wearing a wire

From yesterday morning, until this morning I wore a so called Holter monitor. It’s a 24hrs ECG … like a tape recorder. My doctor just wanted to rule out atrial fibrillation … I don’t suffer from anything serious — at least it doesn’t feel that way. In any event, when I looked at myself in the mirror, noticing all the cords underneath my T-shirt I thought of Tony Soprano and Pussy 😀

During those twenty four hours, I thought I’d go on with my life as usual, so we were out in the glorious weather, took some pictures.

Have you ever kept on taking the same subject, but still didn’t feel that you got it just right?! That’s how I’ve felt about the bridge over the Reversing Falls. Don’t know how many photos I have of the same bridge, but as of yesterday I can say that I’m rather happy with it.

It wasn’t planned — it was just that I decided ‘playing tourist’ in my own town, and climbed up on the observation deck above the Falls. Immediately saw that this was the way I wanted the bridge to be shot!

Took a walk across the bridge — something I’ve only done once before! They’ve put up a monument in memorial of an accident that happened a number of years ago … a gas station blew up on this spot, where this now sits. I don’t know what the thought behind this art work is — in my touristy escapades, I forgot to read the plaque.

Yesterday morning, when we drove up to the hospital, we drove by the copper dome from the old General Hospital. It’s located in a very busy intersection, I’ve shot it once before but wasn’t happy with my shot at all. Now, as we were driving up, I saw that I could get a shot where the Stone Church appeared right in between the pillars of the dome … or so I thought!

So … this morning, as we drove up there to return the Holter, I decided to give it a go. Carefully crossed the streets, and walked down, in the wet, newly mowed, grass to compose my shot. Now … I don’t know how I saw it from the car, but the only part of the Stone Church I got in the frame was the uppermost tips.

The General Hospital was a landmark, opened 1931 and imploded 1995, so I never saw it. There are time capsules underneath the dome.

Now we have the Regional Hospital a bit outside of the city and St. Joseph’s, which was the one I went to today.

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    1. Thank you … I’m glad to hear that, because I was actually very happy about that bridge, that I see more or less every day.

  1. I was looking for the ‘like’ button for this post, but can’t find it? Maybe it is the ‘Like’ button on the top of the page –

    from David (confused of Edinburgh)


  2. Certainly have taken repeated photos of a same subject. You are not alone! I hope the test reveals no issues for you. That’s a nice bridge, the water doesn’t look too deep there…

    1. Thank you! I don’t think it will show any serious issues. Much less problems now, compared to last Fall.

      Powerful whirlpools underneath that bridge … I certainly wouldn’t like to fall in there..

  3. Hi,
    I think the bridge shot is excellent, a great photo, it shows the shape of the bridge well, and you can see the water below, well done. 🙂
    I love your other photos as well, what a shame you forgot to read the plaque, maybe next time.
    A great video, I am always amazed at how they manage to bring down these old buildings, but the dust, can you imagine what it would of been like in some of the buildings/homes after it, it would of been a nightmare getting that dust off plants, the outside walls and inside as well. 😀

    1. I’ll check it out next time I’m in that area..
      Yeah, imploding must be some technique … to get it right, just as the other way around. Can only imagine all the cleaning that must have been going on in that neighbourhood afterwards!

      1. I’m certainly glad I didn’t live in the area, it must of been horrendous. Those poor people were most likely still cleaning out dust weeks after, the amount that would of been on the ground, the smallest of breezes would of send the dust flying again.

  4. I love the photos. Great bridge. We have nothing like that anywhere near me. Nor domes. Nor great monuments. Great to see. I hate when wonderful old buildings are destroyed. You just cannot go back.

      1. You are right. I think we always think the grass is greener….

        I totally forgot to say I hope your monitor shows all is normal. I remember those from when I was a nurse. They were ordered every so often for a patient or two. Take care.


        1. True, about the grass. I think after a certain amount of time, things get ‘as usual’… We get sort of ‘blind’ no matter how much beauty we have all around us … I have not lived in Saint John that long though 🙂

  5. The video was chilling, brought back reminders of 911 that I thought had settled among the embers of my memories.
    But the bridge shot was very fine indeed. It seems like wearing the Holter monitor sent extra energy through your system or something, because the photos (both elevated structures) associated are terrific.
    Trust all will be well with the recording, and that they’ll let you know real quick.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, who knows … if felt really good to be out yesterday, it was a very pleasant day.
      Yes, I trust all will be fine. Just something minor … not at all as when it started.

