pleasantly plump

One year ago, short of one day, the WordPress team’s weekly photo challenge was «ROUND» and I posted this: I realize now how much fun it is to go back in time, in the blog and it will be even more fun after a few years.

Had that photo subject been this year, I could have posted this guy! He hasn’t missed a meal!

While at the bird subject … the same day, I also shot this American Wigeon. Nothing unusual about that, you might think, as I’ve shot hundreds of them! One guy in the photo group can hardly see a wigeon without thinking about me. However, it has a small, green patch on its wing — it’s normally only visible in flight and I knew that, so I was happy to catch it here in this picture.

The other day, I was looking briefly at the Freshly Pressed blogs. Found one, that seemed a little interesting to me, so I brought it up. It had received 27 comments, and then the person had disabled the comments (!). That was a first to me!

26 thoughts on “round

    1. Yeah, he looks like a ball! These guys are almost tame! Quite often they lit on my lens. It’s in the park, so they’re so used to people feeding them..

  1. Great pics! The plump little bird must be sneaking to the McDonalds parking lot to feast on tossed fries and burgers dropped by kids. 🙂

    1. the plump one lives in the park here, and gets fed, more or less all year round, by the people of Saint John, NB 🙂

  2. Hi,
    Wow, that little bird is unreal, he certainly hasn’t been missing out on any meals. 😆
    Lovely photos of the ducks, I love the little bit of green coming down from the eye, simply

    I have never heard of a freshly pressed blog turning off comments either, must of been inundated with comment e-mails, but still a bit rude in my book, you just get to them when you can.

    1. Yes, I found it strange too …about the turned off comments. It was a really nice blog, I almost felt inclined to comment. Weird..

  3. The birds in my yard don’t miss many meals either. LOL. I love your fat little bird. He looks like a happy camper. 🙂

    1. Yeah, he seemed happy. You know how nervous and skittish they normally are?! Well, this guy just sat there and looked at me — long enough to focus on him 🙂

        1. Could very well be, because he sure wasn’t happy about the peanuts that someone had put in the feeder 🙂

      1. Lovely name. I thought he might have been a willow tit, but then I thought he is a New World bird, so could be anything. So just now I wikepedia’d for chickadee and found:

        These birds are called either “chickadees” (onomatopoeic, derived from their distinctive “chick-a dee dee dee” alarm call) or “titmice” in North America, and just “tits” in the rest of the English-speaking world.

        So I am feeling pleased to have had some idea of what he is.

        Not that he cares a hoot (or a chick-a dee dee dee) and just goes on being himself. 🙂

  4. The chickadee is very rotund – no wonder, being fed by everyone in the park! Sounds like peanuts are not good enough for him now – he wants something more tasty! 😉
    The ducks are gorgeous, and great that you caught this one showing the green on his wing whilst stationary. The green bit from the eye is very striking.
    Weird about the comments being disabled on that blog.

    1. Hi Barb,
      Well, they put out peanuts in the shell for the squirrels and blue jays, so these guys can’t handle them 🙂
      I love those wigeons … never saw a duck like that before I came here.

    1. No, I don’t think so either … and it wasn’t cold outside, so it wasn’t like he had fluffed up his feathers like they do..

      It looks so funny when they come and sit down on your lens — hope to get a picture of it some time..

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