upgrade … or -down?

Yesterday, it took some time before I noticed when I commented on friends’ blogs here in WordPress, that the little box «Notify me of follow-up comments via email» was … ‘pre-ticked’, so to speak.  At first, I didn’t think much about it … thought it was perhaps some little glitch in my browser, all of a sudden.

Then … in the afternoon, the weekly photo challenge was posted. This is the one time, in a week, when I really post a lot of comments … and I mean A LOT. First off, I posted my own photo link to the WP-blog, missed that ‘pre-ticked’ box so my email started filling up immediately. At the same time I got a message from friend Mags, telling me about this … issue, and I quickly went over to my subscription page and deleted them. Several hundred people post to this photo challenge, so it was unfortunate in particular that it happened on a Friday.

Later on, last night, I also noticed how the little, orange icon — the one that tells you about comments and such — changed appearance, but now, this morning, all seems to be back to normal.

It’s a very rainy morning here in Saint John, NB, and it seems it will stay that way today.  I don’t have any high hopes of seeing or shooting the «super moon» tonight. I would, at least one time, be able to shoot the full moon with some kind of foreground … not just a big, white circle. I’ve gone out several times, when the moon rises, but it has always been too much daylight left. Like in this one, from September, last year … you can hardly see the moon! I’m sure the ones who are handy with Photoshop could have done something about it, but I’m not and besides, it wasn’t even shot in .RAW  …Oh well, my time will come, I’m sure.

30 Replies to “upgrade … or -down?”

  1. Same thing happened to me. Still I forget to uncheck the box. I guess we’ll get used to it, but it would be more practical if the box was unchecked by default.
    I’m planning to go out ‘moon chasing’ tonight, hopefully I’ll get lucky.
    I like the light in your photo the photo.

    1. I think it’s over now …about the box.

      Just looked at the forecast …the cloud cover might break up …we’ll see, it’s still early morn…

      The light from the setting sun, was nice there back in September, but the moon … you’ll have to look closely 😀

  2. The pre-check on the comment box is still a problem (evidently for all of us). I had to uncheck this comment just now, lest I become bombarded with notifications. Not that I’m not interested in what others have to say, but really? There are only so many hours in a day. I can’t keep up as it is. I’m glad you mentioned this problem. I thought it was something I’d done wrong, somewhere along the line. 🙂

    1. Yes, they were definitely working on it last night, because the icon kept changing appearance. It’s okay for me now …i.e. the box is un-ticked, but imagine when I started to get replies from that challenge blog LOL !

    1. I thought at first it was something with my browser.. Then it started going wild, with that photo challenge, but luckily Mags wrote to me..

      1. I know, I have had so many emails today, but then again it made it easier to just click through than to go to the page and scroll through the comments. Not sure why–some mental block? I’ve seen a lot of neat photos this week though, so I guess it’s a good thing!

    1. I read this, then I went around a few blogs and looked — not ticked for me..?! They’re rolling it out [or IN], gradually 🙂

  3. Hi,
    It’s a shame that the sky is a bit bright that moon is huge and it does look good coming up behind that building.
    I also noticed our notifications were being played around with yesterday, whatever they were doing to it they must of decided it didn’t work well, because like you I noticed it is back to the way it was.

    Thank You for the mention in your blog, there are still complaints coming in the forums about the comments, but staff won’t be back until Monday, but a lot think it is going to stay this way. I have noticed that on some blogs I have gone back to the tick is not there, but I’m hoping that once you have commented and unticked, when you go back it stays that way, seems a bit on and off at the moment. It is a real pain in the neck that is for sure.

    1. Hi Mags,
      It’s late afternoon now, and it doesn’t look hopeful at all for any moon chasing.
      As I’ve browsed blogs today, I notice that sometimes the box is ticked, sometimes not. Maybe they were partying before they went home on Friday..

      1. I think you will find that the blogs you have already commented on before and unticked, the box stays unticked, or at least that is what is happening to me at the moment. 🙂

  4. Likely won’t see the big moon either, still so cloudy. That dang little box didn’t used to be ticked, then I also got tons of comment updates, now the box is un-ticked. Yay WordPress. They changed the CSS editor too and I told them it stinks. Too bad for me they said. Gaahh!

    1. It’s night now, and really pouring down, so … not a chance!

      Do you mean that they really replied to you, when you told them it stank? 🙂

      1. Oh yes, they surely did! I didn’t use bad words, but did let them know how I felt about the editor. I don’t like arbitrary changes… I’ll get over it lol!

  5. Hmm — box here is unticked, still ticked on other blogs. From the WOWness of WordPress to the Weirdness of WordPress –

    Anyway, Super Moon was a bust for us last night. Cloud cover. Not sure how I feel about this. When the moon is really really big (like a Harvest Moon) I get very nervous, feel like I’m living in a scifi epic about the end of the world. Not really, but just possibly!!!!

    1. We get so much fog, mist and clouds here, so it’s actually rare that I get to see the full moon at all. A couple of years ago, I really got to see a fine Harvest Moon and that was awesome. It was setting, around three or four in the morning..

  6. The moon was beautiful here but alas I am not the camera person! I looked at it and commented to myself. Thirty minutes later, storms rolled in and when I say rolled, the thunder kept rolling on and on for hours never ceasing. Very disconcerting.
    The above photo is quite good, in my humble opinion.
    Box ticking, I don’t know to much about because I am so far behind I’ll never catch up.

    1. Well … at least you got to see a little of it, Linda 🙂 No such luck here. Thank you, about the picture. The box ticking must be sorted out …quickly.

  7. I guess the “pre-ticked” comment box is a new default setting. I’m not fan of the change as it clogs my e-mail box in an overwhelming way. Plus, I don’t want other people get inundated with e-mail as a result of commenting on my blog – that will not bode well for return traffic. There’s a huge backlash on the forums, so maybe they will rethink it.

    I saw the moon last night and it was blinding! All the stars were washed out! It was so beautiful and I’m sorry you didn’t get to see it. 😦

    1. This is not good. If *I* realize it, surely they must do that too, when they come to life on Monday..
      Hopefully there’s a ‘little left’ of the moon tonight … it’s clear skies now..

  8. I noticed too that the notify box is ticked. I like that and hope I remember to untick it sometimes!!!

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