reason to believe

You know how sometimes you wake up in the morning, with a little tune playing in your head?! Happens to me quite often … sometimes it’s the American Anthem (?!). This particular time, it was an old song from 1971 with Rod Stewart — hadn’t thought about it in ages, but there it was … humming away in my mind that morning. Later that day, we went out grocery shopping and what do I hear as background music in the store if not this song?! Weird stuff…

This post has been sitting in my drafts folder since that day, and I see now it was February 24th. I didn’t think about it then, but I think about it now … that’s a significant date because I got married on that date … the first time. Guess I had some kind of reason to believe that day.

A friend and I … an «online buddy», we’ve never met, have an ongoing email correspondence that we’ve had for years. It’s like I know her. Just last night we were on the subject of ‘giving people the benefit of a doubt’ … a second chance … to believe in them again, when they tell us «they’ve changed!». I wrote I like to give people the benefit of a doubt, as that has been given to me, myself, so many times over the years. We pretty much agreed on that, except for the ones who have used up all the benefits. I have a few of those too.

That could easily lead me into the subject of forgiveness — I have a hard time forgiving, but I’m working on it. I want forgiveness myself for all ills I’ve done in my life, so I better return the courtesy. That’s how far I’ll go with that today … this was supposed to be a quick little blog 🙂

Another thing, on a different note, that struck me while writing email last night, is how easily the words flow when you’re writing to someone you know. It used to be easy writing here too, but I find the longer I’ve been blogging, the longer it takes to write up a simple post like this.

12 thoughts on “reason to believe

  1. orples

    That is funny how sometimes you think of something deep in the old memory banks, and then it presents itself from another source soon thereafter. And I know what you mean about those internet buds. I have a pen pal I’ve never met in person. We met debating Ron Paul in the blogs and have been in touch for the past 4 or 5 years. We’ve ended up as friends on facebook, and now exchange Christmas cards. Funny, but Bob is as much of a friend as any of my ‘in person’ friends. The internet is amazing in the number of doors it does open for us all. 🙂

    1. reb

      Yes, it’s a kind of serendipity …when you hear the same song soon after. And yes, I love how the Web works..opening doors that would never have been opened otherwise.

  2. magsx2

    I enjoyed listening to the song, for an oldish song I have heard it a couple of times this month. 🙂
    I too like to give people a second chance as it were, sometimes this comes back to bit me, but I really think it’s the right thing to do.

    A simple post, I don’t believe there is such a thing. 😀

    1. reb

      Hi Mags,
      Yeah, basically, I too think it’s the right thing to do, but there comes a point when enough is enough 😉

  3. Touch2Touch

    I do think that’s an interesting subject for pondering, that the blog posts get more difficult as you continue writing —
    Somehow I think there’s valuable information lurking below the surface, like a huge old trout in a deep deep pool —

  4. quotidianhudsonriver

    Since I’m rather river fixated I look at blogging that way.
    Sometimes there is not enough snowmelt and the river starts to dry up until it is just a trickle and you have to squeeze the stones to get a drink.
    Other times the melt is significant and the river just flows.
    Of course the interesting part about all that is if you have built a dam and are actually controlling it sub or consciously.

  5. purpleborough

    How did I miss this post. The comments are so intuitive. I started out blogging for me; ended up not blogging much at all…for me? I don’t know. Days would go by and I did not feel like blogging and for awhile I did not read blogs thinking that everyone could write but me; then I tried to catch up and am still in that phase of thinking I gotta catch up but not really writing anything. The river doesn’t flow; the words do not come; the days go by and the thoughts stay locked within.

    1. reb

      To me … that’s a little surprising; «thinking that everyone could write but me». That’s MY line 😆 I want to write most every day, but every now and then those strange bouts with feelings of inferiority comes over me, and I feel like I’m making a fool of myself. Most of the time, I’m alright, though … steady flow in the river. I miss your posts…

  6. Juliana

    I totally tend to hold a grudge. But sort of depends on the person. If I care a lot for someone, I find it easier to forgive. Someone not so important to me, I just leave them alone. Just lately someone I have known since being a teen finally stepped on my last nerve. I have held my tongue but will walk away. For good.


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