  6. Oh, I’m so glad you “played tourist” and got the shot you wanted! Isn’t it fun? 🙂 Hurrah!

    As for the Holter monitor–been there, done that. Like many, I sometimes have early beats–but I feel them. They had to rule out problems for me, too.

    Just this week, I was put through a stress test and echocardiogram (the sonogram of the heart), again to rule out heart problems. I have a lot of tightness in my chest and palpitations, but they seem to all stem from breathing issues. I have asthma and allergies, and the pollen, mold and dust (from yesterday’s marathon stairway carpeting cleaning session in particular) cause my normally-under-control asthma to flare up.

    The two tests were perfect, no problems whatsoever, and so now I can sit here, tight chest and all, and know that it’s just my lungs being irritated.

    I have been using my inhaler all day, but I think it’s time to take some more. I just can’t breathe that well!

    I hope your Holter monitor shows nothing wrong. Good luck!

    1. Thank you, Karina …
      Been there too … all the stress tests, echocardiogram, I do have some issues. These palpitations, however, started out of the blue in October last year, combined with shortness of breath. I still feel them, but not at all as it was then. We’ll see… I doubt that it’s aFib though..
      This time of year must be really though when you have allergies. I’m so fortunate in that respect!

      1. Yes, I am allergic to Birch and Alder, and those trees’ pollen is horrible right now.

        Wow…palpitations, shortness of breath…! I was told it could be heart, asthma, or sleep apnea. It’s a possibility, I guess. If the asthma doesn’t get under better control, apnea will probably be the next test. The cardiologist told me “everyone eventually gets apnea if they live long enough” because the tissues in the throat get soft and interfere with breathing. 😛

        Yuck. I don’t want to think about it. Asthma is bad enough as it is, I don’t need even more challenges.

        1. Yes, exactly; Yuck. Asthma scares me..just the thought of inhaling cortisone into my lungs. Doesn’t the heart rate increase from cortisone too?! Sleep apnoea has become rampant due to the spreading obesity, but that’s not your case… In any event, let’s hope we won’t get any more of these challenges — I prefer photo challenges 🙂

          1. I weigh more than I should right now, but I’m working on it. And oddly, the fellow who did my echocardiogram, who looks like he runs 4-5 miles a day, has sleep apnea–and he has the same deviated septum I do, or at least he did until he had the surgery. He is the one who suggested I look into it.

            I had a tough time last night. The pollen has me reaching for my inhaler more often, so I tried taking Advair, but was still having palpitations. So I grabbed the Combivent I was prescribed last Fall, right before I ended up in the hospital with bronchospasms. I took two puffs and woke up a few hours later with the same spasms! I used the regular inhaler and my lungs cleared up, and I suddenly thought that perhaps the Combivent was the problem last fall–because the symptoms were identical. It was like an elephant was sitting on my chest, and I couldn’t breathe out enough.

            I threw out the Combivent. I don’t want to try that again. I think I better go back to the Advair, and talk to the pulmonologist about a sleep study–just in case. And perhaps it’s time to get the deviated septum fixed, too. 😛

            NOT fun!!

            Let me know how things go with the Holter Monitor!

  7. The church spires under the dome look like lupins a bit, don’t they? You did a fabulous job of the bridge shot so I’m taking that as an omen that test results will also be fabulous.

  8. Your photo of the bridge is perfect – you captured the lines and the curves expertly – and I love the angle you shot it from.
    The video of the old General coming down was interesting – quite a complicated operation for the blasters, but all over in 7 seconds – amazing.
    Let us know the results of your tests Rebekah, hope you are ok.

    1. Thank you so much, Barb …
      Yes, imagine all that could go wrong with such an operation!

      I have a feeling of that the results will show that it’s pretty much okay 🙂

  9. I know exactly what you mean about taking a million shots of the same thing. I’m the same way and I won’t give it up until I get it just right. Bridges, doors, and narrow alleys in Europe are topics where I will come home with hundreds of each. They all look the same to everyone but me. 🙂

    I love your bridge shot – the shape and texture is mesmerizing.

  10. I like the cupper hat and the monument, there is something about the bridge I dont like, it isnt the picture, think it maybe is because of the colour of the water???!
    Hope you ECG will be ok – let us know.

    1. Hej Annette! 🙂
      I think it’s the water … I don’t like it either, but it is the way it is! The water gets so mixed up with sand — especially after a storm — that it gets brownish like that. After a storm, it looks really weird … much more than in this picture.

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