no [wp] photo challenge but…

Many of us enjoy taking part in the weekly photo challenge on Fridays. This time, it didn’t show up. Just now, I came across a post that drew my attention to another challenge theme — «reflections». I’m a sucker for reflections in photos so I just cannot let that one go by without doing anything.

a hot summer night up on  Kingston peninsula 2009. I look at this and can still feel how hot it was. It was the first time since we’d moved here, when I realized how hot and humid it actually can get here!

same night — this is water, not sky!

This picture, of a house in Millidgeville, could easily have taken part in the challenge ‘Distorted’ we had a while back

…and last — my personal favourite 🙂

42 Replies to “no [wp] photo challenge but…”

  1. Brilliant, the little froggy is my favourite, but the house is amazing; almost looks like a zebra in the reflections! Thanks for joining in the challenge! xxx

  2. I have missed the wp challenge this weekend – as I normally take the time on Sunday to browse through other people’s entries. I enjoyed looking at your photos on reflections – you have some stunning photos.

    1. Thank you, Colline! I had to hold myself back a little, when I searched the tag ‘reflection’ in my albums 😀

  3. Wow, your photos just keeping better as I toggle down. I was awestruck by the first one, but then, well, let’s just say they’re all favorites here. Great post!

  4. these are beauties, each and every one!
    But the one that astounded me the most were the clouds, I had to keep looking at it because I’m convinced it IS the sky!

    1. yes, isn’t that funny … that’s why I added that underneath ..that it actually IS water ..
      Thank you, J 🙂

  5. Absolutely fabulous reflections! The one that caught my eye most was the Millidgeville house. It looks like someone painted the water! And the frog is superb too. Great stuff. 🙂

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