How much?

A blog post I read yesterday, really got me thinking about blogging. There’s a young girl, back in my home town in Sweden, who runs a small website about her jewellery- and other creations. She wrote about how she and a friend had been having coffee in our, very small, town. When I was younger, I used to know, more or less, everyone in town but it’s not like that any more.

While she was sitting there, in the coffee shop, she saw a woman … she didn’t know her at all, but she recognized her from a blog she reads. She was thinking to herself; «Here I am, looking at you … we don’t know each other from a hole in the wall, but I know everything about you! I know what you had for breakfast, I know what you’ll make for supper and where you’re going on vacation!»

Nothing bad, but still …. a little strange. Many people write these diary style blogs, even though I can’t think of anyone here in my little circle of blogging friends. When blogging first started, I did that too … I really poured my heart out, and it wasn’t just about breakfast and supper! Luckily, I used a screen name and I wrote in English … don’t think anyone in my town caught on to that one and I quickly took it down when it struck me I was being way too personal.

Had I still lived there –knowing how extremely judgemental people can be, and their mindset — I would really have thought more than  twice before hitting the publish button, if I’d blogged at all. If so … which I doubt … I would have asked myself many times; «What is it I want these people to know about ME?» In my mind, I can hear the women there, gossiping … «…haven’t you seen?! She has a blaawwgh [pronouncing the word as if it was a disease] … who does she think she IS?!»

No, I would have kept it in English and under a screen name… As things stand now, I don’t get any visitors from Sweden, according to the statistics here in WordPress. Wouldn’t matter if I did, as I don’t write very personal any more.

Mr. Mallard, here above, has nothing to do with blogging … he’s just a happy duck out in Rockwood Park, who wanted to make my acquaintance the other evening, when I went out there to shoot some pictures. He doesn’t mind at all, being blogged about … he’s just thinking it’s really fine weather …for ducks. Now I’m off to have breakfast … yoghurt with flax and OJ 😆 Haven’t planned supper yet, but I’ll keep you updated…

27 Replies to “How much?”

  1. Interesting post. I find that the under 30’s and over 65’s are the bloggers, most likely to share what seem to be truly personal details…at least in my little part of blogworld.

    1. …the ones in between are perhaps busy doing other things. But there’s also Facebook, and that’s a whole different beast. Some people have hundreds and hundreds of contacts, and keep on ‘sharing’ the most ridiculous status updates. No holding back there, it seems..

  2. Hi,
    I don’t come across a lot of personal blogs, but there are a few around. Then you have some blogs that even though they are personal, there is no photos of the people, so you really don’t know who they are.
    Oh yes I think Mr. Duck lives in a rather less complicated world. 😀
    A nice photo, shows the beautiful colours really well. 🙂

    1. Hi Mags,
      Yeah, that’s another thing … I would never had put in a photo of myself, had I still lived there and of course, never written about people’s names.

      There are probably quite a few blogs like that around … we just never see them.

  3. I love your duck. lol.
    Breakfast for me? Yogurt with chia seeds (try them!) and blackberries. Tea, of course…

    I occasionally have a Sweden visitor on my blog. I’m pretty sure it’s my friend, Paul. I need to pick on him about not reading more consistently!! 😉

  4. He’s a handsome fella. Good to use that screen name, and watch out what you publish. I change names of people, and be sure that no personally identifiable information is in my photos or videos as well. Unfortunate but this is the way it has to be. Have an awesome day!

    1. Thank you 🙂 yeah, isn’t the mallard a handsome bird! So far, I haven’t written about all that many people ..I may have mentioned some close family, that’s all, so I’m home free 🙂

  5. Mr. Duck looks quite happy in his world! love the quote by Cyril Connolly. I share – bits and pieces, but mostly about my photography and the things I see! I don’t think it is too much! but your blog has given me something to think about! thanks

    1. Hi, and thanks for stopping by 🙂
      Same here — most of the time, I post pictures and stuff related to them …

      I heard that quote in the TV-series ‘Criminal Minds’, and it spoke volumes to me 😉

  6. Pretty duck!
    Your post reminds me of the small town where I grew up and where everybody knew everybody, from their ancestors down to the littlest member of the crown (well, this may be a bit exaggerated but not too much). A blog would have been fodder for the gossip whose wheels are busy enough without firsthand information from a blog. :-))

    1. There you go! 🙂 You know exactly what I mean… Growing up in that kind of society, makes me a little wary of putting too personal stuff out on the Web ..

  7. this made me think of some of the stuff people post on Facebook. I know my blog is personal in many ways but I hope not about the minutia of my life. I’m just not that interesting! lol

    1. Joss,
      Your blog is personal in a totally different way! Do you know if people in your town or village read it?
      Yes, in Facebook many people are going wild with their updates. I don’t know what would possess me to start posting there, stuff like «I’m up and I’m having coffee» …just never got in to that.

  8. nobody near me reads my blog, most of my friends don’t read it even. And that’s okay. I just write what moves me and enjoy my blogging community . But I know what you mean, sometimes it just gets silly on FB.

  9. I do usually write about my life. But only to a point. I got a letter once from someone local who read my blog. They would not identify themselves. I even asked them to in my blog. It was in no way a bad letter. But I changed things that I wrote. And in my town, lordy, are they judgemental. I am careful what I write. The town is extremely conservative and extremely religious in some ways. Few people would agree with me or support my right to state my opinions. I keep to the middle ground. I have a large group of friends who are like minded. We talke privately on FB. I created a group for just us.

    For our Messiah festival, we get professional soloists. A few years ago I met one of the two men singers. He recognised ME as he had found my blog!! What a moment!!

    1. Yes. I’ve thought about it, sometimes, and it must be quite the balance act. In my town in Sweden … I can only imagine! It wouldn’t be the religious part of political, but the general gossip and judging because of the Law of Jante [link above], that is still very much at play … at least in my age group and up.

      That meeting must have been cool beyond words! A memory to treasure, for sure!

  10. To me its a little strange. Its rather private and at the same time anomymous.- the private blogs I mean.
    To this comes that everything on the net will be there forever.
    I love the mallard.

    1. Well … yeah! But then you must make up your mind, when you start … to never reveal where you live, put in your own picture, tell your real name and so on … then it would be fine.
      If someone were to google your name, I’m sure they’d find something. You live in a small place too … I’m fine as it is now, but had I still lived there, I’d thought twice!

      Kramisar! 🙂

  11. My blog is personal and then I changed and now I don’t know. I put in names, dates, places, etc. I know one cannot go back, however, if I could I would not put everything into the blog as I did in the beginning.
    Maybe I’ll just start over and shut mine down. Such conflicting thoughts this a.m. I’ll probably just do nothing which is so easy to do these days.

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