As last weeks regular photo challenge from WordPress was … delayed … Ailsa stepped up to the plate and did one [reflections]. That was so much fun and she got a tremendous response so she decided to do another one: SummerΒ … ‘photos that means summer to you‘. The last four years, I’ve had a beef with summer — it’s too hot and too humid for my taste. Everything with moderation.


Summer means colour!

It’s a good year for the Dandelion

We’ve had a more or less snow free winter … everything was greyish brown for the longest time! I could hear the camera crying for colour!

Summer means new life!

Last year’s edition

Summer means ocean!

…and we have plenty of it here in Saint John, NB. We’re right at the north Atlantic sea board, so the ocean is rarely more than a few minutes away. Desolate beaches, where you certainly not need to be elbow-to-elbow with anyone, are numerous!

Summer means cruise ships!

Cruise ship season starts on June 9, so this is from last year.

Just cannot do a summer post from Saint John, without at least one fog shot … we’re the Fog Capital of Canada!

Summer means Fog!

Here, just some nice, fluffy ground fog, that I chose becasue I liked the picture — the regular pea soup we get here, would just have turned out plain white.

I guess all this summer fun outweighs the sleepless nights, spent on the balcony, dreaming of … colder weather!

31 thoughts on “Summer

  1. John

    Great! Love the fog photo, and the Carnival ship in port, it’s as tall as the buildings! The wife and I were on the Carnival Splendor in 2010, a few weeks before it caught fire off the coast of Mexico where we too had been. The coast photo is interesting, it shows the rocks of the Canadian Shield as it enters the Atlantic. Nice!

  2. ailsapm

    Lovely choices, colder weather – I fully agree with you on humidity, I am quite happy to put up with humidity if it means I’m in the jungle seeing howler monkeys and other cool wildlife, but humidity has absolutely no right to exist in the city, it’s just miserable! That field of yellow dandelions is a delight. Happy summer! xxx Ailsa

    1. reb

      Thank you, Ailsa…
      In big cities like NYC it must be even more miserable — this is a small place, and like I said … we’re always close to the water.

  3. Cardinal Guzman

    Finally the summer is about to start here as well! The temperature has just started to reach an almost decent level, but the crazy thing is that it’s Mid Summer already in a month!

    1. reb

      Yeah, Midsummer … that isn’t paid attention to here. This weekend, temp. is already above average..

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  5. roughseasinthemed

    I missed this. No idea why. I blame WP!

    I’m another fan of the fog pic. I just love the spooky ethereal atmosphere it creates when it envelops you.

    Cruise ship season. Tell me about it! It means endless tourists clogging up our one main street πŸ˜€ Hopefully they spend some money while they do it.

    I do like our winters when we get grey skies, some soft rain, maybe a drop in the temps. I love the change in weather so endless blue skies leave me bored rigid πŸ˜€

    1. reb

      At times, we have three cruise ships in on the same day! That’s a lot of people for this little city. They take them around in pink, double decker buses. I think the colour has to do with that the profit goes to research for breast cancer. Anyway, some days are so foggy so they can’t see anything at all πŸ™‚
      Today, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla are here in Saint John.

      I’m always happy about having four seasons …you never get bored πŸ˜‰

        1. reb

          Good question. It’s Victoria Day here. Guess they’ll take them around the downtown [heritage] area, and then there was some school, they’re going to look at. It’s a very brief visit.

            1. reb

              I don’t know for sure, but I think LOTS of people here will go downtown to try and catch a glimpse of them. I won’t.
              One time, I really went out of my way for a royal visit! While we were living in Quebec, the King and Queen of Sweden were there. Such a small group of Swedes in Quebec City … we’d all gathered outside of ChΓ’teau Frontenac when they arrived … πŸ˜€

              Who is it that’s coming to your place?

              1. roughseasinthemed

                Count and Countess of Wessex I think (!!), which is the queen’s youngest son Edward. I also think, as I’m not too up on this sort of stuff. I did have a quick look at some web sites and it seems that Canada, NZ and Aus get Charles. You are obviously favoured πŸ˜€

                While I’m not royalist, I do appreciate the gesture of visiting Commonwealth/British Territories.

                Actually they are here for two/three days. Most people spend a few hours in Gib so goodness knows what they are doing. Dining with the governor general and the government I guess.

  6. Vicky

    What a lovely set of photos.
    As much as a dandelion is suposed to be a weed, I love then, they’re so bright and cheerful.
    Ducklings are so sweet, and comical to watch.
    The deserted beaches? I envy you.
    I guess if you’re on the coast, the fog would be something like a UK sea fret.
    Is that a thick band of fog to the right in font of the distant hills?

    1. reb

      Yes, that was morning fog… It looks really cool at night too, when the taller building is sticking up through the fog πŸ™‚
      This city has a ‘nick name’: Fog Capital of Canada


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