBerry when the light is good..

  4. these images are absolutely fabulous! I shall follow all your posts from now on! ^^ the images of water droplets o these dowers give a sense of calmness and peace.

    1. Thank you so much! πŸ™‚ Love droplets, but it’s rare that I manage to get that reflection.. but you’re right — the do give a certain sense of calm..

  5. The shots taken with the P&S on your stats page are nice, they look really clear and focused. Ironically though one of the reasons I want a DSLR is because the little one is so slow. You can get decent shots, but not necessarily the ones you want.

    I’m not a fan of photoblogs without text, the photos mean something to the author but not to the rest of us. Having said that, a) I’d also be interested in seeing yours (different when you’ve already read some of the author’s words) and b) I have my very own ‘not a photoblog’ πŸ˜€ It does have text though, and uses the duotone changing colour background theme.

    1. Exactly! That was my problem with it — too slow. Well put; ‘you get decent shots but not necessarily the ones you want’ LOL

      You do have a point there, about the photos meaning something to the photographer, but not necessarily to the viewer. I have a few of those in that blog, but have tried to add at least a title or a caption to most..

      The effect certain photo blogs have on me, is that I feel like a total loser, and that I should sell the camera and forget all about it. So much talent has come through since the digital camera came into play…

      I shall check out yours now πŸ˜€

  6. I had a nice little Nikon camera I used when I was in Danville that I pretty much wore out. My oldest son bought himself a new camera, so he have me his old Kodak camera, which still had some life left. I may have killed it yesterday though. It sure did decide to start acting funny all of a sudden, so I may soon be on the market for an ‘easy to use’ camera. I am not a professional photographer, but I love photography. I like to take a lot of shots as basic memories or for possible reference when working on artistic projects. Any thoughts on a CHEAP, EASY to use, digital camera?
    By the way, I love the deer in the garden. What a lucky capture on your behalf. Great job!

    1. Hi Orples,
      Yeah … I guess you can wear them out! We do have a secondary camera here, that we’ve had since 2007. Cheap is relative, but it’s a good, compact camera that takes wonderful shots: Canon Powershot SX100i. Ours has 10x zoom.

      Those deer go to that garden on a regular basis …and they’ve done so all winter. They’re so cute..

      1. Thanks for the tip on a camera. I may have to replace my soon. :(. As far as those critters go, I love them all, whether they sport hooves and fir, or wings, or fins. Animals (and flowers) make life worth living. πŸ˜‰

  7. So you returned it because it didn’t focus fast enough. Well, as a photographer, you know what you want – and good handling is surely as important as image quality.

    Of course, it does mean though that the itch will have to be scratched further down the road when you read about another ‘possible’ camera…

    Love the deep, rich colours in the second shot πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you, David
      I may have been able to get used to it, but it sure didn’t feel like that … and then there was the size issue.
      Oh, I’ve learnt my lesson now …and I’ve learnt it well! πŸ™‚ It’s okay as long as I just read about them, and don’t go in and try them out!

      Besides … as I said in another comment here; we do have the little Canon, which is really good.

  8. It was fortunate you kept all the packaging for that camera, and even luckier that they took it back! Pretty expensive camera, too.
    The photos with the droplets are lovely and clear, you captured the reflection nicely.

    1. Hi Barb! πŸ˜€
      Yeah, normally it would have been all gone!
      I still find it difficult to capture the reflection in drops … I think it does depend on the background too… not only what’s behind the camera LOL..

  9. Five years before I got my Nikon D5000, I was given a Coolpix as a thank you gift. I have to say I have taken thousands of photos with it and have recommended to a few others. You’re right though, there is no comparison with a DSLR. I’m so glad you were able to return it, would have been horrid if you couldn’t.

    1. Joss,
      Yes, this was a beauty, and I’d recommend it to anyone! Imagine … 36X zoom πŸ™‚ It just wasn’t for me, and I was very thankful that I could go back on my decision!

  10. Reb i know just what you mean! I find carrying my dslr such a pain and have often thought about getting a little compact. So far I’ve resisted and my current android has a camera that rivals my friends compact (except its broke at the mo) but still isn’t the same as the real thing. I recently found a new camera bag that seems to be solving the problem on a day out. It takes the camera with lens, space for a zoom and I could get my macro in if I padded it. As well as that it has an expandable section for personal items that would usually be in my handbag and external pockets for maps, water bottle etc. It goes cross body and the strap is adjustable, I love it and I think unless it was a very dressy occasion it solves my problems!

    1. Wow … that is something I’ve been searching for online. I did find some, they were even nice-looking, but they were so pricey … almost like a new camera! My cellphone [BlackBerry] takes nice pictures, when you want to snap something really quick, provided the light is good. We’ll see, I’ll look again at those bags. The money I got back I could add to a macro lens, which I don’t have. I thought of that while I was shooting those droplets πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, I’m growing to like the idea now. Quite often I have pictures that mean something to me, and that I want to post … and who knows — somebody else might take a liking to them too.

  11. Thank goodness this is a happy ending story! Otherwise it would have been very sad.
    Go to, Rebecca: you can photograph whatever appeals to you. Onward!

    1. Yeah … for that amount I could have had my teeth bleached or something… I feel good when I think about how lucky I was, and the little Canon we already have does fit in my purse πŸ™‚

  12. Time to catch up. Harvest is over. I have played continuously with my iphone getting it like I want it. Back to laptop!!!

    Love the beatiful flower photos. I love water drops on plants. One of my fave things.

    I did buy a small camera. My camera I had was huge. So same brand and a better zoom. I do like it. And the zoom is good. And it fits in my purse. But. There are certain photos I like to take and this one will not do it. Just will not. Back to the big one.

    I just got an iphone. It is amazing how awesome the photos are it takes. I am shocked. Even macro shots are quite good. It is now my small camera!!

    1. I see how the iPhone takes wonderful photos. I still have to live my my decision until Christmas 2013. Hope there’s something new and awesome out by then..

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