favourite photo object

This lamp — the Trinity Lamp — I can hardly walk by it witout shooting a picture of it. I have quite a few now, in my collection … from all kinds of angles. I took this one, the other day, when Gerry went to a funeral, and I took a photo walk. Told him to drop me off at the Trinity Lamp so it was bound to be another shot of it.

It’s also referred to as “Three Sisters”, and here’s a bit of history [picture will come up in new tab/window for better viewing]. I think, perhaps we all have some favourite object or subject when it comes to photography. In my case it’s normally furry and feathered friends, but I do have a hang-up about this lamp 🙂

Still … after having lived here for almost four years, I haven’t got a night shot of it! We’re rarely out at night, and the one time I went down there to shoot one, one lamp was broken so that wasn’t all that much fun.

I just love the concept of this light as an old navigation aid … Perhaps there should be beacons like this on the, sometimes stormy, seas of life too … leading the way, telling us where to go… I’m not going to go all philosophical over this now, but here is a picture of the Trinity Church, not too far from the lamp.

I’ll never forget the first time I was trying to take a picture of this church, when we’d just moved here. Was somehow, hunched down, trying to get a better angle … decided I needed to change lens, I was all engrossed in that, so I almost fell backwards when the bells started to chime at noon! 🙂

8 thoughts on “favourite photo object

  1. John

    Wow, the church is beautiful!! These old churches of stone are magnificent. The lamp is very unusual, I see why it’s so attractive for you. Never seen one like it. The crowns atop seem to match the crown on Ontario license plates we frequently see here in Michigan. I live about 35 minutes from Sarnia, so we see lots of Canadians here. 🙂

    1. reb

      Yeah, you’re right … about the Ontario license plats 🙂 never thought of that before! We live really close to the American border too … an hour’s drive. The first, little border town, is Calais, ME and we see more New Brunswick cars there than Maine cars 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by..

  2. magsx2


    It is a very nice lamp, and looks to be of an age when a lot people who made these type of things love to dress them up, in this case the pretty crowns on top, you just don’t see this today, too expensive I imagine, but I assume it would look fantastic at night.

    I also love the church, a lot of workmanship went into that as well, just beautiful.

    1. reb

      Yes, it’s a marvellous piece of work! Just a couple of years ago, they did a restoration … fixed it up with fresh paint …so that was good! I must make a point of going down there one night … I really want that shot 🙂

  3. Juliana

    LOve the church. It is awesome. And I love the street lamp also. I wish we had more like that here instead of the boring ones every town has. Our town wanted to change ours but there was a group that is against change, and they won. Very sad.

    1. reb

      Thank you, Julie … It is a lovely lamp. I hope Saint John will make a point of taking better care of all the historic stuff here.

      Härnösand, on the other hand, wanted to change garbage cans at one point. A whole group of people flew to Australia to study litter cans *ROFL*… They look very nice now, but still 😀


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