black and white

Inspried by this post, I decided to play a little with a photo from 2009. This isn’t the type of picture I would normally like — it’s too busy — I like clean, almost minimalistic pictures.  Perhaps it’s because I remember what a nice night it was … and that’s what makes me like it. In any event … I thought that turning it into black & white wouldn’t hurt it. It’s photoshopped … I didn’t shoot it in b/w.

This is Princess Street in Saint John, NB 2009. They were digging it up. Now they’re digging up many other streets.

I can hardly believe it’s Friday again! A week since last WP photochallenge!!! Where does time go, and more importantly; what do I do with it?!

24 thoughts on “black and white

  1. Cardinal Guzman

    This photo works great as B&W. There’s a lot of contrast and play between lights/shadows.
    I believe that by turning this into a B&W photo you made it more interesting than what it would have been with colors.
    Glad I could inspire you for a BW post and I’m glad that Mr. Diffley inspired me for my BW post 🙂

    1. reb

      Thank you so much, CG 🙂 It definitely benefited from b/w, because I don’t think I got the white balance right in that one, in the first place.

      It’s a lot of fun.

      Once, I came across a photo challenge, where the theme was: «black and white but in colour» … i.e. to shoot something black and white — that was quite the challenge! I shot piano keys..

  2. magsx2

    What a great idea doing this photo in black and white, I think it works really well, especially with the street lighting, I love it. Well done. 🙂

      1. magsx2

        Take note that when you comment on any blog the Notify me of new comments by e-mail is ticked, make sure you untick this or your e-mails are fill up very quickly.
        WP is playing around with our blogs it seems.

        1. reb

          Yeah!!! I noticed it this morning, but thought it was something with my browser! I’ve missed it many times today, and have had to go into the subs page and delete. Thanks for the heads-up …this should be posted publicly somehow!

            1. reb

              sheeesh… Why don’t they fix it?! Shouldn’t be too hard, one would think … but maybe they’re too busy making upgrades ;D

  3. themofman

    This is an great shot in B/W. It lends itself so well to the deep, dark shadows and contours that are key to giving the image character. It’s beautiful!

    1. reb

      Thank you very much! I kind of liked that picture when I’d taken it, but was unhappy about the WB, that was screwed up… I like it better now.

  4. Juliana

    I am soooo far behind on everything!!! Sorry!

    I love B&W photos. not all photos are good that way but when they work I love them. I love the contrasts in them.


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