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As I posted yesterday, I noticed it was my 100th post with this blog. Subsequently, this is the 101st 🙂 If I only had thought of it, I could have imported last year’s blog here before I started. Can’t do it now, because then all of your inboxes would be overloaded with email.

Just for fun, I took a look at the statistics: 100 posts, 2,022 comments, 59 blog followers and 6,919 page views.

Today, we have pouring rain so we stayed indoors all day. Ground beef was on  sale yesterday — I bought a fairly big batch, and today I made meat balls … «Swedish Meatballs»! Well … at least they were made by a Swedish person. The older you get, the longer you keep on making the same dish, the more ‘personal’ it gets — I can no longer put onion in them, as that doesn’t agree with me very well.

Cream sauce, boiled potatoes and lingonberries … it doesn’t get much more Swedish than that!

Apart from all the kitchen activities, I’ve also cleaned up my list of tags here in this blog. Noticed I had close to four hundred tags on these hundred posts! I honestly don’t know if it’s a good thing to be really specific when you tag your posts, or use more generic.

I read an article here in WordPress about tagging more effectively, and they seem to suggest that five to ten tags per post is sufficient.

Do you think of that when you tag your posts?

23 thoughts on “blog 101

  1. Cardinal Guzman

    Congratulations on you 101 posts. I’m on 119 posts myself.
    perhaps I will clean up some of my tags as well? On the other hand: tagging is a good way to generate traffic from search engines (but the tags should be relevant of course).

    1. reb

      Thank you, Cardinal 🙂 In my Flickr albums, I try to tag meticulously as it makes it so much easier for myself, when I’m trying to find old pictures, but here … I’m a little uncertain..

  2. magsx2

    I love meatballs, and they look delicious. 😀
    Most of my posts only have 3 or 4 tags on them and then of course it is either 1 or 2 in the categories. Sometimes I may use more tags, but counting both sets of tags I always keep them under 10.
    Apparently anything over 10 tags, and the search engines may pass you by, or that is what I have read, I have no idea if it is true or not.

    1. Cardinal Guzman

      “Apparently anything over 10 tags, and the search engines may pass you by,”
      I didn’t knew that. Now I’ll definitely clean up my tags. Some of my longest posts also have lots of tags..

        1. reb

          I saw that too now, and I really like the concept of ‘global tagging’ they have here in WP. That’s one of the big advantages they have…

    2. reb

      Thank you … they came out very well today 🙂
      Same here — some posts had around ten tags. Now I’ve decided to, for instance, tag all duck photos with ‘waterfowl’ instead of specify every duck ..

  3. orples

    I try to keep my tags to under 10. But in the big picture, I think I have like 187 or so tags to accomodate all of my entries. Hmmm, maybe I got too many subjects going on? As a rule, simple is usually best, I think. You asked. 🙂

    1. reb

      Yes, I asked because I felt a little uncertain what’s better. I’m going to go for a little less, more generic, from now on..

  4. Touch2Touch

    Yes, I always think about tags — and then end up tagging sort of indiscriminately anyway.
    So much for good intentions.
    Love the look of those meatballs, sauce and boiled potatoes, yum!

  5. quotidianhudsonriver

    During Postaday2011 I always stayed under 10 tags since they said they would not spotlight you if yoiu went over and being on the river it usually was fairly easy.
    Now? Some days, recently I have gone over ten. I have not noticed any difference in traffic but I do some to get more unique (i.e. first time) visitors when I precisely tag everything.

  6. Juliana

    Yummy looking meal!!! I have never made the ‘real’ Swedish meatballs, but love them. I can do cooked onions but not raw onions. They make me feel like I have an ulcer. Many times I use onion powder or salt,. Does not bother then.

    I tag my posts but probably with tooo many tags. Oh well.

    1. reb

      It was scrumptious!
      Used to be able to do cooked onions before, but not so any more. It’s like you say; like having an ulcer..

    1. reb

      thank you, C.B. I want to get it a little more organized though, and I’ll start to think about that.. 🙂

  7. purpleborough

    A 101 post reminds me of the movie “101 Dalmatians”. Your stats are wonderful! Remember when you thought no one would like what you had to write? Congratulations.


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