Blog Traffic Jam?

Was commenting on this post, when I found my comment was turning into a blog post of its own, so … why not take advantage of the «Reblog» feature! 🙂

The Writer in the Woods

Do you let blog-traffic slow down your own work?

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I’ve been thinking about writing a post about blog traffic for a while. It’s something that I’ve found quite hard to deal with recently, and eventually I had to stop and ask myself why I’m spending so much time on ‘traffic’ that my own posts and creative work are suffering. Of course it’s lovely to receive comments about one’s posts, and I appreciate every single one. I also enjoy sharing, and getting to know other bloggers, and following other blogs. But recently the scales seem to have tipped and I’ve started to feel that traffic is controlling me rather than me controlling it. If nothing else it’s definitely been slowing down my own work.

In my in-box of a morning (as I’m sure there is in yours too) there are:

1.New Posts from…

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12 thoughts on “Blog Traffic Jam?

  1. magsx2

    I agree a very good post. I don’t receive any e-mails from people that have posted a new post on their blog, so I don’t have that problem, it would drive me crazy to receive all those e-mails. I get notified when someone comments or likes or follows my blog and that is all. The email I use is only used for my blog so nothing else is in there except those items.

    I find it all a lot easier and manageable to have blogs in my RSS feed, and of a morning like now, I go through them, and usually at night as well, I find this system is perfect for me, and I get to see all the new posts as well. 🙂

    1. reb

      That sounds like a really good system, Mags 🙂
      I don’t know … guess we’re all creatures of habit, but I could never get used to the RSS reader. Don’t know how many times I’ve tried to force myself to use Google Reader … it just doesn’t work.

      It’s pretty good now, with this folder in Gmail, but when it starts to fill up too much, I get nervous LOL

      1. magsx2

        I don’t use Google Reader, I use the RSS feed in my IE browser, very easy to use. After you have a blogs RSS installed you just click onto properties for the RSS and set it to how many posts you would like shown for that blog. It’s magic. 😀

        1. reb

          yeah … I could use some magic, that’s for sure. Have to fire up IE and see what it’s like 😉

            1. reb

              Yes, and that would be good — sometimes it’s like I feel thrown on to a guilt-trip just because I haven’t commented on everyone I’m subscribed to…

              1. magsx2

                If you do decide to use your RSS feed, remember to click onto the WP reader, on the left hand side click edit, then go through the blogs and turn each one to never, this stops all e-mail from those blogs.

                1. reb

                  I have IE up now … I must think about this, as I use Chrome all the time. Not sure I’m ready to switch — it DOES look tempting though 😉
                  I’ll bear that in mind, about the emails..

  2. Touch2Touch

    As you know, I use Safari, and have Gmail set up with lots of RSS mailboxes, so I check new posts on blogs I follow when and as I can.
    Works pretty well.
    (Favorites get read quicker than others, like a chilly blog I know of 😉


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