from euphoria to utopia

That, somewhat cryptic, headline refers to a song and a lake. Last night, the Eurovision Song Contest took place in Baku, Azerbaijan. This ‘competition in music’ has been going on for as long as I can remember. It’s just a fun thing — you can’t compete in music — families get together and watch it, everyone has some opinion on which song/country should win. Over the years it has gotten more complicated and also many new countries. Most years I can’t remember one single song because I’ve felt as if they were all like … ‘chewing gum’, a few I remember … ABBA from 1974 with Waterloo, and two songs will forever stick in my mind for various reasons, I love them both: Wings of Love, with Olsen Brothers [Denmark 2000] and Gente di Mare, with Umberto Tozzi & Raf [Italy 1986].

Now, I could have watched it here on the computer, had I wanted to but I really didn’t care that much. Had checked out Sweden’s contribution (Euphoria, with Loreen), but I didn’t care for it at all. Followed it a little half-heartedly on Twitter, and to my big surprise Sweden won!  I’m usually better than that, picking them, but it has happened before, that I’ve been really wrong. In any event … next year it will take place in Sweden, probably in Stockholm.

Today was a beautiful day and we went to Lake Utopia. When you drive south, towards the American border, there’s a big intersection where you get to Blacks Harbour if you turn left, and Lake Utopia when you go right. We had never been there before, the name sort of tickles your imagination, so we went there. It was nice … it was a lake. Period.

That didn’t take long, so we went on to Blacks Harbour. That’s where the ferry to Grand Manan leaves from, but we’ll do that another day. Going to Grand Manan is at least a full day event, and we’d have to start out earlier.

Next to Blacks Harbour was a cute, little place called Beaver Harbour. They had a lighthouse, I’m a sucker for lighthouses … and I’m not the only one!

20 thoughts on “from euphoria to utopia

    1. reb

      I’ve heard about people being obsessed with numbers and years, with regards to this and that is indeed bizarre! When I was a kid, I used to think it was fun..

      No walks around that lake — it was even hard to catch a glimpse of it! So many private properties, the beach that you see in the picture was private too..

  1. Imelda

    love the pictures and the title. And ABBA! Here is one nice song from Eurovision – Blue (Blue blue my world is blue)


  2. Annette Ursin Holmboe

    I didnt watch the show, I knew the danish song, and it is absolutely not a winner ( became the 4. last LOL). i havent heard the winner yet, but maybe some day – ( there is nothing like ABBA lol).
    Beautiful pictures- guess you havent seen Västersjön, Hallandsåsen ?? It is as beautiful as this one, you can see a picture of it on my FB site ( the header).

    1. reb

      After Olsen Brothers, nothing else measures up! 🙂
      No, I’ve never been to Halland … hardly anywhere in that part of the country, sadly enough. Now, I have at least been to Skåne for the first time. Will go and have a look 🙂

  3. adinparadise

    Love the name “Utopia.” I wonder how it earned it’s name. I’m also a sucker for lighthouses. We have our own here, just down the beach. 😉

    1. reb

      Thank you! The name … I don’t know — should read up on it — but it was actually the main reason for us going there. Had seen that sign so many times …
      Lighthouses tend to be very picturesque 🙂

  4. Cardinal Guzman

    I remember we used to watch this show on Norwegian TV when I was a kid.
    It was on the only TV station we were allowed to watch here in Norway: The State run TV channel, where all the bosses and people from higher ranks were from the Labourers Party. It wasn’t allowed to have private radio stations either. Only the state run channels were legal. It was first in 1988 that Norwegians were finally allowed to watch other channels than the ones run by the Labours Party.

    If he had been alive, Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels, the German politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945, would probably have been very proud of the Norwegian Labours Party.

    Anyway, that was a digression. I didn’t watch the show (we hardly ever watch TV) and I don’t listen to radio, so I don’t know any of the songs either.

    In all the newspapers here you could read about a “Norwegian” (an iranian residing in Norway) comedian that was arrested and harrassed during the Eurovision because he made fun of Azerbaijan. So they withheld him in customs as he was leaving the country, undressed him and sexually harrassed him while he was behind bars.

    Now the question is: Would a European country do anything like that if some random comedian made fun of their country? Azerbaijan might be a part of Europe geographically, but it seems like their mentality is like any backwards muslim nation.

    1. reb

      I’m old enough to remember when we had only one, gvt. run channel too, then we got a second one but that was also gvt. run. I think, the first time I ever watched cable-TV was 1984, but it was probably around earlier … I’d heard about it. We got Channel 3, which was based in London, and not all people could see it — I think it depended on the landlord. It’s all fuzzy now. Nowadays, it’s the same crap as everywhere else. After eight years away, I’m still not used to the amount of commercial ads. The Swedish girl [of Moroccan origin], who won … there were rumours that she was going to make a statement about the country if she won, but she didn’t. I know nothing about it… The answer to your question is, hopefully, a resounding NO.

  5. magsx2

    I also love a lot of Abba’s songs, they were a big hit here in Oz also.
    Looks like you had a lovely drive, the lake looks nice, peaceful, and quiet. I also like lighthouses, I have never been in one yet, unfortunately. It’s on the bucket list. 😀


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