no moon for me — come back one year

Miserable, rainy weather all day yesterday … for a while it was ‘just overcast’, but later last night it started to pour down again. I think I will get to see lots of that «super moon» in Flickr and Google+ though.

Stayed indoors all day. Wish I could say that ‘I got lots of things/housework done here’, but that wasn’t the case. Instead I did lots of things that I enjoy. Curled up in bed with the book I’m reading … accompanied by McDuff, our darlin’ cat. Took some pictures and played with them in Photoshop … I so enjoy a rainy day some times!

This is the outcome of my photoshopping…

24 thoughts on “no moon for me — come back one year

  1. magsx2

    A gorgeous flower, very nice photo well done. 😀
    Yes rainy days are good sometimes, especially if you can relax and enjoy.

    1. reb

      Thanks Mags 🙂
      I was quite pleased with the way it came out. Looks like it’s going to be a nice day today …might go out somewhere..

    1. reb

      Thanks 🙂
      I’ve shot many moons (!), but never managed to get any foreground, so I’m always eager when it’s full moon. Not a chance yesterday, it was really thick. Sorry you were out too early. Now I’ll go and look…

  2. Touch2Touch

    The result of your pleasant labors — really splendid. There’s something profoundly satisfying about the sharp outlines of the curves against the blurry gray.

  3. quotidianhudsonriver

    Completely overcast in NYC last night so I was forced to drink Margaretas to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Got some nice pictures of moon faced Margarita drinkers though.
    Very noce flower

  4. Michael Fishman

    Clouds, rain and thunder here as well so no super moon for me either. The picture is beautiful! I’m new to Photoshop (Elements) and I’m curious what you did to it.

    1. reb

      I have Photoshop CS4. Don’t know Elements. I cut out the flower, made the background b/w… I cut it out with the «Pen tool»…

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