Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

TodayThis week’s theme is a bit different – it’s about TODAY.  No rules or guidance on what to post other than the photo must be taken today! 

I read this post as I came home, so I just downloaded what I had in my camera and chose this waxwing, enjoying the apple blossom on this first June day!

47 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Today”

    1. Thanks, John! yes, he’s a very good looker — he has a mask, and that nice, yellow band on his tail feathers..

  1. Yeah, right: I was talking a walk and took a gorgeous photo of a waxwing. A day like any other… 🙂

    That’s unfair! I’ve seen them only once, high on the trees. Looking at the photo I took you can say there are some birds visible but they could be pigeons as well.

    Congratulations anyway… [jealous]

    1. *teehee* …I see them here, about twice a year. They come in big groups. Usually, they’re so ’embedded’ in leaves and stuff, so this is probably the best shot I ever got of a waxwing. Thank you so much for stopping by 🙂

    1. Yeah, I love that too … they look so smooth, and those exquisit little details, like the red dot and the yellow band.. 🙂

  2. This is exceedingly beautiful! What a shot like “GOTCHA”!

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Most of the other shots, there were lots of branches in the way, but I finally got one clear shot..

  3. Love the cropped version on the header. Works really well.

    It was funny, I’d done the same as you (yesterday), wandered through our local botanical gardens, took loads of pix and then saw the ‘challenge’. I’ve got enough for a week’s worth 😀

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I’ve changed theme to Twentyeleven [for now], and when I set them to ‘featured’, they pop up in the header!

      I try to shoot some most every day, and this theme today came in handy 😉

      1. That’s one of the features I really like about 2011. Most of mine have a featured header now, although whether anyone notices I have no idea!! Sometimes, as with yours, I think they make a better shot. Because of the random way it features them, I’ve also specifically created a ‘header’ shot.

        1. Yes, I like it too. Almost every image I’ve used in a post is ‘featured’, thanks to the previous theme I used [Origin], which is really neat too. You’re right — some come out really well as headers, others … not so good 😉 Also have a few, custom header images.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I feel that I usually see them twice a year.. They seem to be all over the western world. I remember them from back home [in Sweden], how they always came in the autumn and ate the rowan berries..

  4. now I’m just plain jealous. These are one of my favourite birds, they nest on the other side of the river from us, I see them fairly often and have NEVER been able to capture a good shot of them. sigh. but I will put my jealousy aside and just enjoy your lovely pic.

    1. Thank you, Joss 😀 I’ve shot them many times, never with any good result … there have been too much foliage so the green has taken over. This time I was really lucky, with the apple blossom and all 🙂

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