listen to the pouring rain

We’re under a rainfall warning … fine day for staying indoors, but there’s no escaping the humidity, which is 100% right now. Yuck.

Yesterday was nice though, and we took the ferry over to the Kingston peninsula. Saw a few eagles, but none of the shots came out well.  At one place we stopped I met this friendly guy! A young dog … and so happy to see me! Dogs are funny that way — how they radiates positiveness. I sat down and talked with him … he was perfectly bilingual, he understood Swedish just as well as English.

After a little while, he ran off like a bolt of lightning, came back after a few seconds, with a stick, which he placed in front of my feet. He looked at me, and poked the stick a little with his nose. No way I could have missed that message! 🙂

I kept tossing that stick … time after time … he ran like a maniac, but just wanted to go on and on. I said to him that I wished I’d had just half the amount of his energy. He looked at me and seemed to be very understanding.

Here is a fern in the making! Funny, how they come, rolled up hard like this. Certain kinds are edible … Fiddleheads … and are sold in the grocery stores for a short period of time. When I searched for fiddleheads online right now, and found this link above, I saw a picture of a fiddlehead sculpture here in Saint John, and I don’t even know where it is! I’ve never seen it in real life.



10 Replies to “listen to the pouring rain”

  1. We’re in for a rainy day ourselves where I live. I like a rainy day. It gives me a chance to catch up on inside chores. Maybe I’ll even put a dent in my blogging today … I hope. 🙂 I love that dog … he is gorgeous!

  2. Hi,
    What a gorgeous dog, and so smart as well, telling you in no uncertain terms that he wanted you to throw that stick, that is just so cute. You were friendly and he thought this is good, maybe she will play with me as well, and you delivered, good on you. 😀
    I agree about the ferns, it is strange how they are rolled up and then open with such magnificence.

  3. What a sweet dog! Amazing how happy they get at such simple things. We can learn from them. The ferns are cool. No idea they are edible.

  4. Fiddleheads are sold here, but I can’t say they appeal to me a lot. Tried ’em once, but they just tasted green. And kind of tough. Maybe I cooked ’em wrong!
    We also have a lot of local asparagus, which I’ll have almost every day in season.

    1. I’ve never tried them, but I like to look at them … how they’re coiled up!

      Love asparagus! Both white and green..

  5. I love that song. Didn’t realise it was a Hispanic singer (I’m assuming with that name ….) – and the dog is adorable, especially the expression on his face. Must dash now, things to do.

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