We had four days of heavy rains, last weekend and beginning of this week … then two days of fair weather and now back to rain again. It’s a miserable morning, weather-wise. Yesterday was quite lovely, though … Gerry had a wake to tend to [again], and I took a rather long walk in the downtown area and took some photos.

The day before yesterday, one of the historic, red brick buildings, burned. It burned so badly they had to tear it down right away. Very sad … some young punks [allegedly] set it on fire. It was from 1882 … used to be an old theatre. Now it will be another parking lot, I guess.  It’s all gone now, but it was about the same style building as the ones you see here.

The police have three people in custody.

I just happened to walk by this place, because I had  a special building in mind for my photo excursion. In some earlier post, I mentioned an old, former, church, that will be torn down if they can’t sell it.

Now that I got there, and had a closer look at it, I realized what a huge building it is! It was difficult to get the whole thing in one frame. The sunlight was also very bright, but at least I have it, in case they decide to go ahead and rip it down.

Before I even started my wanderings, I met these guys and I just can’t finish this post without putting them in because I love them. There were actually three of them out … with noses in the same direction, but one rushed back down in its hole while I went to grab my camera.

20 thoughts on “arches

  1. Hi,
    Setting fire to an old building, honestly I often wonder what goes through the minds of people that do things like this.
    I just love the old church, what a magnificent building it is, no doubt it will come down, it is such a shame, I love the style of the church, and as you said it is a huge building.

    1. Mags,
      Yeah, one wonders what’s wrong with them. One was younger than fifteen, and another one they didn’t know if he’d be able to stand trial [mentally]..

  2. You are smart to photograph the buildings that you admire. With progress, no building no matter how stately or regal might become victim to the wrecking bar, which is so sad. And I hope those kids that set the old building on fire keep recieve their just punishment. There is no excuse to start a fire intentionally and the result of this one are heartbreaking. I like your little groundhogs … they are a fun finish to a sad story. The church is beautiful too. Nice share, Rebekah. 🙂 Have a great day. I hope the sun is shining on you today.

    1. It really is sad … we don’t need another parking lot here. They talk so much about Saint John’s historical buildings, but so many are vacant and not taken care of..

      1. That is the case worldwide. Too many times, rather than fix these old buildings up, they will be allowed to deteriorate beyond repair, then meet their death due to progress. What a waste of both materials and heritage. But what can we do? Thus the reason for photos. 🙂

        1. speaking of which, as the news of this fire broke, I thought about what a difference camera phones and digital cameras have made! Never have I seen so many pictures of a local fire before — both on Facebook and Twitter.

  3. What do people get out of setting a building alight, or starting a bush fire? I’ll never understand their mentality. I hope they get what’s coming to them.
    I love the architecture of that beautiful old church; it would be such a shame to pull it down. I hope someone comes up with a solution like using it for another purpose or something. Whatever happens, you are very clever taking a photo of it now, before anything happens.
    The groundhogs are really cute.
    Hope you are having a better day weather wise!

    1. Barb,
      We’ll never understand those people. They must be wired differently..
      In Quebec, they’d turned many old churches into condo buildings. The heating and upkeep of this one must amount to a tremendous amount of money!

      We might get flurries tonight 😉

    1. Yes, it’s sad. One can only imagine what this Arches church must have been like in its heydays… The ones who set that other building on fire … I would like to slap them with a wet trout.

  4. I hate to see wonderful old buildings abandoned and/or destroyed. Such a waste. Here, we tear down wonderful, historic buildings to build parking lots. That is beyond sinful. I hope the church can be saved.

    I am playing catch up. Been sick for 3 days then gone all weekend. Now I need a rest!!!

    1. Could be. They’ve done that with many churches in Quebec City. I don’t know what’s doable. For now, it’s for sale..

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